Upcoming yoga workshops & courses In India

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Upcoming yoga workshops & courses In India

Upcoming yoga workshops courses In India

Yoga tourism is an act in which people from all around the world travel to other countries to obtain salvation medical care while at the same time touring, vacationing, and fully experiencing the attractions of the countries location in which they are visiting. Actually, people travel to avail such facilities because these unique therapies are not available in one’s own country. Yoga is fast growing healthcares therapy towards which people are getting aware and start learning yoga to live fit and fine life.

Yoga is said to be as old as the human race on earth, but there is no physical evidence to support this claim. Yoga gets its birth in India but after its birth, it passes through different periods from the Vedic period to the modern era through the Pre-classical Yoga period, Classical period, and Postclassical Yoga period. During these stages, Yoga went through many phases which helped it to grow more and more. Yoga is a science that has been practiced for thousands of years. Earlier, yoga belonged to yogis only but in the modern era, it is for all. Yoga consists of old theories, observations principles about the body, mind, and soul which help to unite them. It was proved by modern scientists that it can be converted into therapy that could heal the body. It makes the body more flexible and helps you to be comfortable even in the midst of stress stricken environment. This is one of the foremost reasons why people want to start Practicing Yoga – to feel fitter, be more energetic, and full of Gusto.

Yoga Fit is where you can find balance, harmony and energy. Also yoga improve strength, balance and flexiblity. Yoga Fit improves blood circulation and decreases blood pressure of the body. A lower pulse rate helps your heart. Yoga Fit is where you can gain a balance of metabolism. Maintain a healthy weight, beautiful strong body, and control your hunger. Yoga Fit improves your respiratory by helping your lungs work more efficiently. Breathing exercises are a therapy which cure lungs problem.

Back In 2011, Started with a thought to make common people experience Yoga in their busy schedule, YogIntra is now nationally and internationally building community to help people stay healthy with a numerous Yoga Experts for all age group and gender. YogIntra comes from two words Yog and Intra, where yog comes from Sanskrit word “Yuj” Which Means connection between “Soul” (Aatma) and “God”(Parmatma) And Intra is an English Word Which Means Within. YogIntra is the connection between the soul and God within oneself.

Why YogIntra?

We at YogIntra look at our customers as our assets, hence we believe in serving them with utmost comfort and care. Within Mumbai we have more than 400 trainers teaching personally, online, workshops and Quick sessions. More than 200+ happy Customers, more than 50+ workshops in different cities and countries, Different online and offline sessions regarding Yoga and health awareness.

Our Vision And Mission:

Making the best version of a human form in Yoga

With a vision of YogIntra building a community helping people stay healthy, YogIntra have a mission of creating a strong and healthy youth. We are aiming to add yoga in every individuals schedule despite of today’s fast life that people can stay smiling in the toughest situation.

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