Puzzling out the account issue on Coinbase Advanced Trade

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Advanced Trade replaced Coinbase Pro as our better advanced trading platform. Customers will see the same low volume-based fees as Coinbase Pro and do not need a subscription fee to use this feature.

Errors are an essential part of every process be it trading or something else. Trading comes with a lot of complexities and when it comes to trading virtually, things get quite hard. The first thing that hits the mind of individuals when it comes to digital trade is cryptocurrencies. Every single activity belonging to this trade is to be performed online, and for this numerous crypto trade platforms have been launched.

One such recognized crypto platform is the “Coinbase Advanced Trade”. This platform offers advanced trading tools and techniques to gear up trading activities. But this doesn’t mean that the users of this platform don’t encounter any issues.

We have crafted this read, to help make you aware of the fixes to the “Account temporarily disabled” issue. Through this piece of information, we will try to have a quick insight into the reasons and the possible solutions to get rid of the mentioned error.

What does this error message mean?

To build a comprehensive knowledge of this error, we will first try to understand what this error means along with the reasons that lead to the emergence of this error. When the “Sorry, account temporarily disabled” error gets notified on the Coinbase Advanced Trade platform, it means that the account of the user is currently facing a restriction based on security grounds.

Now, the next question arises what are the reasons behind the emergence of this issue?

To know the reasons concerning this issue, check the information provided underneath.

Major reasons behind the issue

  • When the exchange’s security team suspects that the user account is being targeted by an unauthorized user.
  • If the exchange’s team detects any security issue with the user information while performing account recovery.

After having a cursory check at the major reasons, now it’s time to look at the ways to treat this issue efficiently. To ensure that you don’t wander about the fixes to this issue, we have summarized the effective solutions fo them underneath.

Ways to eradicate the account disabled issue

If you are encountering the “Account temporarily disabled” issue on Coinbase Advanced Trade, then take a whirl at the effective fixes that have been summarized as under:

  • Make sure that the 2-step verfication and the email password are confidential
  • Attempt to modify the password of your account
  • Lastly, connect with the customer service team with all the required details to get guidance on this issue

Final Take

By following out the listed measure and ensuring that all the sensitive information concerning to your Coinbase Advanced Trade is confidential, you can safeguard your account from getting temporarily disabled. If you ever suspects any sort of malicious activity happening on your account, then also report the same to the concerned team at its earliest. The team will then further investigate the intact matter and examine all the security reports within 10 business days to come up with the most effective solution.