What is the SFX sacrifice chain?

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SFX sacrifice is open till December 22, 2022. If you are willing to enjoy the SFX sacrifice option then you’ll have to first access the asset category and the quantity of the same.As mentioned the company is a new entrant in the crypto market.

A brief outlook of dApp SafuuX: Blockchain that rewards you

Since the beginning of time ever since the birth of Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency, the popularity of cryptocurrency has been climbing in the minds of crypto investors ever since. Sustainability has been seen as the Holy Grail of DeFi.

Every new miner, staking pool, farm, and ROI project is scrambling to discover the magic formula that will guarantee a long lifespan, a healthy daily return, and a steadily increasing contract value.

This is where SFX Sacrifice also known as SafuuX comes into action as it offers you a platform where investing in a blockchain rewards you.

So let us get into how it does so.

What is the SFX sacrifice chain?

With the use of SAP technology, Safuu offers consumers a decentralized financial asset that pays them using a fixed compound interest strategy that is sustainable. Safuu uses a straightforward buy-hold-earn strategy to grow your portfolio in real-time and delivers the highest fixed APY on the market, which is distributed every 15 minutes.

The company claims that SAFUU's financial success depends on a carefully thought-out infrastructure that includes a fire pit to cut down on circulating supplies, a liquidity engine to control the pool, and an insurance fund to safeguard the awards. You will learn in-depth information on the problems and issues surrounding SFX sacrifice in this post.

Let's examine some of its main characteristics.

Characteristics of SafuuX (SFX Sacrifice)


One of the highest fixed APYs available in the market is provided via the Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding Protocol. For each BSC wallet owner, the incentives are combined after every 15-minute interval.

Insurance Safuu Fund (SIF)

By sustaining a constant 0.02355% rebase rate given to all $SAFUU token holders, the SIF serves as an insurance fund to support price stability and the long-term viability of the Safuu Protocol.

The Pit Fire

In the Fire Pit, about 2.5% of all $SAFUU are burned. The fire pit expands in size as more trades take place on this exchange platform, cutting down on the amount of currency in circulation and maintaining the stability of the Safuu protocol.


Safuu or SFX sacrifice has been popular ever since its release, although it is still relatively new to the market and has just dropped significantly. Because of this, predicting the token's price and the viability of the DeFi platform is quite challenging. We'll simply have to wait and see what this platform has in store for crypto aficionados in the future.