Best gaming chairs 2023

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Best gaming chairs 2023Best gaming chairs 2023

Best gaming chairs 2023

The humble gaming chair is perhaps the centrepiece of any setup - after all, it's where you'll be parking your backside when you're playing all your games and stuff. Of course, you want it to be comfortable and supportive in all the right places, and there are plenty of specialist options with racing-seat style aesthetics, as well as nice to have features such as a lot of tilt so you can lay flat, or moveable arms and seat cushions for maximum comfort.Get more news about Gaming Chair Manufacturer,you can vist our website!

This is a list of DF's favourite gaming chairs, and we've tested a handy few of them over the years at a wide range of price points. From ultra-premium options to value heroes, these picks include some of the biggest names in the business plus a few surprises. Let's take a look.
The Herman Miller Embody Gaming is the chair that I keep returning to, no matter how many other gaming chairs I test. Despite a shorter stature than other models and support that only reaches to the middle back, the Embody promotes excellent posture and consistently ranks as the most comfortable chair I've tried. I sometimes feel achy if I forget to take breaks and walk around from time to time, but the Embody is the most forgiving of my failings.

Adjustability is a key strength here, with the ability to increase the dimensions of the seat itself as well as independently adjust upper/lower back support. The arms are impressive too, with the ability to be pushed down super low to fit under basically all desks, be raised up high and to be splayed in or out to suit your current position. This is a very different mix to the usual gaming chair fare, and each feature is one that I've missed on other models. The material used, together with the smaller design, also makes the chair excellent for use in hot weather, as more racing-style bucket seat designs tend to trap heat around your body. It's not quite as good as a mesh chair, such as the Herman Miller Aeron or Ikea Markus, but it's still a benefit worth espousing.

The Embody Gaming Chair also looks pretty awesome from the back, with its blue-coloured membrane and 'spinal' design touches. Of course, it's pretty much invisible when you appear on a webcam, as the short back is more or less entirely eclipsed by your body, so you don't get that gamer look that might attract (positive or negative) attention during work meetings. The Embody also comes fully assembled, so you don't need to spend any time building it.

So - is it worth the steep asking price? If you're lucky enough to be able to afford it, then yes. It's super comfortable, cleverly adjustable and looks fantastic - and it should last for years and years. You could also consider the non-gaming Embody, which has a slightly thinner seat and a more pedestrian look at a lower price. Other Herman Miller and Steelcase office chairs are also worth considering, although I've not had a chance to test other units in a professional capacity just yet.
The Noblechairs Hero Black Edition is the first gaming chair I tested for Eurogamer, and it still holds up half a dozen more chair tests later. I appreciate its aesthetic - minimally-branded and black-on-black - which dispatches with useless racing-style elements like holes for your seatbelt to fit through. Beyond its looks, the Hero is a large chair that suits taller folk like myself well, with a choice of real or fake leather that feels great but can get a bit sweaty in England's few days of summer each year.

Adjustability is good, with the option of tilting the base of the chair, alongside of the more usual whole chair tilt and height adjustment options. The Hero also comes with an integrated lumbar support system, which can offer more or less support depending on how far you spin a plastic wheel on the side of the chair. This works much better than the cheap pillows you often see included with gaming chairs, which have a tendency of getting lost or having their straps snap. Finally, Noblechairs have been in this game longer than most, and therefore have come up with much better installation instructions which make the build process easier.