The sky is changing

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The sky The sky is changingThe sky is changingThe sky is changingThe sky is changingis changing

Just then, without any warning, the space in front of the two nv was quietly distorted, and the two big hands reached out at the same time and grabbed them separately. Shangguan Cher and Shangguan Feier have broken through to the realm of nine beads, and their own strength is very strong, the first time they reacted, they are preparing to display their skills to attack, but now the surrounding space collapsed in an instant, the powerful force of space bound them is not able to move at all. A familiar figure stepped out of the distorted space, released their red netv, slipped out a few meters away, and the collapsed space naturally returned to normal. Shangguan Cher and Shangguan Feier were frightened, thinking that they had met a strong enemy, but when they really saw this guy clearly, they were so angry that it was Zhou Weiqing who stole them. Zhou Weiqing looked at Ernv with a cheeky smile and said with a smile, "Ladies, when your husband comes, don't you mean to greet him?" "Who is your wife?" Asked Shangguan Feier with a sneer? Don't give me that, huh? Shangguan Cher did not open his mouth, Qiao's face was still cold. Zhou Weiqing looked helpless and said, "What are you doing?"! Tell me directly if you have any grievance. Don't hold it in your heart! It's my fault. There are too many things during this period, and I have neglected you. I admit it if I want to be beaten or punished. Shangguan Feier snorted coldly and said, "Ignored us?"? It's not a day or two that you ignore it. Since you set up the matchless camp, I have worked hard to help you fight. When you are good, you will disappear if you have nothing to do. I put up with all this. Let me ask you, what's the matter with Xiao witch nv? And what about the cult that day? You make it clear to me, otherwise, after the third sister's breakthrough is over, we three sisters will go back to the vast palace. Zhou Weiqing looked at Shangguan Feier with an angry face and tried to embrace her, but she threw her away. Although Shangguan Cher did not open her mouth, her eyes were filled with doubts. Zhou Weiqing scratched his head and said, "Will you listen to my explanation?"? Here's the thing about Xiao Wu nv. Zhou Weiqing is so smart that he knows that sometimes white lies will have a good effect, but sometimes he must be honest, otherwise, he may really lose their hearts. At that moment, he honestly told the story between himself and Xiao witch nv, of course, he deliberately emphasized how dangerous he was at that time, and how delirious he was when he had a relationship with Xiao witch nv. But on the whole, he told the truth. …… Hey, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,White Marble Mosaic, you also know, although I am not a good person, but others for my practice, or even for my life and pay the most precious thing of nv children, and the relationship between teachers, how can I give others a substitute ah! It's my fault. It's all my fault that I didn't have time to find you at that time. Otherwise, I don't need Xiao witch nv. At that time, the teacher told me that my luck was good, at least I met an nv child, otherwise, he would like to catch a sow as a sacrifice for me. After listening to Zhou Weiqing's last words, the Shangguan sisters could not help but burst out laughing, because they could not help laughing at the way Zhou Weiqing and a sow were together. As soon as they laughed, the atmosphere between the three of them suddenly eased a lot. Shangguan Feier glared at Zhou Weiqing ferociously, "you are a bad guy, you can mess around.". There are already five. I tell you, if there's a sixth one, I'll castrate you. As he spoke, he made a very forceful gesture with his hand. Zhou Weiqing immediately covered his lower body with a frightened face, "I dare not, your majesty, Xiao absolutely dare not." Shangguan Cher wrinkled her head slightly and said, "What happened to the cult that day?"? We all understand the fight against the bloody prison by uniting the heavenly cults. However, you let the people of the Heavenly Cult stay in the Heavenly Bow Empire, and it seems that they still want to join it. Weiqing, even if we don't consider our identity as born in the vast palace, you should also know that the reputation of the Heavenly Cult on the Big 6 is not very good. No country has dared to formally accept them. Do you want to make the Sky Bow Empire a target of public criticism? With a slight smile, Zhou Weiqing stepped forward and hugged Shangguan Feier into his arms by force. Then he hugged Shangguan Cher with his other hand and said, "What a cult! I never promised to join it. Even if I really joined a holy place, I would definitely choose the vast palace!"! Because all three of my good wives were born there. Shangguan Cher let him embrace, but his face did not change, "Wei Qing, in this matter, you must Nong clear.". Maybe you don't care about fame, but the Sky Bow Empire doesn't. I dare say that if word gets out that the Celestial Bow Empire has accepted the Celestial Cult, I'm afraid the resources from the Phili Empire will stop supplying immediately. Also, we will be isolated. Zhou Weiqing said with a smile, "There will never be a Heavenly Cult in our Heavenly Bow Empire. Cher, I'm not joking with you.". By the way, I have something to discuss with you. I would like to invite two beautiful nvs to join the matchless religion I just founded and act as the leader's wife. What do you think? "Matchless teaching?" Shangguan Cher looked at him suspiciously. Zhou Weiqing nodded and said, "Yes!"! It is the matchless religion. I am not talented. I am the leader of the matchless religion. My teacher, Liu Jue Di Jun, is the elder of our matchless religion. All the brothers above the six beads in our original matchless division will become followers of our matchless religion. Although we are still weak in high-end strength, I dare say that after the establishment of our matchless religion,Grey Marble Slab, we are absolutely the largest number of Royal Pearl Masters in the Holy Land. Shangguan Feier's eyes suddenly lit up, "Xiao fat, do you want to set up a holy place?"? So much fun? Can you do it? 。