Reshape Your Life (Showbiz)

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Reshape Your Life (Showbiz)Reshape Your Life (Showbiz)Reshape Your Life (Showbiz)Reshape Your Life (Showbiz)

It seems that everyone is wondering why Lu Heng can win the best actor award in Berlin at one stroke, can have two films in the main competition section of Cannes at the same time, and can be so sought after by the media in the industry. This situation of "literati despising each other" often occurs in the entertainment circle, and the better the actors are, the more they will compare in private. This time is not more than ten years later, that a large number of small fresh meat only rely on the face value, even if the thunder drama thunder shadow can also pull the box office to pull the ratings of the strange era, more than ten years ago, the entertainment industry is the old actors run amuck, even if the idol drama explosion also needs acting skills to support, the old actors in the shooting also take "Biao drama" as the normal era. Lu Heng's "first show" in the cast of "Golden Two Million" has been recognized by everyone with a kind of spirit and surprise. So in the next period of time, Lu Heng clearly felt that everyone's attitude towards himself was much more cordial. Especially at the working level, it is no longer like the tolerance and patience of "letting children" before, nor is it the kind of alienation and politeness that seems to be a gag but is actually polite. At the "seminar" after work every day, when we sum up our shooting experience,inflatable air dancer, we say one thing or two things, and say directly where we feel bad, instead of like Director yuan. Also in advance to help Lu Heng vaccination, for fear that Lu Heng's performance is not good on the face can not hang. Carefully maintaining face is the pity of the strong for the weak. If everyone is equal in strength, or when Lu Heng's condition is better, there is no need to cover up some words. Straight discussion not only saves time,inflatable floating water park, but also gains more. Everyone is so excited that they even try to interpret their roles in different ways. The seminar after work every day is also an opportunity for everyone to play. They go through the plot to be filmed the next day over and over again, and try to interpret the same plot in different ways to see which effect is better. Wait until the dead of night when they go back to their rooms, everyone lying in bed is to study the script and recite the lines, if anyone in the play or shooting when the words are not right, do not need others to say, their first shame. Every day in addition to filming is pondering the play, the rest of those messy things no one thought about. It can be said that the shooting atmosphere of the "Golden Two Million" crew is the purest, cleanest and simplest that Lu Heng has ever seen, and even the drama has become everyone's enjoyment. Completely unlike in other sets, may also take into account the publicity hype, interpersonal relationships, inflatable water slide ,Inflatable indoor park, as well as all kinds of intrigue on the table. As a result, Lu Heng's appetite was raised. After the play was finished for a long time, he was particularly excited and missed when he mentioned the play. He also forged a deep revolutionary friendship with the director, the main actors and even the props and lighting masters of the play. At the same time, he inadvertently opened up his circle of contacts in the mainland. Not to mention, Lu Heng's shooting continued until mid-May, when the opening ceremony of the Cannes International Film Festival was about to begin. Lu Heng, who was responsible for the promotion of two films, had to reluctantly leave the crew and fly to Cannes with his team's burden. Chapter 93 a word. Cannes, a small town in southeastern F with a total area of less than 20 square kilometers, attracts filmmakers and film lovers from all over the world every May. As a Chinese actor who has been on the stage for three years and whose works have been included in many international and domestic film festivals and competed for various awards, Lu Heng, who is only 17 years old, is really a "frequent finalist". Especially at the Cannes International Film Festival, Lu Heng actually had two films in the main competition unit at the same time. Although the news has been reported many times by the global media like whipping corpses within a month of the announcement of the list of finalists at the Cannes International Film Festival, when people saw the delicate and elegant Oriental teenager with their own eyes. Still can not suppress the incredible heart. After 11 hours of air flight, Lu Heng, Wei Linxuan and Lu Heng's brokerage team finally arrived in Paris, F country. As soon as a group of people packed their luggage and got off the plane, they were blocked by media reporters squatting at the airport and Lu Heng's fans around the world. When the orderly group of fans saw Lu Heng's figure appearing in the waiting hall, they became restless at the first time, and countless fans and reporters holding posters of Lu Heng and various support objects swarmed up. Eight tall black-clad bodyguards surrounded Lu Heng and Wei Linxuan in the middle, while protecting the safety of the bosses, while carefully ensuring that they would not hurt the excited fans. Microphones and cameras marked with icons of various media tried to reach Lu Heng through the arms of bodyguards. Media reporters from all over the world asked Lu Heng questions hoarsely in English with various accents. However, the excited screams of fans, one after another, overwhelmed all the voices of questions. Reporters at the scene pressed the shutter excitedly. Faithfully record the crazy scenes. Lu Heng calmly greeted the media reporters and fans on both sides with a smile, and the whole person was unconsciously held by Wei Linxuan's shoulder, slowly moving to the airport gate with a gesture of shelter. After a short walk for more than half an hour, when Lu Heng and his party got into the nanny car and drove away, they could still hear the deafening screams of fans behind them. Through the rearview mirror, they could even see blonde fans chasing the motorcade with support posters. Wei Linxuan, who was sitting in the nanny's car, couldn't help laughing: "It seems that your popularity and influence among fans around the world have increased again." Lu Heng smiled. "How are you preparing for the college entrance examination?" Wei Linxuan: ".." Wei Linxuan looked at Lu Heng with a bitter look on his face, as if he was complaining about someone who did not mention which pot. Thinking of his numerous shopping malls, he was finally forced to lose his armor by high school mathematics,inflatable castle with slide, physics and chemistry. He had to find seven or eight tutors to make all kinds of targeted breakthroughs before the college entrance examination, and he almost vomited when he did the papers. You will have such a day. Wei Linxuan said faintly, all over the body filled with the resentment of the only study slag simply let Lu Heng shudder.