Character Creation can be the soul factor of what draws players to MMOsby creating characters

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A recent problem with games, and not only MMOs are the inability of providing consistent levels of content over a brief time frame. There are many Elyon Gold  instances where MMOs misjudge the amount of time players put into games they enjoy; Elyon is not any different. While Elyon offers multiple ways to entertain players but the time to finish the content has been reduced due to the grind and best-in-slot loadouts. MMOs need to provide a continuous stream of content that is challenging for players to remain engaged and Elyon does not meet that requirement.

I loved: The Dungeons

Sticking on the topic of content, many MMOs seek to entertain their players through the introduction of dungeons. The content for the end game in Elyon is well-constructed and available to be completed solo or in a party with other players. Each dungeon is distinct due to differences in bosses and types of enemies; it doesn't feel like they are rinsed and repeated. There are other games that can handle this kind of content better, however Elyon creates a positive impression when you play it.

Didn't Love: EXP Loss

A somewhat harsh system within Elyon includes the loss EXP on death when facing PvE content (here are some other brutal MMO groups that are no currently in existence). A significant amount of time dividing enemies and navigating an efficient EXP path to gain levels and points of skill only to be able to take that progress away is far more annoying. This issue is made more prominent when grinding in the PVP zone and being attacked by a competitor or losing a fight you could have won , along with the EXP gained.

Loved: The Character Creation

Character Creation can be the soul factor of what draws players to MMOsby creating characters, players to build their own identity to the game and be part of the game. If a game is too restricted, a character creation system could lose players before they even start the game. Elyon finds a sweet spot between a minimal design, which many MMOs of the time adhere to, as well as a hefty creation similar to games such as Black Desert.

I didn't love: The lack of New Classes

Elyon was released with six classes, Warlord Mystic, Elementalist, Gunner, Slayer, and Assassin. These classes are a part of the standard model of role, the lack of variety has been apparent as the game matures. A new class can bring an air of freshness to the game, although a simple addition to the pool won't cut it. There's more to a class other than simply being different; it should be distinctive compared to similar classes. Black Desert is a game that buy Elyon Gold  succeeds in making every class feel and behave differently.