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Fortunately, now she has a chance to learn again. Sea blue is reading, the mobile phone suddenly rang

Fortunately, now she has a chance to learn again. Sea blue is reading, the mobile phone suddenly rang, she thought it was Wei Zhijie, hurriedly took the mobile phone, but found that it was Wen Jingheng. Hailan's eyes flashed. She did have a little affection for Wen Jingheng, but she couldn't have liked him. Hello, Director Wen, what can I do for you? Hailan asked easily in the tone of a friend. Wen Jingheng sat in the office of the procuratorate, leaning lazily against the swivel chair, listening to the voice of Hailan, he immediately imagined her appearance, and the corners of his mouth could not help but evoke a charming smile. Aren't you discharged today? So I called to ask if I was home now. 、883. No Chapter 883 give you a party. Hai Lan smiled and said, "I'm already home. Thank you for your concern." "Shouldn't I be here to thank you for giving me the chance to care about you?" Wen Jingheng said jokingly, but his tone was not frivolous. In fact, Wen Jingheng is estimated to be the most stable man Hailan has ever seen. That kind of steadiness is a kind of bearing that is passed down from a rich and powerful family and goes deep into the bone. Hailan laughed. "Director Wen is really good at joking.". You must be very busy now. You don't have to worry about me. Thank you. "Let's have a meal together tomorrow." Wen Jingheng suddenly said. Hailan laughed, "Director Wen,brass tube fitting, do you think I can go out to see people with this face?" Make headlines as soon as you go out! "I went to Dongfang's house for dinner. I hired a new cook, and his cooking skills were not bad.". The venison he cooked was so delicious that he wanted everyone to taste it. "I'd better not go. My face is too ostentatious." Stay in the house all day and don't want to come out to breathe at all? It's a pity that you don't come to the rare gathering. "But." Hailan also wanted to refuse, but he interrupted, "In fact, this is everyone's proposal, want to give you a party to celebrate you finally out of the hospital." Hai Lan was flattered and smiled,38 needle valve, "It was a party specially held for me." "Yeah, so how can you not be the main character?" Wen Jingheng said with a smile. The sea blue also could not refuse, "Well, since this is your good intention, then I will be disrespectful." "I'll pick you up at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning." With that, Wen Jingheng hung up the phone directly. The sea blue is slightly stupefied, she has not agreed! At the other end, Wen Jingheng, who had hung up the phone, was staring at his cell phone and laughing. What's wrong with him? Every time he talks to her, he can't control himself. Hailan clearly has a fiance. But before they got married, he had a fair chance to compete, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,stainless steel tube fitting, and he really didn't want to miss it. But he also knew that Hailan didn't want to accept him. So he had to take his time. As for morality, he doesn't care at all! He has been restraining his feelings, but all in order to respect the sea blue. However, I really can't control it. In that case, I will do it according to my own mind. For the next day's party, Wen Jingheng wore a new suit early the next morning. The iron-gray Armani suit on his body is more perfect and expensive than the model. Although Wen Jingheng is not the facial features of a super handsome man, he wins in his extraordinary temperament, giving people the feeling that he is very noble and comfortable. So even if the sack was draped over him, he would still shine. Wen Jingheng was so knowledgeable that he came to pick up Hailan a few minutes earlier and did not go in to disturb her family. Not long after he arrived, Hailan came out wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a mask. She even wore a simple white sweater and jeans, but she was still very fashionable. Quickly on the car, Hailan closed the door and said to Wen Jingheng with a smile, "Actually, you don't have to pick me up. I can drive by myself." "I'm on my way, too." Wen Jingheng's ability to open his eyes and tell lies is getting more and more awesome. Hai Lan secretly rolled her eyes. "Do you mind if I bring one more person?" Wen Jingheng started the car slightly, "Wei Zhijie?" "Yes." Hailan took out her cell phone and dialed Wei Zhijie's phone. Wen Jingheng glanced at her and really wanted to grab her cell phone and throw it out of the window. 、884. No Chapter 884 lied to Hailan for the first time. The phone went through quickly. Wei Zhijie's gentle voice came from the other end, "Hailan, what's the matter with me?" Hailan would like to say that she can't look for you if she has nothing to do. I'm going to Xiaotang's party. Will you go? She asked directly. Wei Zhijie glanced at Yunshan, who was staring at him, and lied to Hailan for the first time, "I won't go, I still have work to do." "All right, I'll hang up." Hailan said briskly. OK Wei Zhijie put away his cell phone and said to Yunshan with a smile, "Little girl, this time my brother sacrificed so much for you that he even refused your sister's invitation." Yunshan was shocked. "Did you refuse your sister's invitation for me?" "Yes." Wei Zhijie nodded with an expression of coming to praise me for my greatness. Why Yunshan asked a little excitedly, her heart beating faster and faster, "Zhijie brother, why did you refuse my sister's invitation for me?"? Aren't you afraid that your sister will be angry if she knows? Wei Zhijie said with a spoiled smile, "Of course I'm afraid she's angry, but didn't I promise you that I would accompany you to choose the store?"? In order not to break his promise, my brother had to sacrifice himself. Yunshan's heart is a little lost. She thought that Zhijie's brother refused her sister because he cared more about her. I didn't think it was just to keep my promise. However, Zhijie brother still refused her sister for her. Thinking of this, Yunshan was happy again. She innocently hugged Wei Zhijie's arm and said with a happy smile, "Brother Zhijie, you are so kind to me!"! I knew you were the best to me. For the sake of your kindness to me, shall I invite you to eat ice cream? Wei Zhijie secretly enjoyed her worship. Ice cream on such a cold day? He laughed heartily. Yunshan turned her eyes and said innocently, "then invite you to eat ice-sugar gourds!"! Sweet and sour,pipe fittings manufacturer, it's delicious! "Ha ha, well, go and eat ice-sugar gourds." 。