How to reset the BitMart login password?

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The steps might be slightly different depending on the version of the website or if the website has been updated. If you are unable to reset the password through these steps, please contact the BitMart support team for further assistance.

Trying a little too hard to guess what were the last 2 digits of my BitMart login account? Don’t worry as this blog post is all about how you can come out of the well in such scenarios.

Passwords and login credentials play a very important and vital role not just in cryptocurrency platforms but any platform, be it your bank account password or your Facebook password. These security measures are put into place by the platform or service you are using in order to protect your privacy and personal information. 

In today’s blog post, we will be taking an in-depth look at how you can reset your BitMart login account password.

Password reset procedure: an in-depth guide 

In order to reset your password, there are 2 ways through which you can reset your password. One is by using your registered email address or your registered mobile number. 

Let us take a look at both processes.

Using your email address:

To reset your BitMart login password, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the BitMart login page and click on the "Forgot Password" link.
  2. Enter the email address associated with your account and click on "Submit."
  3. Check your email for a message from BitMart with a password reset link. 
  4. Click on the reset link in order to access the password reset page.
  5. Enter your new password and confirm it, then click on "Submit" to save the changes.


If you are planning to invest in BitMart SafeMoon and you have no idea whether you should trust this platform or not, then make sure that you read the details that have been furnished in the sections above. Apart from giving you a clear picture of the trustworthiness of the exchange, we have also given brief details of how you can purchase SafeMoon directly through BitMart. If you still have queries, you can navigate to the official website of BitMart and know more about its upcoming plans.