Genius Stick of Rebirth

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However, this is just a superficial article, Xia Shao only needs to go to the student union to report, giving

However, this is just a superficial article, Xia Shao only needs to go to the student union to report, giving people a sense of obedience to management on the surface. In fact, as long as she enters the door of the student union, she doesn't have to care about anything after that. She has called Lu Bowen, the vice principal, and he will deal with the matter later. It's just that the student union doesn't know about it. So when Xia Shao and Hu Jiayi arrived at the student union, it looked like there was going to be a trial meeting. Student Union President Cheng Ming, Vice President Yan Danqi, Discipline Department, Literature and Art Department, Health Department and other ministers and vice-ministers sat at a table, which made Xia Shao smile. The girl who came with Xia Shao and Hu Jiayi, however, took a demonstrative look at them as soon as she entered the door. The meaning was obvious-you two have to peel off your skin even if you don't die today! Wait for the whole school to review! As a result, Xia Shao, who was waiting to be stripped of skin, stood leisurely by the wall as soon as he entered the door. She stood leaning against the wall in a leisurely manner that stunned the student union cadres in the room who had planned to collectively criticize her. Hu Jiayi followed suit and simply followed her to the wall and stood against it. I just hold my chest and stare at the student union. Two people this manner, let vice president Yan Danqi's cool and gorgeous face be infected with anger, "you two!"! Who told you to stand against the wall? Stand forward! The students will have something to ask! "Ask if you have something to say.". We're standing right here. Can't you see us or hear us? Hu Jiayi twisted eyebrows, she grew so big, has not been punished to stand, can come has been very face! Yan Danqi was angry,secondary containment pallet, and other student union cadres criticized him in unison, but Cheng Ming coughed and looked at Xia Shao. She is wearing a small white suit jacket today, which makes her face round, sweet and lovely. And this leisurely posture of looking at the ceiling, somehow, looks like the lovely girl next door standing in the sun at the door of the house, which is really interesting. However, he never thought that on the first day of school, the school girl who was shocked by him at the school gate turned out to be a popular magic stick in the school. This,plastic pallet price, this contrast, is too big. But it doesn't matter, today's scene, he believes, as long as he helped her through, she will certainly remember some of his feelings in her heart. School sister, today the student union summoned you, not to criticize you. It's just that there are some things you want to ask, and you don't have too much mental pressure. Cheng Ming smiled, regardless of the discontented look cast by Yan Danqi beside him, "said that you played in the dormitory." Uh, game. The students will understand. You must just think it's funny, but you didn't think it would affect the atmosphere of the school, did you? Cheng Ming's words sounded gentle, but it was obvious that he was hinting at Xia Shao, and he hurried to answer along his meaning. In this way, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet bins, we can deal with it lightly. How to know Xia Shao looked at the ceiling, at the moment the mind drifted to the distance again-go to Fu Ruixiang shop today, to let Ma Xianrong pay attention, recently in the shop to buy antiques to be careful, Wang Daolin that kind of person, the possibility of underhand tactics is very high. Hu Jiayi, however, was not on the road. Hearing this, she became serious. "Senior, what is a game?"? Divination is a very serious thing! Cheng Ming is stupefied, Yan Danqi an eye knife shoots to him, "president heard?"? Such a person, do not know introspection, the senior also recommended her into the Ministry of Literature and Art? The Minister of Literature and Art on one side immediately said, "No matter how outstanding a person is in literature and art, our Ministry of Literature and Art doesn't want him who is not up to standard in ideology and morality." Then, a group of people echoed, and there was a lot of criticism. Xia Shao took out his cell phone and looked at the time in the voice of denunciation. Principal Lu said he would arrive in five minutes. Is it almost time? "Shut up!"! Am I the president, or are you the president? At this time, Cheng Ming stiffened his face and pounded the table. Everybody is stupefied, Cheng Ming is very gentlemanly to schoolgirl attitude at ordinary times, see him rarely so. Look at Cheng Ming again, eyes have been looking at Xia Shao, a discerning person will know what is going on. Many people frowned, no wonder she was so fearless, the original is relying on the president to take a fancy to her? This is not good. The vice president loves the president, which is known in the student union, and the new student is afraid of bad luck. Yan Danqi is really a face like frost, looking at Xia Shao's eyes gently squint, and then look at Cheng Ming, "President this is to shield her?" "What is that?" Cheng Ming's face was slightly cold, "I just advocate giving priority to the guidance of freshmen, not too rigid and strict.". We all come from the freshman period. Don't you know how important the understanding of the student union is? As he spoke, he looked at Xia Shao, thinking that he had defended her so much, why didn't she look at herself? Just now he has shown his identity and power as the president of the student union. With his protection in the future, she can run amuck in the school. Why does she seem to be completely invisible? "School sister!" Cheng Ming could not help emphasizing his tone. Xia Shao just looked over this time. Cheng Ming was delighted, waiting for her to look at herself with adoration and love. Summer peony is light to pick eyebrows, "it seems that the student union for how to deal with the matter there are differences, in this case, and so on which day to set a charter to come out again.". I have something to do today, so I'll leave. With that, she took Hu Jiayi with an incredible sound of breathing and opened the door to go out. As soon as the door opened, she almost bumped into Lu Bowen. The people of the student union stood up one after another and were about to be scolded, but as soon as they saw the vice principal bump into them, they were immediately stunned. Xia Shao and Lu Bowen nodded with a smile and said nothing, then took Hu Jiayi out. When the door closed, I faintly heard Lu Po-wen say, "You have a lot of airs!"! I think it's better than the school leader's shelf! Look at this situation! Hu Jiayi looked back in surprise and wondered, "What's going on?" It's all right. In the future, the student union will not bother us again. Xia Shao smiled, but his cell phone rang at this time. She looked down and saw that it was Ma Xianrong. After picking it up, he heard Ma Xianrong say,collapsible bulk containers, "General Manager Xia, there's a man in the shop who brought an antique. It looks like it came out of the earth. I didn't dare to take it.". The man is still in the shop. Would you like to come and have a look? The second volume of high school, the eighth chapter of counterplot.