The Reborn Flood Heavenly Dignity

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The Reborn Flood Heavenly DignityThe Reborn Flood Heavenly DignityThe Reborn Flood Heavenly Dignity

"Elder Martial Brother, it's just a moment of negligence. Now that you know the cause and effect, don't hurt these poor ghosts any more." When the Lich slaughtered the human race, Houtu urged him not to stop it, and he was extremely uneasy. Hongjun punished the Lich Clan, which made her firmly believe that she was right in those years. She regretted that she had not stopped the Lich Clan from refining souls and offering sacrifices to treasures. In the dark, she was concerned about these ghosts after death. The more she looked at them, the more pitiful they were. The more she looked at them, the more sad and guilty she felt. [Chapter 187 of the main text] Now that Younger Martial Sister has been given such a wonderful method, how can Elder Martial Brother still have a hard time with these ghosts who are worse than ants? I will stop the big array and let them settle down in the sea of blood. It's true that Elder Martial Brother is stupid, which makes Younger Martial Sister laugh.. In the face of such a kind woman in Houtu, who in the world can speak ill of each other, not to mention that we are still nominally brothers and sisters, Styx as a religious leader, it is really a little embarrassed. Elder Martial Brotherther, there is no need to be so detached. The Sea of Blood is also a place for such ghosts to live. My sister would like to congratulate Elder Martial Brother on his achievement as a religious leader. He is respected by his ancestors, but he will have a good time in the future. If he is lucky enough to be a great religion, I'm afraid he can even be a saint! When Houtu saw that Styx had said so, he was very happy and quickly complimented him. Ha ha ha Thank you, Younger Martial Sister, for your kind words. If you don't give up, please go into the Elder Martial Brother's Palace to have a rest. Said Styx with a laugh. "I'm bothering the Elder Martial Brother, but the younger sister still has something mundane to do. Now that it's over, I'll leave this time." Hou Tu Ben has an innate aversion to the sea of blood,uns s31803 sheet, and naturally will not go in with the Styx River. Ha ha ha OK The Elder Martial Brother is waiting for the Younger Martial Sister in the palace at any time. The Foolish Elder Martial Brother will go back to educate the Yin and Yang Road first. Styx has found a way, but it is a little impatient. Naturally, I hope Houtu can walk faster. See you off, Elder Martial Brother. Houtu saluted, but he did not have the anger when he first came. As soon as the Styx River left, Houtu stood in the void, quietly watching the ghosts playing in the sea of blood. Although she seemed happy, she always felt something was wrong. She repeatedly calculated the secret, but still did not know. With a sigh,x56 line pipe, she turned back to the sorcery clan. This time the three clans fight, even with the honor of the purple lotus sage, also feel very dangerous, the killing of the tragic is not under the Lich war. As for Zilian, the outcome of the war was also mixed. From the beginning of the most simple fighting and slaughter, the war of the three clans escalated to the death of the three clans. Under the harsh situation of the two Lich clans desperately fighting for the Terran, the Terran were almost killed or captured. Sage action, the human race millennium disaster, although the end, but the impact is extremely far-reaching. Gains and losses are the number of five, standing on the three immortal island Penglai peak, purple lotus can not help but secretly sigh. The Rebellion of the Three Clans finally involved Zhenyuanzi, the two people of the Western Religion, and several other sages, and the luck of the Lich Clan was also greatly reduced. In this way, the future of the Lich War is bound to have a more brutal struggle. In the first battle of Wuzhuang Temple, small geared motors ,a333 grade 6 pipe, although the attack was heavy, Lao Tzu's face was lost, and the relationship between several saints besides Nu Wa was alienated, Zilian did not regret it at all. At least he conveyed a very clear message to the prehistoric people, I purple lotus can be very low-key, can no matter how you fight for orthodoxy, can no matter how wretched and despicable you, but must not provoke me, must not shake the root of the human race, otherwise, don't blame me for killing you. Although Zilian has only a few decades of human life experience, compared with the boring time of millions of years of practice after rebirth, the kind of life with flesh and blood, sorrow and joy, love and hate is too precious. It is precisely because of this that he has a deeper understanding of the misery and helplessness of the human race in the face of nature, power and disaster. One of the most precious things that made Zilian the sage of Hun yuan more than other saints was that he had the experience of being an ordinary person. From the simplest to the most complex, from the mole ant to the big mole ant, the great sage, this experience is the most colorful, but also the most exquisite part of the road evolution. Purple lotus himself is out of the three realms, not in the five elements, but the rest of the human race is no strength, no backing, is really a mole ant in general, like today's flood and famine, regardless of the Lich, met the human race can be wantonly humiliated, regardless of heaven, is no one can manage it? Are the Terrans destined to be slaughtered like this? No, that's not true. Standing on the peak and looking at the rolling sea of clouds, Zilian recalled the general feeling of the former family, and her heart was suddenly and unprecedentedly firm. Heaven does not hurt, saints do not love, I do not love purple lotus? Unable. His love for the human race is absolutely different from Nu Wa's lofty compassion for the demon race. It is not a play like a saint, but a kind of sympathy that can be empathized with. It is a kind of brotherly and sisterly concern. For the human race, he can pay all. Why can't someone stand up for the Terrans? Why do the Terrans have to be ants? Why do saints have to play with living beings to survive immeasurable disasters? Although Hongjun appeared to protect the way of heaven and reprimanded him not to use the Hongmeng Sword at will, which had really opened heaven and was now enough to go against heaven, he did not take it to heart at all. There are only two ways to use Hongmeng Sword. On the one hand, when someone else comes to kill him, he can clean up without such a treasure, and if the sage joins hands to kill him, it is estimated that he will not be able to do so. After all, it is the way of the sage to settle down; The second is that someone wants to kill the human race again, so I'm sorry, even if it goes against the sky, I have to kill the son of a bitch, what's the fear of going against the sky, even if the void is broken, heaven and earth return to chaos, and perish together, I have to prove that my way of purple lotus is correct, and my idea of protecting the human race is correct. The way of other sages is to settle down, but the way of Zilian is different. The opportunity to achieve the Tao is to protect the human race,316ti stainless steel, and the way to protect the common people is also as Pangu said. That's why he didn't kill the Lich when he did his best to protect the Terran. It's just that the relationship is close and distant, love and hate are important, and what he chooses to protect is the human race.