Keynotes to manage Coinbase wallet

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Coinbase Wallet is a self-custody crypto wallet, putting you in control of your crypto, keys, and data. Coinbase introduced a wallet to hold your assets securely, named Coinbase wallet. They offer high-end security and support to a wide range of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets su

How to buy NFTs using a Coinbase wallet?

Want to purchase NFTs but not sure how to do so? This read is going to be worthwhile for you.

You know what, Coinbase has something for every trader and using the platform of Coinbase is simpler than you think. So, why not learn the process of purchasing NFTs through the Coinbase wallet?

Well! There is no doubt that the Coinbase wallet is a perfect choice if you are not sure about it let me tell you some major aspects that will propel you to think about making the Coinbase wallet as your go-to crypto wallet.

Salient features of the Coinbase wallet

  • API (Application Programming Interface)
  • 24*7 alerts/notifications
  • Smooth sending receiving
  • Multi-Coin Support
  • Cryptocurrency storage
  • Easy-going dashboard
  • Data security
  • Mobile wallet
  • Digital asset management
  • Portfolio Analysis

I think these exclusive functionalities are enough to make you understand why I am mentioning Coinbase wallet as a perfect choice. So, now heading towards the high point of our blog post- How can you purchase NFTs? Let’s get started.

Approach for purchasing NFTs using a Coinbase wallet

As we know, NFTs are tokens of the blockchain network, so in order to manage and interact with your NFTs, you’ll need a crypto wallet. For this guide, I’m going to use the Coinbase wallet to purchase NFTs. Before embarking on the process make sure you have a Coinbase account.

In case, you don’t have an account, first, create your Coinbase account. After this, install the Coinbase wallet on your device, connect this wallet to your Coinbase account and purchase sufficient ETH to buy NFTs. And then you can proceed by following the instructions mentioned right away.

  1. Launch the Coinbase wallet and tap the icon which resembles browsing.
  2. Navigate to the Coinbase NFTs by entering the link “” in the search field.
  3. Now, you’ll need to connect your wallet with Coinbase NFT by picking up the appropriate option from the menu.
  4. After establishing the connection, tap the “Menu” button and click “Shop” to explore the NFT market.
  5. Select an NFT and hit the “Buy now” option to purchase at the listed price but you can also make an offer to the seller by clicking the “Make offer” button instead.
  6. Thenceforth, press “Open wallet to pay” and click “Confirm” after completing the purchase.
  7. Go to the “Assets” tab to see if the purchased NFT is showing there or not.

By following the above-given instructions you can make a purchase of NFTs successfully and once the purchase got completed, it will be shown to you under the “Assets” tab.

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The Bottom Line!

Coinbase wallet is an apt choice to purchase digital assets including NFTs. Even though this wallet is known for securing your assets in software encrypted with cutting-edge technologies, it also allows its users to explore the NFT marketplace. Wrapping up this read with a bit of generic advice that before making transactions on any marketplace, please do your own thorough research because you can put your assets at risk if you fall into any scam or fraud.