No North and South Author: Lu Moyao

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Her throat was a little dry. She shook her head for a long time and said, "I didn't see anything good. I don't like it.". ”

Chien Hao-nan moved slightly in his heart, moved his line of sight, hung his head and walked out of the room, closing the door. Qi Siyuan spoke slowly, the expression on his face was very gentle: "She was nervous last night and didn't sleep well. She said that if you came to see her piano competition, you must win the first prize. Fortunately, you were not disappointed." "You taught me well." "I'm sorry to sacrifice your rest time." "Once in a while, it doesn't matter." Come and go, very polite. The air was quiet for a moment. Chien Hao-nan looked up at the house. The layout showed that it was the style that the owner of the house liked. Old habits? Longjing? Qi Siyuan finally rubbed his hands and smiled. Chien Hao-nan looked her in the eye and said in a light voice, "No, I'm going back." "Anything else?" Qi Siyuan paused, or smiled: "You help me so many times, even a cup of tea do not let me invite you to drink?" "Don't bother, that's all I can do." Chien Hao-nan pressed his voice and his face was expressionless: "About the expansion of your restaurant, I will let someone transfer the money to you in two days and go first." As he spoke, he dropped his hand and walked to the door. Suddenly he heard the man behind him say,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, "You must be so cold."? You want to help me, but you always do. Don't you think your behavior and attitude don't match? As soon as Chien Hao-nan's feet stagnated, he turned back slowly: "I've always been like this." Then he turned around and said the last words without warmth: "I'm not helping you, I'm just fulfilling my promise." Then he stepped away. Qi Siyuan watched the door open and close, standing quietly in place for a while, and suddenly he smiled bitterly. Every time they meet now,Ozone generator ceramic plate, they seem to be alone. It seems that time has really changed a lot. —— When Mo Beibei returned home, his legs were a little weak. A lot of things looked at at that time without any feeling, carefully recalled all the way, just every scene was magnified in her mind, plus all the details of the past were activated in an instant, piled up layer upon layer, so that she felt more and more cold in her heart. Her key had just been inserted into the door and turned twice, but the door was still locked and there was no one at home. After a pause, she locked the door again, pulled out the key, and turned to go downstairs. Green grass, there is a swing seat in the garden of the community downstairs. Mo Beibei took a walk and happened to see a mother with a child playing on it. Mo Beibei watched quietly for a while ten meters away, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,ceramic igniter electrodes, walking casually, but she tripped over the curb without noticing, which made her sprain her foot and grin in pain, so she had to sit on the ground with her hands. This is so annoying! Mo Beibei slanted his head and looked at the child on the swing, four or five years old, about the same age as the little girl in Chien Hao-nan's arms just now. Many possibilities appeared in her mind for a moment, some to comfort herself, some to attack herself, as if there were two little people fighting in her heart, as if there was a fire burning in her heart. I don't know how long I sat, but a shadow fell on my head, covering the whole of Mo Beibei. She raised her eyes slightly, saw the familiar trousers and leather shoes, and then looked up, and sure enough, it was Chien Hao-nan standing straight in front of her, smiling at the corners of his mouth, his deep eyes drooping half, and he could not see the light in his eyes. Little friend, are you lost? Still Chien Hao-nan bent slowly and finally became a squatting position. "Did you forget to bring the key?" Mo Beibei could not speak for a moment, Chien Hao-nan's words were very gentle, but she felt that the three words "children" were very harsh, her eyebrows were unconsciously gathered together, her eyes looked at him like a splash, and her fingers unconsciously pulled her shoelaces. What's the matter? Chien Hao-nan had just seen Mo Beibei sitting here motionless from a distance, the target was not as steady as she was, and he did not know what he was doing. Now her expression was so ugly that she scraped her nose with her fingertips: "Didn't you buy something you liked when you went shopping today?" As soon as he said this, Mo Beibei remembered that she had left a few bags in the hotpot restaurant and didn't take them. I don't know if Jiang yuan helped her take them home. Her throat was a little dry. She shook her head for a long time and said, "I didn't see anything good. I don't like it.". ” Mo Beibei's appearance was really strange. Chien Hao-nan looked at it carefully and smiled again. "Never mind. When will I have time to go shopping with you?" "How dare I have so many things to do." Mo Beibei muttered with resentment and looked up at him: "Didn't you say you were working overtime today? Are you busy?" "Not bad." Jian Haonan held Mo Beibei's hand, probably sitting downstairs for too long, a little cool: "Let's go up, the wind is strong here." He was about to pull her up. But Mo Beibei pulled his hand hard and broke away from him. Chien Hao-nan just got up to half, standing is not squatting is not, I do not know what Mo Beibei is making awkward. Her expression was more painful, her hands were around her ankles, and the corners of her mouth were slightly pulled up. Sprain your ankle? Chien Hao-nan crouched down again, frowning as he checked,ceramic welding tape, complaining in his tone: "I didn't say it earlier." Is there anything to say that you can't read it yourself? I'm crazy. I'm sitting on the main road?! Chien Hao-nan was obviously stupefied for a moment. Mo Beibei's sudden explosion made him wonder why. She rolled her eyes and stared at him. Even her eyes were a little red, and her lips were slightly pursed, as if it really hurt.