MLBB MPL Philippines Season 11 Regular Season

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MLBB MPL Philippines Season 11 Regular Season

MLBB MPL Philippines Season 11 Regular Season

The two-month-long Regular Season of MLBB MPL Philippines Season 11 wrapped up on April 16, 2023. The top six teams — out of eight — have progressed to the Playoffs, which will be held from May 4 to 7, and acquired two spots for the MSC 2023. Each squad played a total of 14 matches in a Round-Robin format across the Regular Season's eight weeks.To get more news about mlbb diamond top up, you can visit official website.

Bren Esports exhibited fantastic exploits throughout the event to triumph in 11 matches, establishing themselves as the top-performing squad. Their Gold Laner Super Marco showcased his exceptional skills, as well as strategy, during the competition and has also been given two weekly MVP awards. The side will hope to secure their second MPL title this season.

Current world champion ECHO also displayed their impressive teamwork in the tournament, emerging as the second-best performer in the first leg with 11 wins. MLBB M4 MVP Bennyqt demonstrated certain abilities he is renowned for and carried the side into the second spot on the table.

Defending champion and M4 runner-up Blacklist International came third with eight wins and six losses in the Regular Season. The Filipino unit lost both their encounters in the eighth week. They will now go against Omega Esports in their first match of the Playoffs on May 4.

RSG Slate and Onic Philippines had a mediocre Regular Season, as they came fourth and fifth. Both will clash against each other in the Quarterfinals, which will be a Single Bracket Bo5 match.

Nextplay Evos and TNC Pro were two poor performers who failed to reserve their seats in the Playoffs and were knocked out of the MLBB MPL 2023 Philippines S11. Both sides were unable to win many of their games, ultimately leading to their elimination from the tournament. TNC Benthings was the MVP of Week 6.In the Playoffs, Bren Esports and ECHO have been directly seeded in the Upper Bracket Semifinals, as they were the two best squads in the first leg. On the other hand, the remaining four squads will compete in the Quarterfinals.

The Mobile Legends event offers a total cash prize pool of $150K, of which the season champions will receive $35K, while the second and third rankers will take $20K and $10K, respectively. There are also five individual awards, including MVP, Best Caster, and Rookie.