WoW WotLK Phase 3 Preparation and Investments

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Developers release new expansions for Wrath from the Lich King once in a while, and players need to keep themselves ready for all those expansions. For this purpose, players need to invest in the best materials and items. Phase 3 of Wrath from the Lich King is originating with lots of new

Depending on these new updates, the very first thing players would purchase are items associated with these updates, but this is wrong. You can learn from the example of the eternal shadow from phase 2. During the prior phase, most players committed to eternal shadow, titan steel bar, ebon weave, arctic fur, moon shroud, etc., since they're required for crafting items. These items were very costly, so players spent lots of wotlk classic gold on them.

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To savor phase 3 of WotLK, you can start by investing in items that are lower in demand and full of supply. For this purpose, doing a bit of research means more profit. By following this preparation and investment guide for that phase of Wrath from the Lich King, players could make way more gold without any hard work.

What is Phase 3?

WotLK releases a brand new phase, which is time for phase 3. Like the prior phases within the series, this phase will feature three new events. Some other notable items that players will get within phase 3 are mounts, weapons, along with other items. This phase will start in February, so buckle up and purchase preparation.

Below are three events of the phase:

Trial from the Crusader Raid – It is a mini raid having a level eighty raid boss awaiting you at the end.

Onyxia's Lair Raid

Argent Tournament World Event

Tips for Preparation and Investments

When phase 2 was launched, players quickly started selling items that they had been stocking up, which resulted in an industry crash in which the prices were really low. Everyone was lowering the price to market their items quickly by using this method in which you don't buy items before the phase is released. You can save lots of gold and instead purchase items that are full of supply while we're not currently purchasing them.

Purchasing items at the best time is paramount to earning big profits in Wrath from the Lich king. There are two ways of making money by investing in items. One way would be to purchase items when they are in full of demand, and the second method would be to purchase them when they are lower in demand. In the second scenario, their prices may also be low, and you will hold on to them until their prices increase again.

Once the costs reach a great point, you can sell them in the auction house to create two or three times more gold. For the third phase, you should purchase crusader orbs and eternal life. Here is their email list of items that you shouldn't purchase because they don't provide you with that much profit margin.

Eternal life

Eternal fire

Arctic fur

Titan steel bar

Ebon weave

Spell weave

Icy dragon scales

Moon shrouds

The prices of things like the eternal shadow and also the eternal water are extremely high at this time, so avoid them around you can.

Items to Invest for Phase 3

Now that you simply have learned what is originating up in phase 3, it's time to finalize the items that you are going to purchase to make money for phase 3. When phase 2 was launched, the buying price of rune orbs was pretty high, and players needed six of those orbs to craft anything. In phase 3, you'll have four to eight crusader orbs to craft anything you want.

The estimated value of those crusader orbs is going to be around two thousand gold coins as well as low, based on their demand and supply. The first item that you simply should purchase is transmuted, and listed here are more insights about them.

The cardinal ruby is going to be one of the most expensive transmute for that phase of Wrath from the Lich King. With it, you can transmute a scarlet ruby as well as an element of fire into the cardinal ruby. To make the most out of the transmutes in phase three, purchase as numerous green, blue, and yellow gems as you can.

Phase 3 Preparation

To prepare for that phase 3 content, you have to select the best tier of the character class. Below are additional information about each tier and also the best option for every tier. You can use wotlk classic boosting to level up any class out of this tier list.


Frost Death Knight – It is the smartest choice if you would like to deal harm to a single target at any given time. In most cases, they are at the top of the list because of their extreme power.

Unholy Death Knight – The damage of all of the auto-attacks is boosted up because of the armor penetration. They can deal better single-target damage when compared with any other hero.

Fire Mage – The damage the fire mage can deal to just one target is unmatched. You can deal harm to multiple targets at the same time using the living bomb ability. The most quantity of damage is dealt with using the help of the heat streak ability.

Marksmanship Hunter – They can penetrate even some of the strongest gears within the game. To deal harm to a single target, hunters use burst damage. Their cleave ability is known as the multi-shot, which isn't that good, but another damage-dealing attribute comprises it.


Arcane Mage – Fights in phase 3 aren't that long, so heroes can deal harm to a single target. Compared to the arcane mage, only heroes in the S-tier is capable of doing better than him, while the rest of the heroes are below him.

Combat Rogue – Combat rogue includes a pretty good section of effect damage together with single-target damage, which is the same as the prior phase. Only the less cleave damage he provides added him to the A-tier. He is the best god of DPS with regards to dealing harm to multiple targets, because of the fan of knives skill.

Fury Warrior – The cleave damage that fury warrior offers to create up for that low single-target damage, and this is why he made it toward the tier list for phase 3. With a two-handed weapon and fury, most raids are easy for that Warrior.

Feral Druid – In the prior phase, the druid was within the S-tier, but he's downgraded to A-tier now. You can hit only 2 or 3 enemies using the swipe skill, which isn't that great. You can still do wonders having a feral druid in the best conditions, however, the phase 2 performance will not be achieved whatsoever.

Assassination Rogue – The damage that the rogue can deal to just one target in phase 3 is very good. Compared to other DPS specs, like a combat rogue, the armor penetration of the assassination rogue isn't that great.

Survival Hunter – Both cleave and section of effect damage from the hunter is nice. To deal using the area of effect damage, he uses the explosive shot skill. In terms of single-target damage-dealing abilities, the hunter will fall into the B-tier as well as the C-tier because of his bad performance. Compared to the hunter, the MM is a better choice for phase 3.

Retribution Paladin – The armor penetration gear within the third phase is of no use to the retribution paladin because of their poor scaling. Due to the divine storm skill, the cleave damage from the paladin is excellent. With this skill, you can deal harm to enemies who're wearing armor. They come having a good utility to create up for that average single-target damage.


Shadow Priest – Shadow priests don't offer good single-target damage-dealing abilities. When it comes to boss fights within the third phase, they can put up a very good show because of their strong utility.

Balance Druid – With the star fall ability and also the Dot spells, druids could make up for their single-target damage. They can deal lots of cleave harm to enemies. Although, they do not max the DPS meter whatsoever.

Affliction Warlock – The damage that you simply can deal to enemies as the warlock class is provided is very good, however, you will surely pick other classes over it.

Demonology Warlock – The single-target damage of warlocks is boosted up, however, the cleave damage continues to be below average, dropping the warlock towards the lower B-tier. The section on effect damage, however, is average. You will only equip them if you would like the demonic pact buff.

Enhancement Shaman – The damage from the enhancement shaman is very good, all because of the armor penetration. Shamans don't offer much cleave damage which makes them the last option throughout the third phase. Only those who require the totem buffs will equip the enhancement shaman.

Elemental Shaman – Thanks to their chain lighting spell, elemental shamans constitute this tier within the third phase, where cleave damage is a lot needed. Their single-target damage, however, is substandard. Their utility is still very good.


Destruction Warlock – Due to the empowered imp talent from the destruction warlock, they can deal good damage. Affliction warlocks are still much better than the destruction one since the shadow fury ability isn't required in this phase.

Arms Warrior – The arms warrior is a cleave spec that is what players have to deal with using the content from the third phase. With the blade storm ability, you can deal good damage right at the start of the fight.

Beast Mastery Hunter – The single target of those hunters is still very good, however, the cleave damage isn't useful.


Blood Death Knight – This knight is fairly powerful due to the hysteria skill. The tank version of knight is still much better than this version for that third phase.

Subtlety Rogue – This specialization of rogue is for that player-vs-player battles only, however, their damage isn't up to the standards of the phase.

Frost Mage – Boss fights within the third phase tend to be more like player-vs-player battles, therefore the frost mage isn't of great importance and uses here. So, happening the battlefield like a fire mage is much better because you can burn lots of monsters with him. Even after all of the preparation, should you still need assistance, MMOWTS is here as it provides wotlk classic gold and wotlk classic boosting service.