The economy not turning around like you would like? Have you ever thought of coming to South Korea to teach English?

There are a lot of jobs to be had in the ESL field 18.moa around the world. Demand now is greater than it ever has been. Jobs are available all over the world, but one of the best places to come is South Korea.

So why is South Korea so great? The pay and benefits are very nice.

The Pay

There are different types of jobs ranging from public schools, to private academies, to universities and all of them have a different pay scale. However, with little or no experience it's possible to find a job here that pays around 2 million won a month (check currency rates for a current exchange rate). That's just your starting pay.

The Benefits

This is where it really pays to be teaching in Korea. Most schools will provide a round-trip air ticket from your home country so the cost of getting here is not out of pocket. Your apartment is paid for. All you are responsible for are the utilities you use which are much cheaper than most western countries.

Your employer will pay half of your health insurance monthly premium for the national health system. The cost is cheap and when you are sick it's easy to see a doctor and get what you need.

Your school, depending on country of origin, will also pay into the national pension plan for you. This can be a nice little added bonus equal to about a month's salary when you leave, but it's not available for everyone.

Taxes here are cheaper than most western countries and paying them can exempt you from paying in your home country. Check with a tax professional to be certain as each situation can vary.

Most schools will also provide you with at least 10 days of paid vacation. Public schools and universities usually have more vacation than the private academies. With some jobs you will have up to 8 weeks of paid vacation.

There are many different schedules available from working early mornings to afternoons and nights for the night owls. There really is something for everyone here.

When you add in the chance to live abroad and expand your horizons by learning about a new culture and possible a new language, it's really an easy choice for many. South Korea is a land of wonderful people, beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and delicious food.

So check it out. Teaching English in South Korea just might be what you need