The audience's understanding of this action movie- Devil Fish

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"Shark: Rosso nell'oceano" is an action movie directed by Lampard Pava, starring Michael Sopkiw, Gianni Garko, etc. It was released in 1984.

"Shark: Rosso nell'oceano" is an action movie directed by Lampard Pava, starring Michael Sopkiw, Gianni Garko, etc. It was released in 1984.
The action movie tells the story of a huge underwater monster attacking humans.
Two tourists were suddenly attacked by a huge underwater monster while fishing at sea, one of them died and the entire lower body was eaten. When scientists examined the tooth marks on his body, they found that this kind of tooth marks was only found in a ferocious primitive fish, and this ferocious fish died out millions of years ago! Similar monster attacks occurred one after another, and the seaside residents fell into a panic.
Some investigations found that a scientist used multiple genes such as the wisdom of dolphins, the power of octopuses, and the ferocious character of primitive phoenixes to comprehensively transplant them into a big fish, making it a terrifying underwater creature.
This archaeological action movie can only be regarded as quite satisfactory, a little disappointing. Dr. David of Biology has genetically engineered a hybrid monster in the laboratory, which has the aggressiveness of a shark (are sharks aggressive?), the power of an octopus (huh?), the ferocity of a prehistoric phoenix, The wisdom of dolphins, but also under the command of Dr. David to kill (obviously not). Dr. David thinks that if you control it, you will control the entire world's oceans, hehe. The point is that this thing can also reproduce asexually, just like an earthworm, if you chop it in two, it can become two earthworms. Wouldn't this solve the problem of food shortages?
The action movie plot itself has nothing to say, it is a story about finding monsters while fighting against villains and finally, the righteous side wins. The process of killing the monster was extremely bland, the police wanted to blow it up with dynamite at first, considering that the split would become like Fujiang, and there would be countless little monsters in the end. So it was changed to a group of people who seduced it to the edge of the small pond, poured gasoline on it and used muskets to feed it, and made this monster into a barbecue. You can see it is very fragrant, and then sprinkle it with cumin, and the children next door will cry. End. The movie is called Shadow of the Red Sea, but in the end, the monster died in a pit in a small pond, extremely humiliating. It's 3:00 in the morning, and I really want to eat takoyaki or grilled squid after watching it.
The camera cuts, props, and makeup are also very ordinary. The monster has not seen the whole picture from beginning to end, only part of it is displayed. I wonder if the director himself has figured out how to connect the octopus's feet to the back of the fish's head. What's especially unbearable is the fact that they have a split shot when they observe this monster through the underwater camera on the boat! The pictures taken by your home camera also have the function of editing from different angles! There is also a special head and a tail.
In the action movie, there are always a lot of glamorous scenes intentionally or unintentionally. The actresses often don't wear underwear. The so-called scene is not enough, and the bed is closed. I think the main reason is that the script is too thin and can't last that long. You can see the difference between the aesthetics of the 1980s and today. At that time, thinness was still considered beautiful, unlike the current era when meat bombs are rampant.
In general, this action movie is not a good work even in the eyes of the 80s, so-so.