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Prince's wife Chongxi DailyPrince's wife Chongxi DailyPrince's wife Chongxi DailyPrince's wife Chongxi DailyPrince's wife Chongxi Daily

"Did you learn to make sugar with others in order to coax me to drink medicine?" Shen Qingyu hugged his waist in the back, feeling a little sorry, but more sweet, sweeter than peanut candy. Zheng Feng gave a "hmm" and said nothing more. He has always been so loving, but never in the flow of words, as if to do anything for her should be, of course. Peanut candy is ready, Shen Qingyu hot to eat a few pieces, but also want to reach out to take, was Zheng Feng pinched his face scolded a few words. He. Touched. Touched. Her little white teeth. He stopped laughing and talked to her very seriously: "Last time, which little rascal ate too much sugar and had a toothache? How old is he? How can he not worry at all?" Shen Qingyu covered his face and smiled, standing on tiptoe to let him taste whether the sugar was sweet or not. He Yan and Cong Feng, who had never visited the house in the morning, were all blocked back, but after lunch, when both of them were going to rest, they saw Cong Feng with a stiff face and almost entered the room with the same hands and feet. When hearing the name "Cheng Ye" from Cong Feng's mouth, Shen Qingyu clearly felt that Zheng Feng's whole person was floating with a helpless and gloomy breath. Who is Cheng Ye? Hearing that Zheng Feng ordered Cong Feng to send him away, Shen Qingyu couldn't help asking: "Does he owe the prince ten thousand taels of gold?" Zheng Feng pinched his eyebrows, and the smile on his face was a little light. Some old things were suddenly turned out from his memory, which reminded him of the cold moon, color and blood in the north of the past year. It was the friendship of birth, entry and death, but it happened that it was separated by a natural moat that could not be crossed. Once upon a time in the north, he and I fought together. Shen Qingyu knelt beside him and saw his face and color, knowing that Cheng Ye was not just a friend of the past. But more,Marble Projects, she has not had the heart to ask, the matter of the north, Rao is not clear about the root, also know that there are many involved, this war friend may also be enemies and friends, may also be involved in what Zheng Feng is extremely afraid of things, otherwise according to his calm, it is impossible to be so emotional outside. Those things are not clean. Zheng Feng closed his eyes, will be full of blood, color,Calacatta Nano Glass, all convergence, and then put the little girl into his arms: "Jade, accompany me." Now there was no one else in the room, Shen Qingyu thought about it, hugged him like a child, let him pillow on his lap, and then imitated the way he used to coax her, patting him on the shoulder and back. If the friend who can be delivered to the back ends up stabbing you with a knife, such friendship and affection, I really don't know the geometry of gratitude and resentment. Do you know why the prince had to take my life at that time? For a while, Zheng Feng got up again, hugged the man, and leaned on his head: "Because in my hands, there is a piece of evidence that can make hundreds of people lose their heads." Shen Qingyu covered his heart with one hand, quietly, softly, smoothly, and did not ask or say much. Only accompany him in silence, Slate Wall Panel ,white marble mosaic, let him feel at ease, let him put down. About the evidence, Zheng Feng only said such a sentence and then refused to say more, which, treacherous, dirty, dirty, he really did not want to say to this little girl, as long as she accompanied him on the line, has been accompanied by him. In the afternoon, although Zheng Feng looked nothing on his face, Shen Qingyu knew in his heart that his mood had been affected. After dinner in the evening, when bathing, he put the drinks on the tray and floated them on the bath for Zheng Feng to take. Being coaxed by a little girl like a child for a day, no matter how much trouble Zheng Feng had in his heart, she coaxed it away. So after a few days, Shen Qingyu did not hear the name of "Cheng Ye" in the mansion, but saw Zheng Feng and yuan Zhou almost gathered the whole city of Changning in the palm of their hands, but suddenly there was an epidemic in the city. The first outbreak of the epidemic was caused by several farmers who raised sheep, pigs, chickens and geese on the edge of the city, and then it began to spread to the city. Changning city epidemic emergency, money old all day with two apprentices to practice medicine outside to save people, general mansion also every day to sprinkle vinegar medicine, let everyone strong body. After such a big thing, Zheng Feng, the actual person in charge of Changning City, naturally had to hold up the hearts of a city. Shen Qingyu watched him go out every day, and his heart was pulled into a ball, but he never opened his mouth to stop him. He had his insistence, and she didn't want to embarrass him. Only in the first few days, Zheng Feng was afraid of getting sick outside, so he refused to go back to the mansion for several days on the pretext that he had something to do in the government office. Later, Shen Qingyu, Qiang, wanted to go out of the mansion and made a lot of trouble. Only then did he call her back. Zheng Feng can't do anything about her. The little girl is obviously stubborn with him. If he dares not go home again, she dares to make fun of her own health. Take a bath later, drink the medicine and go to bed. Don't go out to see people today. Shen Qingyu nestled in his arms, sitting on the edge of the pool, seeing that he rarely showed such a tired appearance, his heart was distressed and anxious, but there was no way. At this time, she can only take good care of his body when he comes home, and then take good care of herself. In this situation, she can't afford to get sick at all. If anything happens to her, it's like taking out Zheng Feng's heart and bones. The epidemic was so fierce that at the beginning, it took almost two or three hours to get a life. Shen Qingyu didn't understand it at first, but one day, when she saw the expression on Qian Lao's face, she also had a guess. The epidemic came too suddenly and too coincidentally. Even though Qian Lao had three heads and six arms, it was difficult to cover all aspects. So in just half a month, the city of Changning showed the color of depression. Fortunately, Zheng Feng good governance, no matter how the situation, the city has never been chaotic, good or bad, is to save the lives of most people. Shen Ching-yu knows something about the ancient prescriptions of the Kingdom of the Moon. Although they do not cure the disease,Carrara Marble Slab, they also have one or two effects. She took her servants and maidservants to make incense and boil water in the flower hall. When it was done, she gave it to Qian Lao for examination. When there were no omissions, they were all sent out to alleviate the pain of the people in the city.