Horizontal Packing Machine

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Horizontal Packing MachineHorizontal Packing Machine

Horizontal Packing Machine

Horizontal packing machine, or horizontal flow wrap machine is a type of automatic pouch machine. It has a very wide range of applications, and can pack both food and non-food products, such as bread, candy, vegetables, pasta, noodles, pastries, metal parts, daily necessities, frozen foods, disposable products, solid alcohol cartons, trays, face mask, etc. Our horizontal packaging machine for sale has four different models, TZ-250, TZ-350, TZ-450, TZ-600. Different models have different advantages and parameters. And they are suitable for packing different products. If you have any trouble with the choice of a reliable horizontal pillow packing machine, contact us for professional free guidance.Get more news about packaging machine spoon,you can vist our website!

Horizontal packing machine is also called a horizontal flow wrap machine. It is designed for packaging food and non-food products with an irregular shape, such as bread, face mask, pasta, plastics, etc. A horizontal pillow packing machine mainly consists of a conveyor belt, control panel, bag former, sealing machine, cutting machine. The horizontal flow wrap machine finishes three tasks in one process, forming a bag, filling it, and then sealing and cutting it. By setting parameters on the control panel, they can automatically complete these tasks. Flow wrapping machine are usually called horizontal form fill seal machine.

The horizontal packaging machine model reflects the width of the packaging film. TZ-250 horizontal packaging machine has a maximum film width of 250 mm. The maximum film width of the TZ-350 type packaging machine is 350 mm. The TZ-450 horizontal packaging machine has a maximum film width of 450 mm. The maximum film width of the TZ-600 packaging machine is 600mm.

The horizontal packaging machine can pack soap, moon cakes, masks, and other products. The following is a detailed introduction to these 4 machine parameters. You can choose the machine model reasonably according to your needs.
The roll film of the bread packaging machine has two conveying modes, namely upper feeding and lower feeding. The roll film is on the top of the machine for the top feeder, the former can be fine-tuned, and the vertical cutter is inside the machine. The cutting width can be changed by adjusting the former. Down-feeding paper packaging machine, the film roll is under the machine, and the former is not adjustable. You can purchase different formers to change the cutting width.

The horizontal packing machine TZ-250 is suitable for packaging bags with a width of 30-110mm and a bag length of 45-220mm. The products are transported uniformly on the conveyor belt. The packaging machine will complete the packaging of the product through heat sealing and film cutting. The packaging speed is fast and will not cause empty packages, which can greatly increase the packaging speed. Generally used to package smaller products.