Best Disposable Vape E-Liquids in 2023

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Best Disposable Vape E-Liquids in 2023Best Disposable Vape E-Liquids in 2023

Best Disposable Vape E-Liquids in 2023

Designed to replicate the taste of the ubiquitous puff bar phenomenon, these disposable vape E-Liquids contain extra concentrated flavouring and can deliver more flavour per puff than standard nicotine salts. Get more news about berry lemonade disposable vape,you can vist our website!

And while most of these disposable vape E-Liquids are made with nicotine salts—the same type of nicotine found in disposable vapes—you can now get oodles of flavour from a freebase nicotine blend, too!

In fact, Drifter just released their new disposable-style flavours in two ranges: a nicotine salt range and a high PG shortfill range. Unlike other shortfill ranges, which require a sub-ohm vape kit to use, the Drifter Bar Juice Shortfill E-Liquid range is made with 50% VG and 50% PG for use in your everyday vape pod, starter kit, or vape pen!
I promise I’m not biassed—the sales statistics speak for themselves. This was my everyday juice for months, even as someone who never enjoyed a grape flavour before.

But honestly, the Grape flavour from Bar Juice’s disposable vape E-Liquid range is hands down one of the most luscious and juicy flavours I’ve ever tasted.

This disposable vape E-Liquid delivers a sweet, almost candied grape taste from inhale to exhale, with an ultra-concentrated juicy flavour that leaves your taste buds feeling sweet.

And with the gust of cool, refreshing ice on the exhale, you’re left feeling like you’ve just taken a sip of grape soda fresh from the fridge.

This juice is absolutely remarkable—certainly one of the best flavours we stock!
This absolute winner from the official Elf Bar nic salt range, Elfliq, delivers a swoon-worthy disposable flavour for your pod system. In our Elfliq disposable vape E-Liquids section, this flavour is ranked number one in sales and it’s easy to see why.

With its perfect balance of rich, sweet, sour, and icy notes, this juice has something for every palate.

The rich, berry-licious confection of candied blueberries and raspberries is the first flavour you’ll notice on the inhale, followed by the slow-build sour notes culminating as you inhale.

The exhale brings a wash of sweet and sour berry notes engulfed in a smooth, frosty ice, which wraps everything up in a blissfully refreshing cloud of vapour.
This delicious range of flavours from Doozy just debuted, but it’s already selling like hotcakes on Shrove Tuesday. And among the range is this beauty, which tastes wholly different from any other kiwi passion fruit guava flavour you’ve ever tried—I swear!

This zingy tropical medley dances over your taste buds like a party on your tongue. It’s sweet and fruity, with a tart quality on the exhale from the kiwi. Finished off with a cool burst, this juice is destined to remind you of summertime no matter the weather outside.

We did a review of the full Seriously Bar Salts disposable vape E-Liquid range if you’re looking to try them out—and if you love tropical juices, I highly recommend this flavour!
From the makers of Riot—previously known as Riot Squad—comes the BAR EDTN nic salt range, which delivers sweet, punchy, and icy blends from the Riot Bar disposable vape line-up. This flavour is by far the most popular, in both the disposable and refillable liquid form.

If you love a fizzy sweet, you’ll absolutely adore this vape juice. On the inhale, you get a rich, sweet cherry flavour wrapped in a fizzy sherbet layer, with a cool and refreshing gust of ice on the exhale to help it all wash down smoothly.

This flavour is downright effervescent, and I’m certain that fans of stronger, sweeter flavours will love this juice. The throat hit is divine and the flavour is ever-so moreish—and if this sounds like your thing, you can pick up a 10ml bottle for just £3.49 or Mix Match any 4 for £10!
A shortfill makes the list of the best disposable vape E-Liquids? That’s right! But this isn’t your ordinary shortfill—this one is specifically designed for use with low-powered devices, and the larger bottles deliver a whopping 30,000 puffs so you can get your E-Liquids in bulk!

While all of the other 10ml E-Liquids in this list are considered nic salts, these shortfills are 50/50 E-Liquids that come with no nicotine.

You’ll have to add nic shots to make this a nicotine E-Liquid, but the shortfills come with 2 free nicotine shots—which will create 120ml of 3.3mg strength E-Liquid once mixed. The free nic shots are made with salt nicotine, so you’ll get a nice throat hit with a low nicotine strength.

This flavour in particular is one for the bulk-buyers: it’s sweet, rich, and super satisfying, with the perfect all-day quality for a bulk E-Liquid. This is definitely one you won’t tire of if you love smooth, refreshing, semi-citrusy beverage flavours with notes of rich berries.