“Right.” I say, and she comes squatting down before me,

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not really willing to go down on her knees in the gravel. She opens up my jeans and takes out my

“Right.” I say, and she comes squatting down before me, not really willing to go down on her knees in the gravel. She opens up my jeans and takes out my dick.


“Hmm… Nice.” She says and starts to warm it up, rubbing the shaft with her hands, causing it to grow harder. Then she gently kisses the head and takes it into her mouth. First all the way in, till she can’t take it no further, then she pulls back and starts sucking and licking.


“Oh that feels good baby.” I say as she’s working me. She says nothing, but smiles and continues to fondle my dick with her tongue. Then, after a couple of minutes, she has enough of it. She can’t take that feeling of lust inside her anymore and really needs my dick in her right now. So she gets up and goes to sit on my lap. Only then I notice that she’s not wearing any panties. I feel a nice tuft of her pubic hair rub against my now wet and hard dick, as she positions herself properly.


Then, with one hand on my shoulder for support and the other holding my dick, she lowers herself and takes my dick into her pussy. She’s soaking wet already and I slide in easily. I gasp as I feel my dick entering her vagina. She’s obviously no virgin anymore, that would have been too much luck, but she is still rather tight. She moans as I fill her up and feels my dick hit the entrance of her womb.


“Aaaahhh…” She softly grunts and then she just sits there for a while, impaled on my dick, on a bench in the park. Thankfully it is quiet in the park, because if anyone would pass us now, they would immediately know what we were doing. After a minute or so, when she’s used to the sensation of having me inside her – her lust is driving her mind nuts by now, she really needs to come soon – she starts to make small thrusting moves by squirming her hips about.


‘That’s nice’ I think, ‘she’s not one of those wild ones that thinks she’s riding a rodeo horse. No, she takes it easy, she’s relaxed and knows how to do this right.’


Then she gets a bit more wild, as she begins to work herself to a climax. She’s really bucking me now, humping up and down on my lap, constantly letting out little moans and gasps. She has both hands on my shoulders now and I can tell that it won’t be long anymore. Then I decide that, in order to stimulate her even more, I can well play with her breasts. Till then I held her by her waist, but now I move my hands up to her chest and cup her big bosom. She’s at least a 34D by the feel of it.


Through the fabric of her blouse I start massaging her boobs and she lets out another cry of pleasure. Then I decide that I want to see those big milk bags of her and I rip open her blouse. Again, no underwear, I look straight at her naked breasts. Her nipples are hard, swollen and erect, as are the areola around them. She gets goose pimples on her breasts from their sudden nakedness. I take them back into my hands and bend forward to kiss her nipples. She sighs and starts to smile while all the time she keeps on humping me.


From the corner of my eye I can see a couple of old ladies who sit on a bench across the park, on the other side of the pond. I’m not sure if they can see us or notice what we’re doing, but they are definitely looking in our direction, so I whisper to the girl: “We have an audience…” This makes her giggle and she starts to thrust on to me even harder. Until, suddenly, I feel her body tense. She trembles, and then she lets out a loud cry.


“AAAAAAHHHH!! Oh my god… Mmmmm that feels good!”


She looks at me with an expression that tells me that she is content, fully satisfied and pleased by my performance. I just quickly look over her shoulder to see if the old ladies have reacted to her cry, but nothing, though they still keep looking in our direction.


The girl knows I haven’t come so she starts to thrust on me again, pushing her pelvis up and down on my lap, stimulating my dick to reach it’s point of extacy. She doesn’t have to wait long, after just a couple minutes she can feel my dick spasm in her vagina, and she pushes herself down even further, taking as much of my in her as she can. I really grab hold of her breasts now, which makes her moan a bit. Then I grunt and she feels it, wad after wad of my cum shooting into her belly, filling up her vagina, and making it’s way into her womb.


“Hhhmmmmmnnnhhh…” She moans and she tightens her muscles and moves her pelvis up and down to milk my dick even more. She knows letting me do this to her unprotected belly means trouble, but she still takes it all in, every last drop if my semen. Then she’s done.


We remain sitting like this, regaining our senses and just relaxing a bit. Her on top of my lap with my dick inside her, while I play a bit with her boobs, until she feels my dick go soft. Then she steps off me. She squats down again, takes my dick into her mouth to clean it, puts my cloths back together, and then she gets up again. After she’s straightened her own cloths, she gives me a kiss.


“Thanks,” she says, “for helping me get rid of that feeling of lust I had in me. I really appreciate it.”


“Is okay, glad I could help.” I reply.


“So what are you gonna do now?” she asks.


“I’m off to visit my dad.” I say, “And you?”


“I’m going to my boyfriend. Bye now, and thanks again.” She says, and then she takes off.


I watch her leave and start to smile. ‘Weird girl’ I think as I shake my head. I look across the pond to the bench where the old ladies have been sitting, but they’re gone, I can see them just exiting the park. Looks like they know the show is over, and then I walk to my father’s home.


A week has passed since I met that weird girl on the bus.


Today it’s Friday, it’s halfway down the morning, it is considerably colder as a couple of weeks ago and I’m taking the same ride again. This time I’m on my way to the supermarket this time, to get the groceries for the weekend. On the bus station I have switch buses and as I step into the next one, I see her again, the girl from a couple of weeks ago. She has dyed her hair, it’s dark brown now, but I can clearly tell it’s her. She sees me coming in and greets me with a friendly “Hi.” And I greet her back.


I’m happy, didn’t think I would ever see her again, and try to make small talk, asking her if she’s off to work. But she’s not too talkative today and seems a bit moody, so I decide not to bother her any further. Every now and then I take a quick peek at her to see what’s she’s doing, but she is just looking at herself, playing with a bracelet and putting on hand lotion.

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