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Super Dream System _ 20200215155704Super Dream System _ 20200215155704Super Dream System _ 20200215155704

Liu Qingyu said with a wry smile, "third brother, what do you want me to say about this?"? At that time, the senior had already issued a wordless warning to you, but you still disobeyed it, which was simply a provocation. "If my sister gets rid of you, you can put in a good word for me." Liu Qingfeng begged again. After a little meditation, Liu Qingyu said, "Third brother, you don't have to worry. I don't think you need to worry. I think Ye senior is pretty good. Maybe it's just possible to frighten you." "Scare?" Liu Qingfeng gave a wry smile and said, "Sister, what you think is too simple. That senior may be a little bit of that to frighten me. But since he has found the Eagle Six and they are there, he also uses their phone to call me. I'm afraid that even if the Eagle Six is not dead now, it's not much better. Have you thought about that?" Liu Qingyu Wen Yan's face changed a little, sighed, "then I help you to Xuan sister, can you do it? I really can't guarantee this." "Thank you, sister." Liu Qingfeng said with a trace of gratitude. That's it. I'll call Xuan's sister first. Liu Qingyu finished hanging up the phone and dialed Zhang Xuan again. As soon as Zhang Xuan, who was in the office, heard the phone ring, she took it out, but when she looked at the phone number, she was stunned. Because although she and Liu Qingyu have known each other for more than two years, the other party has not really made a phone call to her on her own initiative. Moreover, after she learned some of Liu Qingyu's identities and things from Ye Tao, she also sensitively found that when she went to the latter's home, the latter was more enthusiastic about her than before. This can only make Zhang Xuan feel a little funny, she really did not expect,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, even if has been maintained but indifferent appearance of Liu Jie, after knowing a little thing about Ye Tao, there is also a little bit of reality. Immediately, Zhang Xuan picked up the phone and asked softly, "What's the matter with Sister Liu?" "Xiaoxuan, is there anyone where you are now? If there is anyone, can you find a place where there is no one? I'm telling you." According to the calculation of time, Liu Qingyu naturally knows that Zhang Xuan is 90% at school. All right, Sister Liu, wait a moment. Zhang Xuan took one look at the five or six people in the room,Agate Stone Price, left the office, and then went downstairs to an empty grove before she opened her mouth and said, "If Sister Liu has anything to say, just say it."? There is no one now. The light rain nodded and told Zhang Xuan the general story. Zhang Xuan is listening while frowning, she is very dissatisfied with Liu Qingyu's brother's casual discovery of Ye Tao, and for Liu Qingyu said that Ye Tao may kill people, Zhang Xuan hit the heart not to believe. There are two main reasons, one is that she has been living in a relatively peaceful environment, and the other is that Ye Tao left an impression in her heart, which is very kind. Believe it or not, Zhang Xuan pondered a little and said, "I'm sorry, Sister Liu, I can't help you with this. I don't want to interfere with Ye.." At this point, Zhang Xuan obviously had a meal. She wanted to call Ye Tao Uncle Ye, but she swallowed the words to her mouth. She was afraid of causing unnecessary trouble to Ye Tao. Then she hurriedly said, "I don't want to interfere with anything Ye Tao decides. I just want to be a little woman beside her. So, I'm sorry." It can be said that during this period of time, Zhang Xuan not only found a book about how to be a good wife for Ye Tao, Granite Slab Supplier ,White Marble Slabs, but also got a lot from it. She knew that if she wanted to be a good wife, she should not only be good to him wholeheartedly, but also to his family, the hall, the kitchen and so on. She could not manage too much. Otherwise, in the long run, even the best relationship would break down. At the same time, Liu Qingyu can only hear a deep sigh, she heard from Zhang Xuan's words, heard the incomparable firmness, the heart also understand that it is useless to say more, wry smile way, "nothing sister, as sister did not say this paragraph." Zhang Xuan said with a trace of intolerance, "actually this matter, you do not have to worry, I think Ye Tao is just scaring your brother.". ” "Well, maybe!" Liu Qingyu said unconfidently, in today's world, the face of the strong is also extremely important, not to mention Ye senior has warned his brother more than once, but he did not listen, if there is a bad result, Liu Qingyu did not feel too surprised. At this time, Zhang Xuan heard the preparatory bell ringing and said hurriedly, "If Sister Liu has nothing else to do, I will hang up first. My horse will go to class. If there is anything else, call me." "All right." Liu Qingyu smiled and said that she naturally knew that Zhang Xuan was not lying to her according to the time speculation. Goodbye, sister Liu. Zhang Xuan replied, then hung up the phone and left in a hurry. And when Zhang Xuan hung up the phone, Liu Qingyu conveyed the message to Liu Qingfeng, which made Liu Qingfeng, like a frightened bird, once again scared out of a cold sweat, driving speed again accelerated, he had a good life and naturally did not want to die. As for Ye Tao, he knew nothing about what had happened, but what he said to Liu Qingfeng was naturally frightening, because he did not want to cause too much killing and too much trouble. But he also deeply understood that sometimes trouble, not he wants to escape can escape, after all, he is now too young, and his strength is too high. Such words, how can not let others daydream, how can not give birth to the heart of greed. It can be said that after Ye Tao made a move, as soon as he returned home, he began to issue various orders, among which the order to protect his parents and the Zhang family was naturally indispensable. Among them, Ye Tao arranged five biological people around his parents. As for the Zhang family, he also arranged three, one of which was around Zhang Xuan. This was also his worry when he was busy. There was an accident. And those directly under the relatives, now all in Hong Kong development, he not only has any accident, even if there is something to go abroad, there will be "shadow" people to protect, not to mention, these relatives for the repair, most of them have reached the height of the day after tomorrow, the strong even reached the peak of the day after tomorrow, with part of the self-protection ability. Besides,Agate Slabs For Sale, as long as there is an accident, he can arrive within five minutes, so Ye Tao is not too worried.