We must know three reliable ways to get goods

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We must know three reliable ways to get goods

We must know three reliable ways to get goods

Is it normal to have 65 foggy coke cans? Some customers have asked this question recently. After all, they are also very afraid of buying fake products, but the price of the misty cola can is about the same. So the first-hand merchant Wei 192962596 can clearly tell you that the price is normal, even the relatively uniform price on the market at present, and will not vary greatly.

Is it normal to have one mini coke can 65?

Mist cola can 65 is a relatively normal price. The price of most of these disposable e-cigarettes fluctuates around this price, or even lower. Because the wholesale price of Mist cola can is about 30, even if it is 60, it can earn 20 or 30.

Although the official price of the mini cola can is 169, basically no one sells it at such a high price. It is really a big mistake to buy a single one at this price. It is likely that you will also be trapped. Anyone who has some knowledge of the industry can buy a foggy cola can at a price of about 60 at any dealer.

Some friends may be afraid of buying fakes, but in fact, they seldom make fakes. Most of them are stickers. What does that mean? Go to the factory to find an electronic cigarette model that is the same as a foggy coke can, and then redesign a sticker. Your brand logo is a new brand.

There are a lot of such coke cans on the market. Maybe a friend is a coke can who can recognize the fog. In fact, the difference is not very big. There may be some differences in the taste of tobacco oil. After all, the suppliers may be different, and there will not be much difference in other aspects.

The production of e-cigarettes is very mature, so it can be made in any factory, and the cost price is not very high. So it is very normal to buy a foggy coke can at 65 yuan. First-hand merchant Wei 192962596