What are automatic door locks?

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What are automatic door locks?What are automatic door locks?

What are automatic door locks?

Automatic Door locks are the easiest way to ensure your door is locked whenever you leave your home giving you total peace of mind in home security. Simply by closing the door when you leave your home it will automatically lock itself without any further action from you. Automatic door locks such as the MACO A-TS automatic door lock, really do give your premium looking door a lock it deserves.To get more news about wi-fi smart lock, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

What type of door can I have automatic door lock in?
The majority of automatic door locks can work in any type of framing materials. The A-TS Automatic door lock for example can be fitted in PVCu Doors, Aluminium Doors, Timber Doors and Composite Doors. With a full range of striker plates and height options available, if you’re looking for an automatic door lock the A-TS will be perfect for you.

How do you unlock automatic door locks at home?
Unlocking an automatic door lock in most cases is no different from a traditional door lock, in the sense that you will be using a key and turning it anti clockwise, the significant difference is that the door does not have a lever handle that needs operating. However with an Automatic door locks such as the A-TS this enables you to have multiple smart entry options in addition to a traditional key operation.

These options include fingerprint scanning entry with the option to have the scanner imbedded within the bull bar door handle. Alternatives also include Bluetooth operation for paring with your mobile phone, keypad entry for a bespoke digit code entry, as well as, NFC fob entry’s, meaning you can use your bank card or car key to unlock and open your front door to enter your home.

How do automatic door locks work?
In a simple world all automatic door locks would work the same way however they all slightly different. The similarity lies within that they will all lock the door for you automatically just by you closing the door. The difference then lies with how they lock your door.

The A-TS automatic door lock for example on closing your door will automatically throw all its locking bolts including your deadbolt for a 100% peace of mind locked door.

This is unique to the A-TS automatic door lock with others only locking the top and bottom locking points leaving your deadbolt unlocked unless you manually lock it with a turn of the key. With the A-TS automatic locking mechanism it knows when to throw and activate the locking points due a clever magnet system that monitors when the door is closed shut.This ensures not only a secure locking but also means your door will have a perfect straight closing edge, limiting the chances of your door bowing, as all locking points engage by just closing the door.

The A-TS door lock also includes two additional latching points over and above the standard one, these ensure that when the door is closed it does so parallel to the frame and ensures an even compression of the door, ensuring that all of the locking points can freely enter the striker plates.This method of closing/locking at all three points (only achievable with the A-TS Automatic Door lock) also means maximum thermal efficiency performance.