There will be a wife later.

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There will be a wife later.There will be a wife later.There will be a wife later.There will be a wife later.

Yu Sheng: "I'm in the hotel. What's wrong?" Pei Yiyi lowered her voice: "Something happened." Yu Sheng hurriedly changed his clothes and ran to the research Institute. On the way, he did not forget to call Ji Muqing. After a few rings, he was hung up. Yu Sheng felt more and more uneasy. After arriving at the Institute, she ran directly up to the third floor and saw many people around the door of an office. What happened "The finished product has been switched." "What?"? How is that possible? Who did it? "I'm looking into it." Standing behind them, Yu Sheng heard the voices of several people discussing. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Excuse me." Several people in front of him immediately got out of the way and looked at Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng went straight inside, took a deep breath and pushed the door open. There were already a lot of people standing inside. Minister He and several responsible persons stood together with their heads against each other. Ji Muqing sat at his desk with a sullen face. On the other side stood several unknown men, and Pei Yiyi. Yu Sheng, you're here. Pei Yiyi saw Yu Sheng walking to her side. Yu Sheng was pulled aside by her and whispered, "What's the matter?" Just on the phone, she had no time to ask in detail, and now she came here to know how serious the matter was. Pei Yiyi glanced at Ji Muqing and Minister He, who was making a report, and quietly told her the reason. In the morning, she couldn't get in touch with Yu Sheng, so she came to the Institute alone. Thinking that there might be something wrong with the finished product that Yu Sheng said, she paid more attention and went directly to the finished product area. When she arrived, she knew that the branch company had informed her to send the finished product to mass production in advance. However, as the secretary of Ji Muqing, who was responsible for the supervision of the finished products, she was not informed at all. The situation was even more suspicious. It happened that Yu Sheng could not be contacted, and she gritted her teeth to make the final confirmation alone. It happened that Ji Muqing's consent was needed for the final confirmation. She couldn't get in touch with Ji Muqing and called Ji Muyang directly. Ji Muyang was originally responsible for the project, so he opened his mouth. The person in charge of the finished product area, Lu Changlin,347 stainless steel, dared to nod. The results of the examination were surprising. The finished product was switched. Although the color and fragrance of the perfume are almost the same as those of the perfume they developed before, the results show that the ingredients are quite different. Their ingredients are natural raw materials, while the products after switching are all artificial fragrances. It is not difficult to imagine what the company will face if such products are sent to mass production and listed. False advertising! Fraudulent consumption! Huge compensation will follow, and the reputation of the company will also be directly affected. Yu Sheng understood the twists and turns through Pei Yiyi. Fortunately, he was discovered in the research Institute. Fortunately, there was no mass production. She breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Ji Muqing at the same time, and she happened to look over, with a serious look, sharp eyes, and a tight jaw. The whole room only heard Minister He explaining, but he was stumbling, and it was more and more difficult for him to say a word under Ji Muqing's sharp eyes. Ji, uns c68700 ,316l stainless steel pipe, Vice General Manager Ji. "One day." "Minister He, I'll give you one day to deal with this matter. If you can't handle it well, you can wait for a summons from the court." Minister He was transfixed and his face turned pale, shouting: "Vice General Manager Ji!" Ji Muqing did not even look at him, stood up, stepped on the stilettos and walked out, when she passed Yu Sheng, she slanted her head and looked down at Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng stepped back and lowered his head. After Ji Muqing left, the whole office was in a mess. Yu Sheng looked around and didn't see Zhang Wei. She asked Pei Yiyi, only to know that Zhang Wei had asked for sick leave today. Called in sick? Leave at this point in time? It was really hard for Yu Sheng to give up his suspicion of Zhang Wei. However, no one was here today. There was no evidence to suspect. The whole office was in a mess. After Ji Muqing left, several project managers argued endlessly and began to shirk their responsibilities. But in the research Institute, they found that the finished product had been replaced. It was impossible not to take responsibility. Lu Changlin's face is not much better than that of Minister He, because he is responsible for the finished product area. Yu Sheng stood aside to admire the faces of several people and the messy office. She was a little upset. She said to Pei Yiyi, "Let's go out." Pei Yiyi nodded: "Let's go.". ” In addition to the research Institute, Yu Sheng saw Ji Muqing's car parked outside, she sat in the car, side face indifferent. She was ready to trot over, but before she reached the car, Ji Muqing slowly raised the window and said coldly, "Drive." The black car swaggered away, leaving a puff of gray smoke. Yu Sheng stood in place, his expression somewhat at a loss. Ji Muqing saw Yu Sheng's expression from the rear mirror, pursed his lips and said nothing. Vice General Manager Ji, how are you? Deng Qian saw her expression from the rear mirror and looked worried. Ji Mu put his hand on the window of the car with a faint look. He opened his mouth again and his tone returned to calm: "It's all right." As soon as she finished speaking, the screen of her mobile phone lit up, and she looked at the message that Fu Liming had sent her. -Change of plans. Ji Muqing replied, "Wait and see what happens.". Fu Liming: Good. Ji Muqing stared at the mobile phone for several minutes to put away the mobile phone, really did not expect, will be a foot in the door, owe the east wind. Steady Yu Sheng last night. But I forgot that there was a Pei Yiyi. Ji Muqing pinched his painful temple with a dignified expression and lost in thought. After Yu Sheng returned to the hotel, he waited until the evening, but Ji Muqing did not come back. She thought of the Ji Muqing she saw in the Institute today and was very cold to her. Although she was not usually pleasant to her, she would distinguish between pretending to be fierce and being really indifferent. Thinking of what happened last night, did she want to change her secretary? Yu Sheng sat on the sofa with her legs in her arms, curled up, and her cell phone kept ringing. She looked at the screen and saw that the group was sending messages. Secretary He: I heard Ji Shao talking about the river. Yes, Yiyi, how do you know there is a problem? Secretary Gu: What is it? Si Yan: What happened! Secretary He: It was Jianghe's project. The finished product was switched. Fortunately,x70 line pipe, it was discovered by Yiyi. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable. Secretary Zhao: Unexpectedly, I will tell you why the person in charge of Jianghe came to the company today.