Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse

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Infinite Mana in the ApocalypseInfinite Mana in the Apocalypse

Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse

The first three rounds of the competition are over, and the creatures who have successfully entered the top four are not as many people expected.To get more news about Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse, you can visit official website.

A powerful god with the title of noble destiny, Sander and Leila were eliminated in the first round!

They were replaced by two gods with similar titles but much less training experience. Instead, they created a clear path, and they soon embarked on the road to a higher level.

In the Wizard Tower, the powerful aura is observing the progress of the battle. Edrusim carefully looked at the vampire ruler of Vladivostok, and then said.

Do you only send a vampire from the soul forging kingdom to take care of him?

"I didn't expect him to become such a genius. I will make all necessary preparations."

Vladivostok answered with a bright look, and his expression was like a person holding something he didn't want to let go.

"If you are smart enough, you will try to keep Crix's identity secret and use it as a deadly blade at the critical stage of the war, instead of risking your life to release some old losers who have failed.

The voice of the Lord of the Second Hell came lazily from one side, and his sharp eyes stared at them.

"It is natural that this benefactor saved many of us from the last war and brought him back to our position!" Edrusim said sharply, while the lord of hell shook his head regretfully.

"That is why you have been abandoned by the kingdom of heaven. Your thoughts are too predictable. Even a slight deviation is too much for you."


When a powerful figure watches the ongoing battle, a vampire ruler, beside the hell lord and a great wizard, seriously sends a message to his power in the light space, and overestimates Crix.

In the kingdom of heaven, where the competition will continue, Noah and Athena took a rest for a period of time before the last two rounds of the replay. They took the warship with Master Vredral and Commander Reisel.

The fat master, who was the teacher of Sander and Leila, left a long time ago because he couldn't help hurting him with the master's proud eyes. Now the old man looked at his two students and almost burst into tears.

"Both of you have exceeded my expectations, but you have a more difficult task ahead of you - no, it is almost impossible to complete!"

His face was serious, and his proud eyes were full of melancholy."You look at two special entities, a three-eyed child and a light, and fight them. Knowing their skills, what do you think is your chance to win?"