Secret Agent Imperial Concubine: Your Majesty, I will destroy you

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Secret Agent Imperial Concubine: Your Majesty, I will destroy youSecret Agent Imperial Concubine: Your Majesty, I will destroy you

Feng Wuxin waited for the minister to see this and raised his eyebrows silently. The next thing of love is to be done by themselves. Luoyu was strongly taken away by the cloud killing the sky. Seeing this, he was quite speechless. However, the cloud has not been tough in front of her for a long time, today such an attitude. At that moment, Luoyu did not shout with the cloud, simply relaxed his body in the embrace of the cloud, and let him carry her all the way back to the bedroom. In a bad mood? In the bedroom, Luoyu was put at the head of the bed by the cloud killing the sky. At that moment, he reached out his hand and hooked the neck of the cloud killing the sky before he came out. Seeing this, Yun Shi Tian bowed his head and kissed Luo Yu on the lips. He shook his head and said, "No." With a wisp of Luoyu's black hair, he also sat beside Luoyu. He hugged Luoyu in his arms with his backhand and said slowly, "Don't be too tired.". Feng Wuxin, they are men. Why do they keep it? Let them do something. Fallen feather climb in the cloud to kill the day chest, see this can not help laughing. I thought the cloud killed the sky in a bad mood, and that was the matter of feelings. It's all right, there's always a personal decision for such a big deal. "Well, from tomorrow your part will be handed over and I'll take care of it." Fallen feather's words have not finished, the cloud kills the day to receive the past directly strongly. Fall feather a listen to have a moment of micro Leng, cloud kill day always do not interfere with her, more will not seize her power,Inflatable indoor park, and today. He raised his head slightly and looked into the eyes of the cloud that killed the sky. The eyes are full of coldness, but the depths are deep worry. He's worried about her? He's worried about her health. Fallen feather immediately chuckled, bowed his head and kissed the cloud on the lips. "It's all right," he said with a smile. "I know my own body very well. It's nothing.." Before he had finished speaking, Kill the Sky and Fall Feather 6 Fallen feather saw the cloud kill the cold face, and his hand also touched her wrist. There, the color of the power became darker and darker. When Luoyu saw this, he knew that he could not hide it from the cloud. He smiled and put his head on the shoulder blade of the cloud. "Don't worry." The cloud killed the day to listen to the words to embrace the falling feather,Inflatable bouncer, he knew not to worry, because the worry was useless, only put into action. Let's go to Lou Xing. The voice of the cloud killing the sky is very heavy. Forcible? No. Fallen Feather shook his head. Don't rush, go to find Jiaxuan Moyan. The falling feather listens to the words slightly to have a moment of congealing. What is the relationship between cloud killing and Jiaxuan Moyan? Needless to say, the whole world knows that they are implacable. At this time to find Jiaxuan Mo Yan, that is not clearly to cloud kill the sky low head. Holding Yun Tian's neck tightly, Luoyu shook his head with a smile and said, "No, we don't have to look for them. They will find us.". I said that one day they would beg us to learn, and I'm not just saying that. The cloud kills the day to listen to the falling feather to say so, not by slightly looks down at the lower jaw place that black hair top. What time is it? She's still worried about him. Holding up Luoyu's face slowly, Yunshitian looked at the smiling Luoyu and said in a deep voice, "You know I'm not joking.". Nothing is more important than your safety. Face is important, men should never ask for help, Inflatable water obstacle course ,inflatable bounce house with slide, let alone implacable enemies, but falling feathers. "Believe me, I'm not joking with you." Falling feather is also fixed to look at the cloud to kill the sky, that eye is resolute. The two men looked at each other for a long time, and the night was silent. After a long time, the cloud killed the day to look at the resolute falling feather, slowly nodded a compromise: "Good, we do not go." Seeing this, Luoyu immediately smiled and hugged the cloud tightly: "Don't worry, I have a sense of propriety." The misty scepter is here with her. If she doesn't go, the clouds will kill the sky. Even if she wants to go, there will be no starry fog. The cloud kills the day to listen to the speech not to open the mouth to persuade, just reaches out the hand tightly to embrace the falling feather, gently strokes the falling feather's hair. Go to sleep The voice is deep, the cloud kills the day to open the mouth gently. I've been busy for so long. Kill the Sky and Fall Feather 7 Luoyu didn't have a good sleep. Have a good rest today. Falling feather nest in the bosom of the cloud killing day, listen to the words really found a comfortable position, closed his eyes and began to sleep. She is really tired because she is too busy these days. Nest in the arms of the cloud killing day, feel the cloud killing day gently stroked her back, that kind of tenderness is completely from the cold cloud killing day body can not feel. Fallen feather can not help but slightly raised the corners of the mouth, silent smile. The feeling of the cloud killing the sky is deep and restrained. He won't say it, and he won't let people know it in a big way. He can only do it. He knew that she did not want to be a caged bird, so he delegated all the powers of the king of the horizon to her and let her take charge of the universe. He knew that she had a good relationship with the dark night, he did not say not to move, and put the dark night in the most critical position, wholeheartedly trust. And this release is tantamount to looking at the horizon in the future to lay down the world, half of the night. This is the reward for her in the dark night. He said that he would not touch her until she got married on the 16th, and he always respected her not to touch her, even if she was stiff to death every night. He knew she was looking at the horizon. A lot, a lot, there are too many stories to say. He doesn't have fancy love words. He even seems cold and wooden. He can only do it. However, the heart was wrapped up in her little deeds. It makes her feel like she is in the warm sky and can roam freely. The corners of the mouth slightly turned up, and the falling feather hugged the waist of the cloud killing the sky. Today such a move and suddenly do not see a few days, he must have done something, it is estimated that it must be related to her. Tomorrow, it seems that she is going to have a good press. The night is cool as water, but warm as spring. The cloud killed the sky to embrace the falling feather, the fingertip gently along the falling feather's black hair. At this time, he was still worried about him, and did not want him to lower his noble head, so he would not go. He is not clear, the last time Jiaxuan Moyan to help them, in fact, to help is Luoyu, Jiaxuan Moyan to Luoyu's mind, he can not see. If the falling feather goes, it is estimated that this matter has a spectrum, but she stubbornly refuses to go,inflatable amusement park, not yet. He closed his eyes in silence, and the cloud killed the sky and kissed the hair of the fallen feather gently. Kill the Sky and Fall Feather 8 In that case, let him handle all this. His woman should be protected by himself. The night is beautiful and the moonlight is silvery white.