Those things that are military sisters-in-law

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Either way, it's about the reputation of one of the Yang girls. So Yang Dahai also agreed to Yang Dajiang's proposal and escorted Xu Min back to the office of the brigade.

Aunt Gu is also famous for her loud voice in the village, which is true! Shen Yiguang looked at Yang Peimin with a smile in his eyes. Yang Peimin winked slyly at him. Shen Yiguang chuckled. I, I am not playing hooligans! Xu Min on the ground finally recovered his breath and uttered a sentence with difficulty. If he is charged with hooliganism, he will never be able to turn over in his life. Even his parents and brothers will be implicated and looked down upon. You're planting evidence like this! Xu Min's eyes were filled with anger, and his eyes burst out, as if he were going to eat people. After Aunt Gu finished shouting, she looked at him like a bear. She pointed at him with both hands and scolded him, "Look at this gigolo. He's not a good man. You've been admitted to college. What a thing! How dare you play hooligans.." "Aunt Gu, Comrade Xu didn't play hooligans. You know that people in the village had seen Minmin go to the educated youth's residence to look for him before, and they had passed on their gossip. He was just talking to Minmin. He didn't play hooligans. Comrade Shen misunderstood him." Yang Peimin hurriedly corrected Aunt Gu, who said that Xu Min's hooliganism was not to admit that he was the object of the hooliganism. Aunt Gu is obviously biased towards Shen Yiguang's words, probably because of his glorious military uniform and honest military temperament, what he said is more convincing. Shen Yiguang stopped Xu Min, who wanted to get up, because he was still holding the girl in his arms, and when he saw that he was going to get up, he went over to fill his foot, and did not care about the conversation between Yang Peiqiong and Aunt Gu. But he turned sideways and asked Yang Peimin, "Why are you here?"? Aren't you scared? Yang Peimin walked up to him, shook his head at him,whirlpool bathtub, motioned him to see the sleepy girl, and made a silent gesture to him. The little guy was not scared to cry in such a noisy situation just now. It seemed that he was really sleepy. He didn't even mind who was holding her. Yang Peimin reached out to put her head on Shen Yiguang's shoulder and let her sleep against it. She whispered, "The girl is sleeping on Uncle Shen's shoulder. Aunt is watching you here." Shen Yiguang looked at her gentle and smooth face, and the tenderness in her eyes was about to overflow. After the girl fell asleep, Yang Peimin answered Shen Yiguang's question just now, "I want to help look after the child, the girl is young,endless pool factory, the older children do not want to play with her, I took her here for a walk, did not expect to bump into the two cousins.." Before the college entrance examination, I borrowed information from Comrade Xu with my cousin, but I was misunderstood. Yang Peimin slightly raised her voice, she knew that Aunt Gu was also listening, "but this test is over, I am a failure, failed to pass the exam, what contact can I have with Comrade Xu?"? In the future, there will be a difference between clouds and mud. If you are not the same kind of person, you can't go anywhere. I still know that. "But my cousin and Comrade Xu were admitted to a university in the same city, and I think my cousin also hoped that Comrade Xu would be able to travel with her to avoid the embarrassment of being unfamiliar with people and places, so I saw them meet here.." "Min Min!" Yang Peiqiong looked at her eyes with desolation, endless pool swim spa ,outdoor spa manufacturers, the body is still some shaky appearance, "how can you, how can I take the blame!" Chapter 54 the truth What's the matter? Soon someone heard Aunt Gu shouting and ran over with a shovel, a long stick, a hoe and other weapons in her hand. What's the matter? Because the Yang family is close, Yang Peiguo's three brothers and Zhang Minghua also came, as well as Yang Dahai and Yang Dajiang. More than a dozen people. Seeing Yang Peimin, Zhang Minghua rushed over and asked in a hurry, "Minmin, are you all right?"? Who was crying for help just now? Yang Peiqiong preemptively said what she had just said. Before she had finished, Aunt Gu interrupted her, "No, no, it's not like that. It's Xu Min who is playing hooligans against Peiqiong. That's why he was taught a lesson by Comrade Shen." Shen Yiguang also looked at the crowd and nodded: "Comrade Yang Peimin and I saw this man surnamed Xu pulling and pulling Comrade Yang Peiqiong, obviously playing hooliganism, so I stepped forward to stop him." His face was resolute and upright, his eyes were upright and magnanimous, and he was dressed in a stern military uniform, which almost all the people present believed. Not including Yang Peiqiong's close relatives, of course. "Comrade Shen, you can't spit blood. I respect you as a soldier. Don't humiliate the name of a soldier. Xu Min didn't play hooligans with me. It's clear that you saw him talking to Peimin, so you hit him by mistake. I know you can't stand the dignity of a man, but I can't take the blame." Yang Peiqiong said and began to cry, very aggrieved and sad. It's about a girl's reputation. I think it's better to go back to the team and ask about it slowly. Yang Dajiang pulled Yang Peimin, who was squatting on the ground, up. "Don't cry. It must be a misunderstanding. It's all my fault that I let you go to the supply and marketing cooperative to drink. Otherwise, you wouldn't have gone this way.." Either way, it's about the reputation of one of the Yang girls. So Yang Dahai also agreed to Yang Dajiang's proposal and escorted Xu Min back to the office of the brigade. In fact, it doesn't make much difference whether you change places or not. Shen Yiguang explained the matter clearly in a few words. Shen Yiguang listed a few points to ask Yang Peiqiong, if Yang Peimin and Xu Min came out to date, then what kind of girl would take the risk of being discovered at any time on the premise that she already had a fiance? The cost of being discovered is also enormous, not only being spurned by others affects marriage, but also involves family members. Shen Yiguang also laid out his attitude towards this matter. He will be engaged to Yang Peimin tomorrow, and everyone will wait and see. When a man sees his fiancee dating another man, will he continue to engage without any hard feelings? This is also one of Shen Yiguang's cleverness, which will catch people's psychology. What about Yang Peiqiong? As Yang Peimin said, they were admitted to the same city and had more reason to communicate together. So no matter how much Yang Peiqiong cried and refused to admit it, few people in the field believed her. Instead, a woman advised her, "It's not all your fault. It's all the fault of the beast with a human face and a beast heart. It's all right if you're all right. After a while, you'll be all right. You're still a proud college student in our village. Don't cry." In fact, the object of hooliganism is also harmful, that is, gossip, and even will be infinitely magnified,best whirlpool tub, even if you are not violated, but will still be pointed at behind, all kinds of speculation.