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Ming GeMing GeMing GeMing GeMing GeMing GeMing GeMing GeMing GeMing GeMing GeMing GeMing GeMing GeMing Ge

If this phenomenon is not dealt with in time, in the future, if the later Jin Dynasty and the roving bandits do not make trouble, they will also make trouble. Take the example in front of us: After occupying the two States of Jin and Fu, Liu Xingzuo ignored the massacre of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith, causing many traveling merchants between Houjin and Daming to lose their lives in vain. These traveling merchants were not all Houjin people, and many of them had certain connections with various imperial merchants. To some extent, these people were the periphery of the six chambers of commerce. Liu Xingzuo killed people for only one purpose: money. But the counterattack of the imperial merchants was astonishing. The memorials fell on the emperor's case like snowflakes. The reasons were very messy. The most hated ones were several traveling merchants. In the process of Liu Xingzuo's swindling the city, they had contributed a lot. After Jinzhou was recovered, they died violently. Wωw odd Q Qìsuu book C còm net This kind of behavior of unloading the mill and killing the donkey is undoubtedly in great conflict with the traditional Chinese culture. It also violated the court's usual policy towards the Han people in the later Jin Dynasty. However, the main reason for the impeachment was the existence of Zhenhai and Fuhai Navy, which made the fundamental interests of the imperial merchants suffer losses. In fact, the functions of the two naval divisions are more like customs. It is impossible for customs to have zero tariff. The tariff of 20% seems to be too high, and the operation mode is too mechanical. It is charged in the name of escort. The protection range of each ship is as far as India and Japan. The escort fee is indeed too high. But now, if a customs agency is set up, it will involve an extremely fierce party struggle. To be honest, the country is now terminally ill. If there is no external force to break these established bad habits and abuses, there will be no great improvement. But who let this Chongzhen Emperor be Chongzhen Emperor? So the emperor once again traded with these bureaucratic capitals. The argument for the deal is based on the example of the traveling merchant who was unjustly killed in the Golden State. The country no longer exists, and you rich families are like children holding pearls, and your lives are in danger. If you think of political speculation,ultrasonic metal welding, no doubt with the tiger for skin, today Liu Xingzuo kill traveling merchants, who can guarantee the future after the gold do not kill you? Don't think about spending money to keep you safe, as exemplified by Shen Wansan at the time of the founding of the country. Since ancient times, the change of Dynasties has been accompanied by the heads of businessmen, so now is the era of one heart and one mind to revive the Ming Dynasty. These disobedient words, from the mouth of the emperor, its effect is self-evident. Of course, the transaction also has a result,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, that is, to make empty promises, in the vast and boundless sea, scattered with countless islands and land. In the distant and beautiful future, the loyal and good people of your countries will be given hereditary fiefdoms, just like the Tian family. In the future, the emperor will select a few islands from the islands of the South China Sea and give them to the Tian family. And those of you who have saved the country in times of crisis will surely receive generous rewards. The land in the country has no chance, because the land in the country is to be enfeoffed to the vassal king. Fan Xili's motherland, France, which was borrowing money from Daming, Portugal in Macao, and Spain, which had just been defeated by France, all had vassals in distant and distant America. At that time, when the Ming Dynasty pacified Liaodong, surrendered to Mongolia in the north, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic generator driver, Xi'an Tubo and other countries, the footsteps of the Ming Dynasty will move towards the distant new continent through the navy. The South China Sea islands alone were tempting enough, so the result of the deal was recorded on the record as follows: "In November of the autumn, Yi Si recruited the imperial merchants in the Hall of Wuying to discuss the enfeoffment of the islands in the South China Sea. After the pacification of Liaodong, the surrender of Mongolia to the north, and the pacification of the western frontier, he was promised a hereditary reward.". The merchants promised to retreat. ※※※ "Your Majesty, Your Majesty." It's Zhang Yixian's voice. In recent years, Zhang Yixian has less and less time to return to the palace. Speaking of it, Zhang Yixian is greedy for money, but after all, he has made great contributions in dealing with sweet potatoes. He has deep feelings with Xiaozhu. Every time he comes back, he will follow Xiaozhu for a few days. Therefore, Xiao Zhu was still very excited when he heard the voice of his distant call. Daxian, you've worked hard these years, and you've just come back. It's better to have a rest first. "Long live Xie, with the words of the emperor, the small one is enough." Zhang Yixian was also very excited. He knew very well that many people had filed a lawsuit over the years, but it was Xiao Zhu who was protecting him. According to the previous master, even if he did not kill him, he would be appropriately indifferent to him. But the emperor was different. He was still very kind to him, and every time he was concerned about his sufferings in a gentle voice. Sometimes, he also slaps his own mouth. Why is he so greedy? Life does not bring, death does not take away, what is the purpose? But whenever things come to an end, Zhang Yixian can't control himself all the time, and he tries his life to pull silver into his pocket. Tell me, what good things have you brought to the palace this time? Life in this era is really boring, during the day it is easy to say, political affairs, lectures, fitness, time is easy to pass. But in the evening, the lack of nightlife is really hard. Otherwise, how can Xiaozhu's three wives always get pregnant and have children! "Long live you, the little one has brought you a few barbarians from the West." Xiao Zhu was amused by Zhang Yixian's very formal expression. Daxian, are you tired and confused? How many barbarians are there in my capital? Is it difficult for your barbarians to have three eyes? "Hey hey," Zhang Yixian responded to Xiao Zhu's laughter and went on to say, "Back to Long Live Ye, these barbarians are good at carving small objects. At the beginning, Lord Xu thought it was useless, so he sent 50 taels of silver to each of them. But for some reason, these people did not catch up with the ship returning home, so they had to wander for a living. When I went to Henan the other day, I happened to meet them selling small things to the local people. I thought it was good, so I brought it to them. With that, Zhang Yixian pulled out a small thing wrapped in blue cloth from his bosom. What is this? Xiao Zhu took it over doubtfully and asked him. When Xiao Zhu opened it, he realized that it was a wooden model of a building. Whether it is the proportion, color or the fine degree of carving, it shows the superb skill of the producer. Looking at the familiar model building, Xiao Zhu looked left and right, but he was still not sure. What building is this? One side of the girl could not help but ask. Hehe,ultrasonic handheld welder, Miss Fei also feels strange, doesn't she? According to the barbarians, it was the animal garden opened by the heavenly master of Europa. "Animal Park?"? Ah! The Colosseum! 。 fycgsonic.com