Re-add missing accounts through MetaMask Chrome Extension

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MetaMask is a wallet that fills in as a program expansion and portable application and permits clients to cooperate with the Ethereum blockchain. It capabilities as an ETH wallet

Dealing with crypto trade through multiple accounts has become a common practice to keep trade actions and processes simple. This helps users to get wide exposure to the activities that they can enjoy under the crypto trade. MetaMask is one of the highly recognized and secure crypto wallets offering investors simple navigation and secure storage room for their crypto assets. 

The wallet can be managed through its mobile app or MetaMask Chrome Extension. However, there are several other extensions that can be picked up by investors depending on their preferences. Cases have been reported wherein investors failed in detecting their additional accounts after importing their wallet using the Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) of the wallet. 

Thus, through this read, we are providing you with the guiding steps of how you can re-add your missing additional account. To know the intact information relating to it, walk down the complete information mentioned in this document. 

Exceptions where an account doesn’t get re-added automatically

When the wallet is recovered using the Secret Recovery Phrase, the wallet automatically adds the additional accounts that have been created by the users, but there are some conditions applied to it. To be noted, if the MetaMask account is having zero ETH balance then it gets added to the wallet automatically. 

On the other hand, if the account has been imported, then it can’t be re-added whilst restoring your wallet. Under such a case, the wallet account needs to be added manually. The account is re-added in the same manner as they are imported by using the MetaMask Chrome Extension.

What you’ll have to do to re-add missing accounts manually?

In order to re-add the missing account, you’ll have to go through two processes. The process that you need to follow in a sequential manner are:

  • Restoring your wallet with the help of the Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP), and then
  • Re-adding the missing account

If you have lost the plot, then no worries, here we are going to cover the major steps involved in the restoration of the wallet and re-adding the wallet through MetaMask Chrome Extension. 

Check the steps summarized underneath:

Attempted steps to restore the MetaMask wallet

To restore your wallet, there are also two cases based on which further steps are determined. The two cases are:

  • In case of new installation, and
  • In case of an existing installation

We are going to elucidate the steps considering that you are having a new installation. In the former one, users need to import their wallets using the SRP, while in the latter one, they need to reset their wallets.

 Thus, the steps involved in importing your wallet via MetaMask Chrome Extension are laid underneath:

  1. Open the newly installed MetaMask extension on your device and click on “Import an Existing Wallet”
  2. Following the on-screen instructions, mention the SRP of your wallet accurately
  3. Click on “Confirm Secret Recovery Phrase”
  4. Perform the further prompted actions to complete the recovery process

Action Guide to re-add missing accounts after wallet recovery

  1. Launch the wallet on your computer by clicking on the fox-face icon located on the browser page
  2. Unlock the wallet by providing the registered details
  3. Reach the account section of the wallet and click on the drop-down arrow located at the top of the wallet page
  4. Tap on “Add Account”
  5. Name your account and then click on “Create”

Done! This is how you can re-add the missing account in your wallet. You can give your accounts the same name that you give them earlier. You can even re-add the missing account through the MetaMask mobile app as well.

The Final Cut

Thus, through the above write-up, you have gotten an idea of how you can re-add your missing additional MetaMask Chrome Extension manually. You can even re-add your account through its mobile app, and to get the information on how to do it, visit the support page of the wallet and learn what steps you need to take in that case. Further, keep your SRP safe and never disclose it to someone. Be very cautious while performing the wallet recovery process.