The world's sutras

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Pei Donglai looked at Zheng Fengtu, who was copying his hand, frowning slightly. He understood something in his heart, but it seemed that he was separated by a layer of fog.

It was not until he left the cave that the middle-aged man felt that he was still alive in the world, and that he realized how fast his heart was beating. Him and him. He had seen both of them, who must not be named. Although these two adults are mortal enemies, there is hatred that can not be resolved, but their arrogance is the same, the same. You The boy opened his eyes quietly, and there was a flash of light in each eye. Since you're not ready, I'll wait for you first. "When you're ready, we'll have a good reckoning." "Ruyuan." The first volume of national scholars matchless chapter 186 corrupt Confucianism harm the country. Chapter 186 corrupt Confucianism is harmful to the country. Thunder fell one after another, like a huge net between heaven and earth. Pei Donglai is in the giant net, one hand constantly urges the seeds of thunder and fire, the other hand constantly condenses the noble righteousness in his body and turns into a sword. In the midst of the intermingling of thunder and fire, the spirit transformed by the noble sword spirit is endless and magnificent. This is what Pei Donglai can come up with, with the least strength to achieve the greatest means of defense. This is what Zheng Fengtu wants to do, with the least consumption to make the best defense in this consumption. Thunder and fire interweave into a net, which is full of loopholes with all-pervasive noble righteousness. I dare not say that I can resist the all-out attack of the Avatar Realm, but I can also compete with the general Avatar Realm for several rounds. Before that, Pei Donglai had used several means, but each one was easily resolved by Zheng Fengtu. To avoid trouble, Zheng Fengtu did not kill him immediately,radio shuttle racking, but drew a stroke on his neck after approaching him. If you let Wu Xiu, who is in the realm of supernatural power, get close to you on the battlefield, you will be almost dead. But the realm of supernatural power he encountered was obviously not the realm of supernatural power in the general sense. Zheng Fengtu took a leisurely walk in the atmosphere of thunder, fire and sword, and went to Pei Donglai with ease. After Pei Donglai completed the defense for a while, he entered the defense range of thunder and fire. If you don't give Pei Donglai enough time to build a defense,medium duty racking, with Zheng Fengtu's posture, Pei Donglai would have been defeated many times. Zheng Fengtu turned around, avoided a thunder and lightning bombardment, and then took two steps back. Less than three breaths after he retreated, a bucket thick thunder struck him where he had just been. He did not shoot, but moved his body to avoid the attack. Zheng Fengtu seems to have the ability to predict the future, obviously there is no sign of attack, but he still has to make a move. And in less than a breath or two after his action, the place was bound to be bombarded by thunder. This time, you have made a lot of progress compared with before. However, there are still a lot of hard injuries. Zheng Fengtu stretched out a hand, seemed to push, with a hand on an oncoming sword gas, the sword gas was immediately changed direction, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,shuttle rack system, toward the top of Zheng Fengtu's head, and a not yet formed thunder and fire collided. You can say that this is the rules, this is the strategy, but I call this the law. Zheng Fengtu kept raising his hand, turning around, bowing his head, or advancing or retreating. But Pei Donglai's attack was always one step behind him, and it came slowly after his movements, so naturally he could only bombard the earth. I don't have the ability to predict the future. I just see a little more clearly than you do. You may not be aware that there are subconscious habits in your defense against attack. "As long as you find out this habit, calculate it, and then split the current situation into the results, you can naturally avoid every attack you make." Zheng Fengtu's slender fingers scratched Pei Donglai's neck with a smile on his face. Pei Donglai sighed and shook his head with a wry smile. There is no such thing as the vitality of heaven and earth in the mirror of the soul, so naturally there is no such problem as loss. Therefore, Pei Donglai can give full play to all his means without worrying about the exhaustion of Gang Qi. But even though he threw all the means out desperately, and cooperated with them to achieve success, he still could not escape Zheng Fengtu's throat. Zheng Fengtu, a natural monster, is more like the protagonist than himself. Pei Donglai laughed at himself in his heart. Empty words tell you, you may not understand. "Facing Pei Donglai's eyes, Zheng Fengtu said frankly," Don't think I'm humiliating your head. It's just that it's easy to say the truth, but it's hard to say it in detail. There are things in the joints that can't be expressed in words, and you can't understand them even if I say them. Pei Donglai believed in these words, and some of his feelings may be clear in his heart, but after he said it, it was not like that at all. Listen to other people's ears, and the meaning will be distorted. 123456789, these nine numbers are arranged in such a way that even schoolchildren can recite them with great ease. Pei Donglai looked at Zheng Fengtu, who was copying his hand, frowning slightly. He understood something in his heart, but it seemed that he was separated by a layer of fog. He could not touch it or see it clearly. However, 496352718, it is also the arrangement of these nine numbers. However, this arrangement is completely irregular, so that ordinary people look at it once, probably can not recite it. "And the sword moves you use are like" 13579, 2468. " Or "987654321" in general, although not the same as usual, but the rules as long as the heart to see, can also see a glance through. Zheng Fengtu is a real venomous tongue, some words without thorns and stubble, but Pei Donglai belittled nothing. But there is one thing wrong with all venomous tongues. They are determined not to be aware of their venomous tongues. Although Zheng Fengtu's means are amazing, he can't avoid vulgarity at this point. He paused and continued to say lazily, "Now you'd better forget all the coherent sword moves you've learned, forget the routine of your moves,heavy duty cantilever racks, and then start defending and attacking." "Every move should fit the situation in front of us.". Never have any habits between the previous move and the next move. This habit may be a subtle trick for those who have the same vision as you. But in my eyes, and in the eyes of those you're about to face, this is a great opportunity to kill you. 。