The most powerful son-in-law in history

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Liu Yong is also very responsible for Chen yuan as a master: "The shopkeeper, forgive me for speaking frankly, your so-called newspaper must be a loss-making business.".

Li yuanshu said, "He said that they were assigned by Chen Shimei to spy on intelligence this time. There were ten people in a team, and more than one hundred people came at a time." Li yuanhao suddenly laughed and said, "Chen Shimei, he brought that spy to me again. I want to interrogate him personally." Li yuanshu ordered: "Yes." After a while, a group of Dangxiang soldiers came in with a man who looked very thin and tied up. The Song man's face was black and blue, apparently he had just been beaten. Now see Li yuanhao pull out this posture, scared feet can not stand, did not wait for the Dangxiang soldiers shouted, he knelt down. This is Chen yuan to find the next nine streams, the next nine streams are a bit of heretical kungfu, but there are very few people with integrity among them. This man was originally a thief, and this time he promised to come to Dangxiang with the idea that he might be able to get some information and then go back to live a comfortable life for the rest of his life. When he was recognized by the Dangxiang soldiers, he still quibbled, but he couldn't bear it after a violent beating. He said whatever he had, and he really knew everything. Li yuanhao gave him a cold look: "Are you a spy of the Song Dynasty?" That person desperately kowtows: "The adult forgives one's life, the adult forgives one's life, the villain also only committed the lawsuit, did not want to go to prison only then to do this business, the villain did not mean to offend the king, asks the king to spare one's life." Li yuanhao smiled, the heart secretly thought, the original Chen Shimei also has a stupid move, if this use is good,outdoor endless pool, maybe there will be unexpected gains. Li yuanhao changed his face: "Well, as long as you tell the truth, I will let you go." That person listened to this word, as if grasped the straw that saved a life: "Thank adult, thank adult". Zhang yuan immediately asked for Li yuanhao, "You have more than one hundred people here. How can you find them all?"? How did you get in touch? The man said, "There are ten of us in a team. Only the leader of each team knows how to get in touch with the top. Only the top knows how to get in touch with all the teams." He was a little nervous and confused, but Zhang yuan understood. He smiled and asked, "Where is the rest of your team?"? Where are the captains? "Our team just entered the city today, and the captain said to gather in front of the teahouse in the east of the city." Zhang yuan turned around and clasped his fists at Li yuanhao: "Your Majesty, let me do this." Li yuanhao nodded: "Do it beautifully." Chapter 441 the emperor's son-in-law runs a newspaper. Chapter 441 the emperor's son-in-law runs a newspaper. Zhang yuan immediately led his men to the place where the lower class of the team wanted to concentrate, and no matter how hard it took, jacuzzi suppliers ,whirlpool hot tub, none of the nine men ran away. Zhang yuan knew that what he should do next was to pull out the person who was responsible for contacting all these Song Dynasty spies here. Bianjing. Chen yuan was very happy because he found a man named Bi Sheng from a printing workshop. This is also a coincidence, Chen yuan planned to run a newspaper, when the owner of the workshop found Chen yuan, hoping to cooperate. But for Chen yuan, since he intends to run a newspaper, it is obviously much more convenient to have his own printing workshop. So I discussed with the boss, negotiated the price, and bought the printing workshop at one time. The boss left, but the guys were all left behind by Chen yuan. He saw a corner of a pile of small stones, immediately some curiosity, asked the guys: "What is this used for?" The guys all cast their eyes on a man who was printing a book. In this way, Chen yuan found Bi Sheng. You don't have to be a buddy. From today on, you are the technical director here. Do you know what the technical director means? It is the technology that you are responsible for guiding everyone to print in the future. The salary is double that of the guys. Your movable-type printing is very good. Get it right away. How many people do you need to help you? You tell me. Director Bi took office in this way. This means that Chen yuan's team has basically taken shape. Liu Yong is the editor-in-chief, Bi Sheng is the technical director, and some poor scholars are recruited to be editors. As long as they are responsible for the operation, Chen yuan feels good about himself. But Liu Yong looked at Bi Sheng's somewhat dull appearance and was quite worried: "Shopkeeper, can he do a good job?" Chen yuan nodded: "Should be able to, at least I do not know there is more suitable than him.". Liu Yong, if you help me run this newspaper in the future, you must cooperate well with Bi Sheng. You can say that you have a bright future here. Liu Yong does not believe these at all now, Chen yuan pulls him to help him not to be willing, although this boy does not have the result to be an official, but is an official fan. Liu Yong is also very responsible for Chen yuan as a master: "The shopkeeper, forgive me for speaking frankly, your so-called newspaper must be a loss-making business.". Apart from anything else, when someone writes a manuscript, you pay for it, but you send it to those teahouses and wine shops for free. It would be strange if you didn't pay for it. Chen yuan smiled: "You don't understand.". As long as you are responsible for helping me review those manuscripts, as for the management of the above things I will do a good job. I have asked Ouyang Xiu, Song Qi and others to write some of their views on the New Deal and the war. They are both litigants, and what they write should be convincing. When they deliver the manuscript, you just print it. Liu Yong nodded: "I know, you just want to do some propaganda for the new deal and the strong army, but why do you want Xia Wei and Wen Yanbo to write articles?"? They must be singing a different tune. Liu Yong's intelligence quotient is incomprehensible. What do ordinary people like to see? I like to watch the fun. If a newspaper is full of praise, it will be boring. There are red faces and white faces, and there are all kinds of singing, so as to attract other people's attention. Just print out the newspaper first, let it rush out of Bianjing and go to the whole Song Dynasty, and then slowly reduce the number of articles against the New Deal,jacuzzi manufacturers, which will give the people an illusion that many people support the New Deal. The common people are like this, many people say good, that is good.