The ultimate guide to rgbic led strip light

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The ultimate guide to rgbic led strip light

The ultimate guide to rgbic led strip light

RGBIC led strip lights are more and more popular in the market. Yet, many customers still don’t know it well. Here, we will give you a specific introduction to this type of led strip. Hope it can help you.
So, RGBIC led strip light, also call Built-in IC led strip light, is a higher level of the RGB strip light. It has the same color options, over 16 million colors, like RGB and RGBW strip light. RGBIC LED strip lights' built-in independent chip allows them to be individually controlled and display a rainbow-like, running, hosing lighting effect, etc.To get more news about led neon strip light, you can visit official website.
How do you control RGBIC LED strips?

1. Control rgbic led strips through phone

If you choose a wifi controller like SP108E, then you can simply control the rgbic led strip through the phone.

2. Control rgbic led strips through remote

For home DIY applications, it’s more cost-effective to choose a sample controller, and control the rgbic led strip light through a remote. Though the controller is simple and small in size, it’s powerful and you can get always get the light effect you need through this cheap device.

3. Control rgbic led strips through SD card

For a project, the customers are more likely to choose a controller with an sd card, like K-1000C or K-8000C.
The mode of rgbic led strip light is in the sd card, you can just change the mode by pressing the button.
What’s more, this type of controller is more stable and allow you to connect more led strip compared to those wifi controllers or simple controllers.
For high-end projects, customers hope to control all the rgbic led strip in their system. In this way, we need a more complicated controller system to reach this requirement. Please check the connection as below: