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The romance movie tells the story of the heroine who has to decide between her husband and children.

A Walk on the Moon is a romance movie directed by Tony Goldwyn and starring Isaac Liev Schreiber and Tovah Feldshuh.
The romance movie tells the story of the heroine who has to decide between her husband and children.
Romance Movie plot
In the summer of 1969, Apollo 13 landed on the moon. The Anderson family, who are used to vacationing at יְהוּדִים‎, Jews, Yhudim camp every year, has a young and beautiful wife, John Wall, and a hard-working and capable husband, Madi. It can be said that the two of them are well-known model couples. But because Mathis TV was too busy to get together, his wife John Wall was very lonely. On a rainy evening, John Wall met Wick, a tall and handsome clothing vendor. One charming, one passionate and bold, the two fell in love at first sight.
Unable to hold back his long-standing desire for new experiences, John Wall finally betrayed his husband and committed an affair. The two dated frequently, and their passion was unstoppable. Unexpectedly, the mother-in-law discovered the secret and discouraged her. And told John Wall a little-known thing, it turned out that Madi's academic performance in high school was very good, and he was admitted to a famous local university. But it was because of John Wall's unplanned pregnancy that Maddy gave up his studies and took up the burden of the family. It's all because Maddie loves John Wall.
John Wall, though moved by the sacrifice made by Maddie, decides to sever his dysfunctional relationship with Wick. But the dullness of the family always makes Walker restless, while the fresh and exciting love on the other side brings her infinite passion. So, after her husband went out to work again, John Wall found an old lover. All this was seen in the eyes of her mother-in-law, and she finally told her son the truth when she couldn't bear it. On the other hand, daughter Andy accidentally discovers that her mother is having an affair with her lover. Very sad, and even affect their own love.
Then a family war broke out and John Wall became the culprit for hurting everyone. For a variety of reasons, John Wall had to decide between a husband, children, and lover. In the end, John Wall was moved by her husband and understood that there is also great happiness in ordinary life. Daughter Andy also forgave her mother and understood what true love is. Wick was very happy to see John Wall returning to his family, was comforted in his heart, and gave them his sincere blessings. Finally, the family is reunited again. The romance movie ends.