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"Yes," Ruan Xiang was about to order the little eunuch when he heard a thump and the emperor fell to the ground

"Yes," Ruan Xiang was about to order the little eunuch when he heard a thump and the emperor fell to the ground and fainted. Emperor Xiaodi of Liang, who was already very weak, was unable to see the court because he had endured a night of cold in the throne room and was so ill that he could not be cured. He decreed that the king of Chu, the younger brother of the six emperors, should be the regent. The king of Chu, as the name implies, was enfeoffed in the land of Chu. Unfortunately, a small part of his fief was adjacent to Jing, and more than half of it was adjacent to Annam. Zhao and Jing were independent, and his fief was completely occupied by the two countries. He became a bare rod prince. If he hadn't run so fast, he wouldn't even be able to save his life. Some people say that Zhao Yanchang deliberately let him go. He had no land at all. Could it be that he raised a large family of waste in vain. The king of Chu returned to Shangjing with his family, relying on the reward of Emperor Xiao of Liang and the help of his relatives, not to mention how cowardly. As a result, his hatred for Zhao and Jing was particularly deep, and he gnashed his teeth all day long, giving Liang Xiaodi countless twists and turns, and putting forward countless plans to deal with the rebels. But every time the court meeting, when discussing who to send to fight, he did not dare to put a fart, which was quite ridiculed by his subordinates. Who will be convinced that such a man has been appointed regent? Several famous princes of the imperial clan complained without scruple in public: "The emperor is really ill and confused." When Emperor Xiao of Liang heard this on his sickbed, he sneered at his empress, "Listen, they all have the same tone as you." The empress quickly knelt down on the pedal to make amends: "I am confused and don't understand the deep meaning of the emperor." Emperor Xiao of Liang sighed and said,ball valve manufacturer, "Get up. I don't blame you.". You'll find out later. It's better if they're dissatisfied. I'm afraid they don't have an opinion. Seeing that the empress was puzzled, Emperor Xiao did not explain. He ordered Ruan Xiang to fetch a foot-long box and hand it to the empress. He solemnly ordered, "Take this. After I die, you can open it and do as you are told." With tears in her eyes, the empress said, "Your Majesty is in the prime of spring and autumn. How can you say such bad words?" Liang Xiaodi smiled indifferently and said, "Life and death depend on fate. People who are doomed to have a short life are called'Long live 'every day. What good is that?" The empress and Ruan Xiang looked at each other pale, all hung their heads and did not dare to respond, for fear that the emperor would say more frustrated words. Emperor Xiao of Liang closed his eyes and waved to the empress. "You go down,stainless steel needle valve," he said. "You should make up your own mind about everything in the future. Don't always listen to your father. He is only thinking about the splendor and wealth of the Cao family. He may not really think about you.". That's all I'm saying. Believe it or not, it's up to you. Listening to the emperor's last words, the queen covered her mouth and dared not cry out. Said the queen holding the secret decree back to his bedroom, several times itching, want to open to see what is written in the secret decree. After all, a person who had been influenced by the three cardinal guides and the five constant virtues for many years did not dare to disobey the emperor's decree and the husband's order. He silently hid the secret decree in the dark cabinet at the head of the bed, and then sat on the bed in a daze. The queen did not lie down until very late, and as soon as she was a little sleepy, she heard cries and screams coming from outside. The empress got up and dressed in a hurry. Before her belt was fastened, the maid rushed in and told her that the emperor had died and the six princes had been killed. King Jing, the five princes, claimed that he had received a testamentary edict and was waiting for the ministers to pay homage in the Qinzheng Hall tomorrow morning. The queen breathed a sigh of relief that it was not the rebels who had come in. After weeping bitterly, the queen shook her hands and took out the box given by the emperor, who was now the late emperor, from the dark. When she opened it, there were two secret decrees inside. The one above was an imperial edict that had been drafted for a long time, but there was an empty space in "passing the throne to several younger brothers of the emperor", hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,needle valve manufacturer, that is to say, it could be any younger brother of the emperor, and whoever had the ability to usurp the throne would fill him. Liang Xiaodi ranked second, above the big emperor brother died early, can succeed to the throne, only the emperor brother, so this, is the general imperial edict. When the empress came here, she realized that the emperor would appoint a wimp as regent in order to arouse discontent and lead people to usurp the throne. Because, that night in the Qinzheng Palace, the emperor repeated a sentence: He will never be the eternal sinner of the Liang royal family, and he will never be the last emperor of Liang. The empress, holding a secret decree, broke down in tears: Your Majesty, you have finally achieved your wish. You will not be the last emperor. You will not be a monarch. But what about my concubines? When the weeping was over, he hurriedly opened another secret decree. Only glanced at, the queen was surprised, this was a decree to confiscate Wei yuan Hou Shen Fu, and noted that after the people of Shen Fu were imprisoned, all the secrets were executed, leaving no one. Why is that? The queen did not pity the Shen family, but was a little confused. If it is said that the Shen family collaborated with the enemy and committed treason, there is no clear proof. As for the suspicion of collaborating with the enemy, there are many powerful families in Shangjing who are suspected. Like the in-laws of the Shen family, the Liu family has a daughter who is a concubine in the Zhao Palace. Isn't she more suspected of collaborating with the enemy than the Shen family? Why can't the emperor tolerate the Shen family alone? Before he died, he had to leave a secret order to exterminate the Shen family? The empress was not stupid, and after eliminating the other reasons one by one, there was only one possibility: the little prince was still alive, and with Shen Hanjing, he was hiding in a safe place and waiting for the opportunity. Therefore, to destroy the Shen family first, lest one day, the Shen family hold the prince to make the governors. Figuring out the joints, the empress could not help feeling a little resentful toward the dead Emperor Xiaodi of Liang. Since she didn't trust the Shen family, why didn't she just kill Shen Hanjing and let her protect the prince out of the palace? Prince from a few months to raise in his side, recognize her as a mother, the queen thinks than Shen Hanjing can take good care of the prince, the mother's family is more powerful, can support the prince in another place to succeed to the throne, slowly recover the capital. While wondering, the empress suddenly realized that Liang Xiaodi might not trust the Shen family, but he did not trust the Cao family even more. He did not order the Cao family to be confiscated because he knew that once the capital fell, the empress and her family, the Cao clan, would have no physiology. As for the Shen family, they had adopted Crown Princess Zhao, and both Emperor Jing and Prince Zhao would make an exception for the Shen family, and even send troops to protect Shen's residence, because there was the former residence of Crown Princess Zhao. Then a maid came in and announced, "Empress, Lord Jing is coming this way with his men." The queen put away the second secret decree, filled out the first secret decree quickly, and directed the maidservant to help her change into a dress. When King Jing stepped into the Fengyi Palace, he saw his sister-in-law standing beside the phoenix seat,14 needle valve, wearing a phoenix crown and court clothes, holding a yellow imperial edict in her hand, singing loudly: "The testamentary edict is here. Why doesn't King Jing kneel down?" 。