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Internet marketing is a type of marketing that uses internet as its primary tool for advertising goods and services

Internet marketing is a type of marketing that uses internet as its primary tool for advertising goods and services. Internet marketing can be divided into the following categories:

  • search engine optimization or SEO
  • social media marketing
  • e-mail marketing
  • referral marketing
  • content marketing
  • native advertising


Search engine optimization or SEO is a complex of methods that makes it easier to find a particular website via search engines. The better the SEO of a page, the higher is the rank it achieves in the list of search engine results. Nowadays, when people mostly use internet to search for goods, SEO is an essential marketing tool. Search optimization also allows ensuring that a particular website is mostly shown only to those who are interested in what it offers. In other terms - the website will be most visible to its potential clients. Thus, e.g. a website about web design development will be mostly visible to those interested in web design, not interior or landscape design.


Social media marketing is a type of marketing that uses social media to advertise information about a certain product or service. Social media marketing aims at attracting the attention of users and motivating them to to share the information, thus including more and more of the target audience. It is important that the information encourages to read and discover more about the company and its services. Social media marketing also has a significant advantage - it allows users to directly express their opinion about the information. Thus, a company receives trustworthy information about what its target audience thinks concerning a certain service, product or idea.


E-mail marketing is type of advertising that uses e-mail as its primary tool for informing potential clients about products, services and offers of a company. The main distinguishing feature of e-mail marketing is that information is presented precisely to those who might be interested in a certain product. The target audience of e-mail marketing is both natural persons and companies/businesses. E-mail marketing is used not only to present a company to new clients, but to also inform active clients about new offers.


Referral marketing is a type of advertising that relies on the interaction of users, active and potential clients in real life. Although referral marketing is, by its nature, quite random, business are able to influence it to a certain degree. Thus, for example, companies can reward those who promote their company and spread information about it.


Content marketing is a type of advertising that spread company-related information via specially designed website content. This content may include videos, infographics, specialized blogs, booklets and other materials. Such a content attracts new audience and maintains the loyalty of active client, presenting new products, services and information in an engaging way.


Native advertising is a type of advertising that corresponds to the context in which it is placed. Thus, it is not perceived as an advertisement as we usually define it. The word 'native' means that the advertisement is no different from the content around it - it is native to the form of its context. Thus, the design of a website that advertises itself (the site uses the design it advertises) is an example of native advertising.