40-20-10Refrigerated Containers

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The abbreviations "refrigerated container" and "reefer container" stand for the same thing. These containers ensure a constant interior temperature while managing humidity and encouraging proper airflow. The reefer shipping container's climate control system prevents the products within from deteriorating, which can happen when there is too much heat, too much moisture, insufficient airflow, or too low of a temperature.


In order to move supplies from their point of origin to their destination while keeping perishable commodities fresh, cold chains, or the process of storing and moving goods at suitable refrigeration temperatures, people used refrigerated containers for sale in the past, and still using it. A crucial link in this system, refrigerated containers provide a solution that normally maintains temperatures between -30°C and +25°C. International shipping of temperature-sensitive goods would not be possible without these reefers.

Refrigerator Shipping Container Prices-: 

1.40 foot refrigerated containers-: A 40-foot refrigerator container has enough room to accommodate the construction of a temporary store, café, or even an outlying medical facility. The container is long enough to provide a front area for serving clients and space for storage. But when we talk about prices between new 40foot refrigerated container and used 40 foot refrigerated containers for sale, we witness a big difference in pricing.Basically, a new 40ft  shipping containers typically avg cost between USD$10.000 to $12000, while a used 40ft shipping containers typically avg cost between USD$4600 and $6300.

2. 20 foot refrigerated containers-: The 20ft Reefer Containers is a unique container with a cooling system. This makes the container perfect for carrying sensitive items that need a constant temperature since it ensures that the temperature of your cargo is set to meet your demands. The 20-foot Reefer container is offered everywhere but the used refrigerated shipping containers prices differently with the fresh refrigerated shipping containers prices.

On one hand a brand-new 20-foot container would often set you back USD $5,000 while a used 20 foot refrigerated containers for sale will average cost around USD $3500-5000. Though depending on the condition of the container, the cost could change.

3.10 feet container-: The 10ft container has a cooling unit that controls the temperature inside, making it perfect for transporting delicate commodities that must be maintained at a precise temperature, such as food or medicine. The main reasons why people buy 10 feet refrigerated shipping containers are that they are wind and water resistant, portable, make the least amount of noise, have an excellent user interface, and have advanced humidity control built in.The 10-feet Reefer container is offered everywhere but with differences in pricing between the used and fresh ones. On one hand a 10 feet container price around USD$1800-1900.