It involves predicting the price of an item over time and then acting on it.

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Merchandise. It is simple act of purchasing an item at the lower cost, then selling it for a higher price after a decent amount of time. So, for example, you buy a green Halloween mask for $100M gold. Wait several days, and then the price checker says, that the mask's value is  OSRS gold 102M. This means the price of the item has risen and it's time to sell it. Buy items for  cheaper price but wait for a while, so that the price will rise.

There are some simple tips for how you can merchandise your products. Bandos Chestplate, Elysian spirit shield, drygore mace, Santa's cape, green Halloween mask, steadfast boots and other similar items with a high price. Be very careful, because the price of an item can drop again and this could result in loss of money. Review the history of the item on RuneScape website. Average price, pricing your products, establish the floor, instinctively limiting yourself, and keeping a pulse are the key factors for making the most profit. There are a few kinds of selling.

Investing. It involves predicting the price of an item over time and then acting on it. Thus, the buyer purchases as much as he can when he trust his sense that the item is in the lowest cost and sells it once it has reached its highest point. To do this correctly in order to do this, you need to determine which future event could alter the price of the item. Flipping. This is the process of buying products and then selling them for a slightly more costly price in the near term. Flipping can be done quickly after purchasing or. Bulk quantity flipping. It involves purchasing large quantities of certain item with a stable cost and then reselling those items for a bit higher price. In this way, if you'll have, for example 2000sharks, if you are able to make 10PS for each shark, you are going  Buy OSRS gold  to make 20K by selling all of them.

Street/forum merchandise. This is a method, where you purchase lots of products and sell the items on forums or streets to get a higher price.