Yin Yang Cuo (Nvzun)

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Find out who Dorothy's husband is! Unexpectedly does not put his Tinghuan childe to put in the eye, he wants to see the other side is how three heads six arms! But the magpie was wrong.

Ting Huan looked at the aunt coldly, turned over and got on the horse, and ran straight in the direction of Baozhilin! He can marry, but in addition to marry "Dorothy", other women do not want to, he Wu young master is impossible to compromise so easily! "Dorothy!" Tinghuan ignored the stunned expression on the martial arts field and rushed to the inner hall as he shouted. All the apprentices on the martial arts field knew who the other side was. Even if they had a hundred and eighty courage, they did not dare to stop the way of the young master of the Wu family. They retreated to one side and bowed their heads without even daring to breathe. Although Zhang Wan is the nominal master of Baozhilin, she doesn't live here after all, and there is no class today, so she and Tian Xin don't know where to go to play! After the confinement, Yiyun couldn't resist the desire to go shopping, so he took Murong Chan and Little Sheep to the street to "go shopping"! As for Chunxue and Wenfeng, they are busy with the problem of eating for the day, which is about to open. They are so busy day and night that even penicillin is thrown aside and thrown back into Bai Yutang's hands to be handled by herself! So in the whole Baozhi forest, only Bai Yutang was left to take care of her newborn son! "Dorothy!" Tinghuan stepped into the backyard of Baozhilin for the first time,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, looked around a little, and found Bai Yutang lying on the recliner, basking in the sun and taking a nap lazily. Bai Yutang's bosom is also holding the handsome and lovely Bai Qi, Bai Qi lies down in her bosom to sleep sweetly, this picture lets Ting Huan see uncontrollably put the light step,Magnesium Oxide powder, walks over to shake the other side: "Dorothy!" Bai Yutang opened her right eye slightly, not knowing whether it was the sun or the relationship between Tinghuan, she frowned deeply and gave a meaningless "um". As soon as Bai Yutang's body moved, Bai Qi in his bosom was awakened and cried loudly. Bai Yutang stared at Ting Huan and coaxed him clumsily. Ting Huan does not like children, and hates to hear the sound of crying babies, which only makes him feel rather harsh and impatient. But Bai Qi's cry will not let Ting Huan have the idea of disgust, but feel that this child is so cute, it is so painful, I want to hold in my arms to coax and comfort. "This child is." He couldn't help asking. Bai Yutang's lips were slightly hooked, and he answered proudly: "My son!" A clap of thunder! Ting Huan felt as if she had been blown up! Her son.. Yes How could he forget that Dorothy was actually a family woman. She already has a husband. How is it possible to take part in a martial arts contest to get married? No wonder I didn't see Dorothy's name when I just browsed the list of applicants in the room. That's why he came to Bai Yutang anxiously to ask for punishment! The magpie on one side took a glance at Bai Qi and said with a fake smile, "It's a lovely child. What's his name?" Bai Yutang, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, of course, will not answer foolishly, asking in reply: "Why do you ask so much, but you, who came to me for a special trip?" The magpie hummed coldly, "The emperor has held a martial arts contest for our son. This is the application form. Please sign it." Then disdained to pass a piece of paper in the past! Only when Bai Yutang understands it can he have a ghost. Who knows what the ghost symbol means! Martial arts for marriage!? She's not that stupid to get herself in trouble! "I'm not interested!" She patted Bai Qi on the back and coaxed him to sleep. When Tinghuan heard Bai Yutang reject him, he immediately felt that his self-esteem had been hurt. His immediate reaction was that he wanted to turn around and leave, but his feet were fixed in place, unable to move. Are you really so cruel? He asked with heartache! "Hard-hearted!" Bai Yutang raised his eyebrows and didn't think he was wrong. "I'm already married. Even if I marry you, I won't be a husband. Hum, I don't believe your generals will agree to let you marry as a side house!" Bai Yutang smiled coldly. Without thinking about it, Ting Huan blurted out, "Then you should divorce your husband!" "Get out!" Bai Yutang shouted angrily. Ting Huan did not feel that there was anything wrong with him: "What are you doing?"? Can't you marry me if you divorce your husband? "That is to say!" The magpie is happy to help. "Get out!" Bai Yutang glared at him fiercely and said coldly, "Don't let me say it for the third time!" Ting Huan did not expect that Bai Yutang's momentum would be so strong, a word to defend to the throat just can not say, but weak defeat, unwilling to ask again: "If.." I can marry a side room. Bai Yutang sneers: "Even so, my answer is still that sentence, I am not interested!" " Then he left the backyard without looking back with Bai Qi in his arms! The magpie exulted: "What attitude? It's her good fortune to take a fancy to her, but she dares to be so arrogant..." But Ting Huan said calmly and unusually, "Go and check!"! Find out who Dorothy's husband is! Unexpectedly does not put his Tinghuan childe to put in the eye, he wants to see the other side is how three heads six arms! But the magpie was wrong. She thought Tinghuan was going to assassinate her husband. "Well, I'll do it right away!" Ting Huan "hum", out of the backyard of Baozhilin, came to the front yard square, just ran into Zhang Wan and Tian Xin two people. Zhang Wan didn't know what to make of it, and with a ruffian look on her face, she said, "Hey, isn't this the young master of the Wu family?"? How have you been? Ting Huan didn't want to talk to Zhang Wan at all. She brushed past Zhang Wan with a pretty face. Zhang Wan looked at Tian Xin in amazement. Tian Xin shrugged her shoulders. At this moment Bai Yutang just did not know to drill from where to come out: "Gone!?" The tone was very cold, so cold that even Tian Xin, who did not know martial arts, could detect the unusual fluctuation of Bai Yutang's breath! "What's the matter, what's going on?" Zhang Wan asked nervously. Something must have happened,calcium nitrate sol, otherwise Bai Yutang, who had always had a good temper, would not have been so angry that he could not even hide his murderous look! Tian Xin hugged Bai Qi in Bai Yutang's arms and retreated to one side to tease him. Bai Yutang pretended to be relaxed and plucked his hair: "It's nothing. The boy surnamed Wu is too arrogant to annoy me!" "How did he offend you?" Zhang Wan is quite curious. stargrace-magnesite.com