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Because not all skills can earn an OSRs gold equivalent to this... The idea is likely been told this before. "If you're trying to make money, why not consider PKing? Why not stake at the duel arena?" It's simple. Most people don't want to shed blood through combat in order to gain OSRs gold. You've probably guessed that in Old School Runescape, the OSRS gold  foundation of your account constructed on 23 unique skills. Skills that range from resource gathering as well as combat to artisan and support. Each presents new challenges to confront and hurdles to overcome. Some skills level fast. Some skills level slow. Some will not earn you money. Others will let your money grow. Since you're in the market for a reliable way to generate fast wealth right now, right? So how do you plan to acquire that powerful Armadyl Godsword? The indigo blue Kodai weapon? The extra 50M you can flaunt at your social circle? You're not the biggest fan of placing bets, PKing or you haven't recently bought OSRS gold? The answer lies just like broken pieces of a master clue scroll. Consider investing your time into profitable skills. Skills that not only build up your stats overall as spicy stews, but will also begin your path to a steady sources of earning. From the impressive Roguecrafting, Slayer as well as Hunter skills which methods of training are the most lucrative? Check it... What you need to know about how to make OSRS gold by Runecrafting, Slayer and Hunter:

1. Runecrafting

runecrafting runescape gold

Dubbed as one of the longest ways to improve your skills, runecrafting absolutely takes the cake from bakers for being one of the most lucrative skilled artisanal skills. Why? Because runes remain in demand. Runecrafters have supplied PKers alchers, PKers, and, yes, even skillers for years. Therefore, transforming pure essence into castable cash. As with other OSRS stats, higher your rank, more lucrative your reward. And in Old School Runescape, double runes from essence is like an calculated maximum hit from your dragon claws. More profit potential for your efforts. Look it up, from 44-99 Abyss nature runecrafting could earn 400M! That's a lot of nature runes. But let's say you don't need to spend time in 92 runecrafting. You're looking for a simple method of maximizing your profit per hour. Explore astral runecrafting. Osrs's astral runs can be constructed at level 40. and can be doubled to the level of 82. Assume they sell at the price of 180gp per. At level 82+ runecrafting you will earn an amazing 1.4M per hour! #Sweet! As you'll require a level of at 92 in order to increase the number of nature runes, this method can save you an inventory of precious time. While you'll satisfy your desire for OSRs gold, you'll also earn a cheeky 24k magic and 35k runecrafting experience an hour doing so. Is that not a bad thing, wouldn't think?

2. Slayer

Slayer runescape gold crafting

Take off your abyssal whip then strap your primordial boots and string your bows in short lengths as we're about to take down the toughest beasts. This game was launched in 2005. Slayer is a supporting skill well-known because of its long-term income at high levels. The skill comes with new weapons, exciting creatures, and tasty drops that would make the look of an ogre triple. From 1-99 slayer , you can expect to make 500 million! Wow. Imagine your playing with your group of friends. Then you get distracted. Everybody decides to increase their osrs max hit and range. Are you aware of how you can gain decent earnings and experience even at a moderate level of combat? I do...

3 Profitable OSRS Slayer Monsters

1. Blue Dragons (level 111)

blue dragon gold making

Even though you need no osrs Slayer level, you can melee as well as range blue dragons to get their blue hides as well as dragon bones. You'll find these dragons dwelling in Taverly Dungeon, Ogre Enclave or the Heros Guild - each with their own safe space. Then, depending on your combat style (melee or range) and level it is possible to walk away with a range of 200-500k per hour. Make sure to carry your anti-dragon shield!

2. Skeletal Wyverns (level 140)

skeletal wyverns gold guide

These big boney creatures in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon? Yes, and even though you only need level 72 slayers to get them, they also dish out some of OSRS most delicious drops. A scrumptious loot pack that includes:

Rune items

Dragon legs and skirts for plates

Alongside the iconic dragon's face

For wyverns in the wild, you can earn a decent 400k-700k per hour through melee or range. Pro tip: When unleashing your rage on creatures that are skeletal, you should bring an ancient, mind-blowing dragonfire or an elemental shield. The icy breath of their attack chills you to the bone , and decreases your stats when you're not properly secured.

3. Greater Nechryaels (level 200)

more money-making opportunities for osrs with higher nechryaels

Could it be an animal? A skeleton? Nechryaels require level 80 slayer to perish and you'll find their skeletons in the slayer tower, or catacombs. They house larger nechryaels. Nechryaels are a challenge because they summon two deathspawns during osrs combat. Their purpose? Eliminate you. Luckily, their maximum hit is 2 but they'll ignore your prayers for protection. It's possible that you're thinking " many dollars can I earn within an hour?" Nearly 700K! A few of their notable drops include:

Rune items

Runes (blood, law, death)

High-level herb and seeds

Pro Tip: Since nechryaels are demons, you should try using the Osrs arclight. Because it offers a 70% increase in effectiveness and damage to demons. Be aware that you're not restricted to these monsters killed by osrs. However, if you want swift and steady Runescape gold, you should consider these three monsters solo or in a group.

3. Hunter

osrs gold making hunter

Lastly, there's hunter. The gathering skill which allows you to catch and net or box a plethora of creatures. What's the best thing about hunter? It's versatile. Similar to slayer, hunter lets you to swim in the lake of gold with high levels. In addition, for huge amount of EXP and cash, you're not limited to a specific method. At level 27 you gain access to traps in boxes. These allow you to catch the fluffy chinchompas. In addition, because black and red Chinchompas are utilized to train agility quickly, they're always highly sought after. At level 63 you can see red chinchompas on Feldip Hills. As you progress to level 80. It is possible to generate an average of 370k dollars per hour from red chins. Not bad. You're probably asking oneself "370k in an hour? Why not runecraft or slay?" Remember what I mentioned about versatility? Here's how it braids... At the level of hunter 80 it is possible to catch black chinchompas. The part that is a bit scary? They dwell in level 30-plus wilderness. If you can handle it, you're likely to make an exciting 964K per hour (assuming that you don't always get arrested). In the wild, you can lay traps to earn more profit and greater the opportunity to gain experience. Pro Tip: Use an imp-box. They let you transfer items or stacks of things to the bank from anywhere it is possible to teleport. Think about it, why put your time and effort into something because you don't need to?


Osrs gold making guide

You're welcome ladies and gents. You're better aware of OSRS three top-performing skills. Skills that not only show your commitment, but are powerful instruments to generate an efficient and reliable system of money. Don't limit yourself to just these three. Mining, smithing , and farming also merit a mention because they're extremely profitable as well. If you're looking to get quick Runescape gold, click here or give these 3 skills and techniques a try. You could even be able to RuneScape gold  get an appealing pet to wear! As always, have fun with playing your Old School Runescape adventure. P.S - Check out our popular blog for latest Old School Runescape tips, tricks and, guides to get more osrs gold today.