Strongest upgrade system

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He couldn't help it. He clenched his fists and tightened his muscles. He roared into the sky and said, "Who else?"

"*** me, will you give me a way out?" The wheel is still turning, more and more slowly, slowly sliding to the biggest interface, a healing Dan, Longfei wants to die. Also blowing crazily, hurry up, hurry up. I don't know whether his blowing played a role or his luck was a little better, but the interface of Yipin Healing Dan slipped past and was finally fixed on the top of the next one. Long Fei's eyes looked at the sky, his liver was twitching with pain, and ten thousand grass-mud horses roared past in his heart. "Is this called a lottery?"? This Nima is trying to kill me. "I'm bored." The heart really can't take it. Ding! "Would you like to do it again?" Long Fei said: "The system your uncle, Lao Tzu's heart disease sooner or later must be played out by you." A movement of the mind. One more time, one more time. I'm afraid you can't do it. Long Fei drank in his heart, "Start!" And then. Long Fei didn't go to see it at all. He was really afraid of being scared out of heart disease. Whatever it was,Lamella Plate Settler, it was all fate. Zhang Xinyue looked at Long Fei's face, excited and ugly, and asked, "What's wrong with you?"? Is there something wrong with it? Long Fei waved his hand and said, "My liver hurts. Don't pay any attention to me." That's when it happened. The rotation of the wheel disc stops. When the system sounded,Rotating sludge scraper, Long Fei closed his eyes and said, "Give me some face." "Ding!" "Congratulations to the player Long Fei for winning the Super Saiyan mode." As soon as the voice fell. Long Fei's whole person was confused, and his body went backwards again and again. "It's impossible, it's impossible, it's impossible. The system won't be so good to me." He doesn't believe it! Completely do not believe that this is true, Super Saiyan mode, this is impossible ah. But. Long Fei nervously opened the system interface and watched the pointer on the roulette wheel of the immortal lottery fixed on the Super Saiyan interface. What does it mean? It means he won the Super Grand Prize, Super Saiyan! All of a sudden, the prehistoric power in Long Fei's body erupted. He clenched his fists and roared, "Who else?"? Lao Tzu asked him, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,rapid sand filters, "Damn, who else?" I really can't help it! This is crazy! It's so cool. It's so funny. I didn't expect to be able to draw the Super Saiyan mode. This is not the rhythm of heaven, but the rhythm of killing heaven and earth. It's like a dream. Many people in the hotel cursed loudly. Are you crazy? "What's so crazy about not sleeping at night?" Who else? And Lao Tzu, if you shout again, Lao Tzu will make you not see the sun tomorrow. A burst of abuse. Long Fei's voice woke up all the guests in the hotel. Scar and Black Mountain heard Long Fei's voice and followed him out. They looked at Long Fei's excited God and said, "Master, what happened?" Zhang Xinyue also looked at Long Fei with a masked expression on her face and said in her mind, "Is this man crazy?"? Crazy? Crazy and a little handsome. "Zhang Xinyue, are you stupid?"? What time is it now, and you're still in the mood to see a handsome guy? "Really handsome." "You are really hopeless." Long Fei quickly calmed down and said, "I'm all right." "Whoo, whoo, whoo.." Long Fei's heart was like boiling water. It was really hard to calm down. He took a few heavy breaths. Then he held his breath and said carefully, "Fusion!" "Ding!" "Congratulations to the player Longfei for integrating Super Saiyan mode to gain 100 points of experience, 100 points of immortal power and 100 points of special rewards." At the same time. Ding! "Congratulations to the player Longfei for triggering the fusion mode to gain 100 points of experience, 100 points of immortal power and 100 points of special rewards." Fusion mode on. Long Fei didn't care about the fusion mode. He wanted to see the attributes of the Super Saiyan mode now. Fusion Mode: Super Saiyan Mode Destructive power: 10 stars Attack Power: 10 Stars Speed: 10 stars …… Description: This mode is Xianli Burning Mode and lasts for one minute. Description 2: When the mode opens, the player's appearance will change in an instant. Gold is angry, power is boiling, damage is boiling. Do not use it carefully. It's off the charts! "It's really off the charts.". ” The system description is the same as the Super Saiyan in the Dragon Ball, and his attack power, broken words, speed and so on are all ten-star realms. This is the existence of the super watch. Long Fei's heart was boiling again, and he wanted to roar again, "Who else?" But the ghost at night is too immoral. Just. Long Fei is a man without morality. He couldn't help it. He clenched his fists and tightened his muscles. He roared into the sky and said, "Who else?" Another roar. Immediately. The whole hotel exploded. And your uncle's. "Are you still ***ing letting people sleep?" "Who else? Who else? You're crazy." "I'm going out to destroy him." Several strong men rushed out. At this time. Scar and Black Mountain fell down and stopped the strong men. "Who are you going to waste?" He asked coldly. Both of them are outlaws, and their breath is very unusual. That a few big fellow are impotent immediately come down, way: "Do I get up make water is no good?" "Hold it!" Scar a drink, the moment that a few big fellow to frighten back, no longer dare to make the slightest sound out. Same goes for the rest of the hotel. All of them dare not speak. But in their hearts, they greeted the ancestors of Longfei for eighteen generations. They just woke up scared. But Zhang Xinyue was frightened by Long Fei. At the beginning, there was a sound, but then there was a ghost cry, which almost scared her to lie down. Zhang Xinyue stared at Long Fei and said,fine bubble diffuser, "Can you stop being crazy?" Long Fei rushed to Zhang Xinyue's side, grabbed her shoulder, and suddenly kissed her. Paw! One sound. Zhang Xinyue was not given time to react. Her whole body was numb in an instant.