the game was meant to be a narrative-focused Telltale-like game, much like Until Dawn.

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Konami have denied the rumors that it was  Elyon Gold  working with Sony on a new Silent Hill game. It's not clear if fans will ever see any new games in the Silent Hill series.

An Konami U.S. spokesperson spoke to Rely on Horror, stating "We're fully aware of rumors and reports but can assure you that they aren't real. I know it's not the kind of answer that your fans might be looking for. It's not to say we're closing the doors to franchises but not the manner that is being reported."

This month, Rely on Horror reported that multiple sources had stated Konami had partnered together with Sony's Japan Studio to create a revival that would be a continuation of Silent Hill. Silent Hill series. The company was also developing a new version of the recently cancelled Silent Hills game with Kojima Productions. According to reports, the game was meant to be a narrative-focused Telltale-like game, much like Until Dawn.

Silent Hills was created by Kojima Productions in collaboration with famous filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and actor Norman Reedus. It was, however, ended up being cancelled just a few weeks before Kojima's departure from Konami. After the trio worked on  buy Elyon Gold  Death Stranding, Norman Reedus has said that he's discussing an additional project together with Kojima, but has not spoken about anything else.

Rely on Horror asked for more information, particularly regarding the rumored reboot as well as Silent Hills revival, but Konami didn't respond. It appears that Konami may be looking to revisit this Silent Hill franchise at some point however, not in the way that it was rumored to be. Perhaps, Konami will give additional information on the rumors soon.