Fix: Wrong Password issue of MetaMask login with Password

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You must be wondering why I'm bringing this up.

Fix: Wrong Password issue of MetaMask login with Password

Depending on your browser, the MetaMask password characters might not be correctly written, and you might see the notice "incorrect or invalid password." You must be wondering why I'm bringing this up. Recently, many customers have complained that when they attempt to enter their MetaMask wallet account, an error message stating "incorrect password" appears on their app or browser.

The authorities still need to make statements regarding this problem. Despite our extensive study, we have compiled a few workarounds in this article to assist you in resolving this issue. And what about that?

We have listed all the required fixes in this blog. Thus, if you get this error, be careful to implement each fix listed below.

Solution 1: Relaunch the app

You must restart your MetaMask app initially to see whether the problem is just caused by sporadic bugs; doing so may help to fix this kind of problem. Hence, you may just restart and do a MetaMask login with password to see if MetaMask reporting the incorrect password problem is fixed. As many users initially found this useful, it is probably fixed now. 

Solution 2: Restart your gadget

We urge you to reboot your smartphone before doing any additional repairs because it will offer your device a fresh start by clearing the cache and flushing the RAM. This can occasionally remedy a situation like this. Hence, you must restart your device and attempt to enter your MetaMask account to see if the invalid password issue is still present or not.

Solution 3: Verify your identification is accurate

Did you verify that your MetaMask login with password information is accurate? The likelihood is great that you typed your ID and password correctly, which is why the notice "Your password is incorrect" is displayed. Hence, make sure you have typed the correct credentials.

To reset your password, click the "forgot password" button if you can't remember it. Afterward, adhere to the on-screen instructions to fix this invalid credentials error on your MetaMask account.

Solution 4: Verify your internet connection as a fourth fix.

You need a strong internet connection to access the MetaMask software, thus if your internet isn't working properly, you can get this kind of error. So, regardless of whether you are utilizing WiFi or mobile data, you must ensure that your home internet access is strong. As a result, we advise you to check your internet speed and determine whether the mistake has been resolved or not.

To check your connection speed, you must visit the connection speed tester website and test your connection. Hence, if the test reveals that your WiFi or mobile data connection is inadequate, restart your router and do the speed test on your device once more.

Then, if you discover that the connection speed is still a problem even after restarting your router, you must get in touch with your ISP and request that they resolve the issue. You will be able to perform the MetaMask login with password which means that the error is fixed as soon as your internet connection issues are rectified.

Summing it up

At this point, there is nothing left to be done but to present the issue to the professionals.

To contact the MetaMask team and report a problem with the platform, visit their support website. To assist their team, make sure to include all the relevant information on your report, including the screenshot of the mistake.

Our tutorial on how to fix the Wrong Password issue of MetaMask login with Password.