An Ultimate Guide On How To Write An Engaging Blog Post Like A Pro!!

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Being a blogger is fighting a battle for your ideas to be read and where there’s a sheer competition between thousands of bloggers. So, to make a stand it’s necessary to draft a blog in such a way that will attract readers towards it.

Being a blogger is fighting a battle for your ideas to be read and where there’s a sheer competition between thousands of bloggers. So, to make a stand it’s necessary to draft a blog in such a way that will attract readers towards it. 

To your knowledge, creativity has no meaning if it lacks originality. Readers don't want to spend time on unprofessional and bland writings, so always bring out your best weapons. The best thing is that, before venturing to start any type of blog, learn to write like a professional, because if you skip this step there will be nothing and no one to save you from failure.

The wonderful news is that writing a great post is a skill that everyone can learn. Therefore, in this post you are going to learn how to write an engaging blog post that you can spread on your social networks to attract users and retain them on your website. For this, you will have to follow a series of practical tips at the SEO level. 

So, buckle up and stay tuned till the end as you will definitely learn something new and useful. 

What is a blog post?

A post is an article that you can write on your blog, whether it is personal or corporate. Its main function is to publish news that may interest your readers and build loyalty. It also serves to get organic and social traffic and then drive it to your transactional pages.

For this reason, it is useful and even necessary that you have a blog on your company website since in this way you will not only be updating it and renewing its content, but you will also be helping to improve its web positioning.

Now, if you are going to have it deserted or if you are going to write posts of little or no quality, it is almost better that you do not have it, because, far from helping you, it could end up disappointing the readers. 

How to write an engaging blog post?

It is a well-known fact that content is the king of any article and it can lose essence without any engagement in it. So, being a writer it’s crucial to optimize an article in such a way that it will relate directly to the reader’s intent. Therefore, let's explore some key aspects that can help in creating a more engaging blog post:

A catchy heading for making first impression.


One of the worst mistakes a blogger can make before knowing properly how to write an article is doing it before thinking of a title. 

If you really want to write a post that gets to the point, is concise and has conviction, you should invest a lot of time in creating a quality title that guides whoever reads it on the right path, that attracts readers and that moves people when reading their advice.

Structure the information through headers 


The information you are going to present has to be well organized. The idea is to structure the post in different sections, each of them under an epigraph or heading H2. These headings can be obtained from Google suggestions or from semantically related keywords that you have collected at the time of doing the keyword research.


Use ordered and unordered lists


Creating lists (li and ol tags) is very useful for two reasons:


  • They serve to present the information in a very summarized and structured way, making it easier to read and understand.
  • They also favour SEO to the extent that Google uses them on many occasions for featured snippets. 



  • Apply bold and italic styles


Giving a bold or italic style to certain words or text fragments is very useful to highlight what is most important and significant. This facilitates diagonal reading.

SEO-wise, keywords in bold will have higher prominence. It is highly recommended to do it in the first and last paragraph.


  • Invest time in formatting and proofreading


A dedicated focus on formatting and proofreading can help in alleviating the quality of any blog post. Investing time in formatting can help in improving the grammar and ultimately the formatting of a blog post. Many people skip this step, however, excellent formatting practices can increase the ranking of the blog. So, consider it an important step and don’t skip while you are working on how to write engaging blog posts.


  • Learn the art of storytelling/be conversational


Around 4 million blog posts are published each day and to keep pace with that one needs to have a great command over the art of storytelling. Drafting any blog in a conversational tone can engage readers and make them relate the content directly with their lives. Therefore, always aim on how to write an engaging  blog post from the perspective of a reader and show up your storytelling skills.


  • Be unique and original


Uniqueness and originality are the two pillars that play a crucial role in creating a more engaging blog post. Also, unique content can also help in attracting more and more traffic to a blog post. The more unique and original content is, the more engaging it becomes. Thus, focus more on how to make your writing more engaging. 


  • Do an extensive research 


Undoubtedly, research is the first building block while learning how to make your writing more engaging. And for adding an engaging element to your content you need to spend some time doing research and finding more relevant ideas for a blog post. No reader would like to come across a blog post that has been created out of speculation.


  • Use impactful visuals


If a blog post is not getting much attention as it should, then this could be due to lack of visuals. You can't engage the audience just with the power of words, you need to put some visuals that eyes can find appealing. Enhancing a blog post with visuals helps readers consume your content, increasing the likelihood that they will learn something useful and return for more.


  • Precise and and punchy introduction


Once you have chosen an attractive title for your readers, it is time to keep them hooked on your post. If you really want to grab their attention, you have to make them feel like you're reading their minds. Play with your emotions and fill your writings with this. Feel what you want to transmit and you will see how you will hook the reader more. This is how you can make writing more engaging.

Final Verdict

Drafting a blog post is an art where you need to put all your effort and vocabulary into delving into some meaningful insights. For making content engaging, you just need to bring things in place and there you go!  We hope that, after reading this post, you might be clear about every receding question about How to write an engaging blog post! In case your business requires professional services like website designing, website development, digital marketing there you go…