Quick wear: boss, have the guts to fight with me by Xin Jiujiu

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Quick wear: boss, have the guts to fight with me by Xin JiujiuQuick wear: boss, have the guts to fight with me by Xin Jiujiu

Purple woman has a long reddish-brown hair different from most Europeans, thick and supple as seaweed, long to the waist, dark purple slit skirt, noble and elegant, different from most European aristocrats wearing puffy skirt, capable and charming, delicate collarbone, looming.. She is really a maverick! A European beauty with great personality! The crimson pupil looked at Xin Jiujiu carefully, and the woman in purple shook her head with a wry smile. There's something going on. I seem to be hurt. “?!” Milky white halo, in the fingertips flow, purple woman surprised to look at Xin Jiujiu again. And you are The daughter of Caleb? The wound on the back of the woman in purple healed, and Xin Jiujiu, carrying her skirt, gave a lady's salute to the strange savior. Yes, beautiful lady, may I ask who is..? "I am Ina Vandal, the fiancee of Ghali!"! Heard that you can cure,smart board for conference room, have long wanted to get to know! What's your name The woman in purple seemed to be very happy, but Xin Jiujiu felt that she had been hit by thunder. Formerly imagined by Cali, a'she 'who had no moral integrity and was willing to flatter him; Then there was Caleb's fiancee. There's her standing in the middle! "Why are you in a daze, little beauty?"? Surprised? Ina is a tall European beauty, at the moment, she cooperated with Xin Jiujiu's Lolita height squatted down,smart board whiteboard, two hands respectively holding Xin Jiujiu's hand, looking up at her. Such an action.. Xin Jiujiu was a little confused and did not know how to face the powerful, elegant and personalized pure-blood princess in front of him. Princess Ina, my name is Ju Clovis Simmer. Ina had lived for more than fifteen hundred years, and was older than Cali. She had seen so many people that she could see the little girl in front of her at a glance. She was not very happy when she knew that she was Ina Van Dre. Jiu, why are you suddenly unhappy? “……” Is there any need to ask? That's right. Ina didn't know about her relationship with Cali. Xin Jiujiu shook his head and said that he was all right. The current situation is really not the time to talk about these things and change the topic casually. Princess Ina, I'm not happy because of this fantasy. Chapter 575 Vampire Queen (59). "Illusion?" Ina looked around. It seemed to be a human city, but why was the little girl here by herself?! The line of sight was fixed on Xin Jiujiu, and Ina asked her doubts. Then why are you here alone? Is Ina part of the fantasy, or is she real? Xin Jiujiu felt that she was real. Because this fantasy is woven by Cali and Rex, both of them are immersed in their own world, it is impossible to imagine an Ina to save her, as for. Is it possible that she imagined Ina herself? That's not very likely. She knows almost nothing about Caleb's fiancee! She imagined a Caleb to save her! "Cali and Rex are trapped in a fantasy, 75 smart board ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, unable to extricate themselves. I am the only one who is not controlled by the fantasy. I want to break this fantasy and save them both. On the other hand, the boundary of the fantasy just rebounded my attack. I can't get out. Princess Ina, how did you get in?" Ina was shocked by Xin Jiujiu's words: "My men and I found it here. I walked in by accident and met no resistance.." Xin Jiujiu nodded clearly: "That's.." You can only go in, but not out? "It's possible." Two people weave the fantasy, still simple, the more people come in, the more people weave the fantasy, the more complex the fantasy will be. Xin Jiujiu dare not imagine, one by five people, ten people, fifteen people. The fantasy woven will be so huge. "But.." Princess Ina, did you come in without hallucinations? In other words, have you ever met someone you want to meet or something you want to accomplish? If they're right in front of you, they're probably a fantasy you're weaving. Don't believe it. Xin Jiujiu pinched Ina's hand and urgently reminded her. "This vision was woven by Caleb and Rex!"! I don't want you to participate in the weaving of fantasy. Ina looked at the place where the light blade had just bounced, where it looked like the ordinary sky. Did not expect to be the edge of the fantasy boundary, so powerful … How much mental power does that take?! "The two of them knitted." What kind of fantasy is that? Carly is having sex with her, Rex is having sex with women.. Xin Jiujiu was a little embarrassed. It's what they want to happen most. Enchantment can not be broken, it seems that we still have to work hard from the fantasy weaver, is there any way … Let them wake up from their hallucinations. "That is to say, Cali and Rex are immersed in illusion, weaving an illusory world, and the two of us are in the illusion they are weaving." "Yes!" "If you want them to wake up, the first thing you have to do is make them realize that what they see is an illusion." Ina stood up, but still holding Xin Jiujiu's hand, this feeling, like a big sister holding a little sister. Xin Jiujiu pulled out his hand without a trace. The problem is that they don't give us scenes, treat us as air, talk to them as if they didn't hear, can't communicate with them at all, and rely on themselves. In reality, there are many things that can not be done, or dare not do, but in this fantasy, they do whatever they want, all people and things are in line with their ideas, so they are afraid that they will always be trapped in their own fantasy of beauty.. Ina looked at the quiet city carefully, with a charming and dangerous smile on her matte red lips. That sounds like fun! Where are they? I want to meet them! Chapter 576 Vampire Queen (60). Xin Jiujiu couldn't take Ina to see Cali, so he had to take her to see Rex. Helen's Bar is very lively at the moment. The cowboy wears leather boots, a leather hat, a machete on his waist,electronic board for classroom, and drinks a glass of wine. The blonde girl, swaying and holding a glass of liquor, passed in front of Ina. hsdsmartboard.com