Aviator game: what is the essence, algorithm, how to win

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When players start the Aviator, their attention is immediately drawn to the display with a red plane flying above it. It moves along the runway and gradually lifts off the ground into the sky. Flight speed is uncontrollable and is chosen randomly, so it is impossible to calculate it and ma

How are the winnings calculated?

During movement, the coefficients are displayed on the panel. The winnings depend on the calculation time. The longer the plane is in motion, the higher the Aviator's coefficients are calculated.

Aviator is a money game. Rules:

— Choose the amount for the bet (either enter it manually or choose from the suggested ones).
— Place a bet before the start of the round (before the plane takes off). The player can also place bets during the flight, but in this case, he will still have to wait for a new round for the bet to play.
— Follow the flight of the plane and withdraw funds before it takes off. The player's bet will be multiplied by the odds on the screen at the time of withdrawal. Otherwise, the player loses all the money he has bet.

 Game strategies

Strategy - LESENKA. You make the first bet of 2-3% of the deposit. Let's give an example: you bet on the coefficient x2 - 300 rubles and bet auto cashout (the amount of the bet can be different for everyone, it all depends on your deposit). If the first bet did not win, you double the bet, that is, you bet 600 rubles, but leave the same coefficient ( x2 ) and the doubling continues until your bet does not win. Thus, our last bet is doubled (since we always close at a factor of 2x) and will offset all previous bets and bring the amount of the initial bet (300 rubles) into the plus.

The meaning of the strategy is that when you double the bet, the chance of winning also doubles, as a result of which one bet can cover all previous losing bets in a plus. In percentage terms, your chance of winning will be up to 95% after 4-5 prunes, but such a quantity of prunes is extremely rare! It is one of the most practical and real strategies! The Aviator game https://aviator-games.org/ is arranged in such a way that no matter how many bets you make, there are a maximum of four or five non-walkable the pond will be cleaned and this is very rare. But if the plane flies three times in the range of coefficients from X1 to X2.1, it means that there may be five or more bets that are not entered, and when you see that the plane does not fly further, after the coefficient X2.1, then you need will not make any bets until the plane reaches X8 or higher and then you can start your streak again. Conclusion: with this layout of the game, everyone can earn and not a small amount! Detailed screenshots are presented below.

The second tactic is CHASE. It was developed by us, the strategy consists in increasing the coefficient during auto cash out. There is also nothing complicated here, and if you are an experienced player and already know how and what is arranged in the aviator, then this tactic suits you. Try and hone your skills.

The meaning is almost the same as the ladder, but only you do not double the amount of the bet at all when you lose, you will need to increase the bet after the failure of each previous bet. Let's give an example: the bet is also 2-3%, for example, 300 units, and the coefficient is x2, if the bet did not work, you put the coefficient x3, if it did not work, then we put x4, etc. this allows you to keep the deposit at the level you need, minimizing risks and you only increase the coefficient. The game showed that once in 12-18 flights, X20 and more occur. But for this tactic, there must be a sufficient amount of deposit, on average somewhere between 12,000 and 18,000 units, to cover losses. This tactic is practical without losses, but we know that there are always risks. this strategy is suitable for those players who have been playing it for some time and understand the psychology of the game! The whole point of the strategy is aimed at catching a big fish.