Separate the sheep from the goats

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I'm looking around. "Boom!" Suddenly there was a loud noise, and a huge mushroom cloud appeared in front of my eyes.

I'm looking around. "Boom!" Suddenly there was a loud noise, and a huge mushroom cloud appeared in front of my eyes. There was a moment of silence, and suddenly there was a sharp and harsh cry. Through the thick smoke and dust, I saw people rolling down the hillside like pumpkins in the distance. Some people stamped their feet ferociously, some people were covered with blood, holding hot intestines, staggering like drunk steps, with a painful expression. Something's wrong! Brother Wan Dou rushed to the scene of the explosion. Teacher Cheng was in hot pursuit, and I broke the back. Immediately someone came down the mountain carrying the dead man, who was as soft as a skinned sheep, and his limbs were idle. Some people came down the mountain with the dying person in their arms. The dying person smelled of sweet and greasy blood, but the dagger-like shining ribs broke through the chest, which shocked everyone. When I saw Hu Biao and Hu Bao, Hu Biao was not hurt at all. Hu Bao's mouth, nose and ears were bubbling with blood. One of Hu Bao's legs was blown off, and only one of his arms was left. The whole person seemed to be dragged out of the blood mud. He died without even making a dying cry. Hu Biao did not know how to cry. He closed his brother's half-open eyes and squatted beside the corpse, holding his head and hunching his back motionless. Brother Wan Dou said, "Before I went out, my hens were crowing to death, and I felt like I was going to go out on a crutch. Along the way, the paper money was playing with the shadows of people. I couldn't go out on a crutch unless the sun fell." After the complete explosion of a cannon that was not completely dumb, five bodies and 17 people with serious injuries and minor injuries were counted at the quarry site. Migrant workers recruited from Wangguantun, Zhujiayao and Xiashenjing communes swarmed in fright and hid in a rocky gully not far away. At the bottom of the gully was a licorice seedling with new leaves. The over-frightened people dug the licorice root ruthlessly. After pulling out the licorice root with a grin,Nail machine manufacturer, they just pulled it on their arms a few times. No matter whether they brushed the soil or not, they stuffed it into their mouths and chewed it wildly. Some licorice, which was thicker than green onions, grew to more than thirty feet. It was troublesome to pull it. The migrant workers cut it off with shovels on the spot, and each person got a foot long. No one had time to wipe away the cold sweat that was as clear and bulging as chickenpox, as if the licorice root was also a fire hyacinth, and if it was not chewed faster, it would be impossible to get out of the crutch. Hu Biao is known as "God Legs" in the village,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and the hare he saw was driven to death by him. Badgers, beavers and weasels have also been driven to death by him many times. This time, he did not catch up with his brother's life, let his brother's life go to the afterlife, grabbed my hand, "you saw it, you saw it" and kept muttering. Teacher Cheng followed me, and he was inexplicably excited about the scene of flesh and blood flying everywhere, but his excitement was metaphysical. When he carried Hu Bao's body to the commune, he said that if the dead man's skin stuck to his flesh, it would fester. This came from Clausewitz, a military philosopher, and he could not help believing it. At the foot of Juleshan Mountain, where there is no vegetation, there are many crooked words, and the earth is righteous. So Hu Biao hugged the legs and feet of the corpse, Nail Making Machine price ,Coil nail machine, and I hugged the head of the corpse and walked towards the commune. Brother Wan Dou was holding a broken leg of Hu Bao under his armpit, holding a broken arm in his right hand, saying how much he could do, and following closely beside Hu Biao, while Teacher Xiaocheng was walking in front of him with an air gun on his back, saying that he was dead, dead. The people of the commune rang the telephone to the villages to inform them to pick up the body. On the question of the pension, the people of the commune would go to the county to call, the county would go to the district to call, the district would call back to the county, and the county would call back to the commune. Naturally, it would take some time, and it was estimated that it would take time for a crop of millet to be ripe. When Hu Biao and I carried Hu Bao's body into the gate of the commune, Hu Biao suddenly began to cry, and I let go of the tone and cried. Four or five village party secretaries and cadres came, squatting and smoking tobacco pouches. When they saw us, they came up and asked why the cannon was not dumb, why people were killed, and why Xiaojing Village was on the stand. Alas! Hu Bao's brains flowed from the back of his ears to the palm of my hand. I didn't pay attention all the way. Now I felt that I was holding a handful of thick snot. My fingertips were cold and my scalp was swollen. I casually rubbed it on a poplar tree with furuncles and scars. My painful palm was buried in the ground again. The soil that had just planted sunflowers was warm, and it was warm when I stroked it. I stood up and asked Xiaocheng teacher: "What should I do next?" Did not think of this word to let branch book hear, he asks me: "What do you do last?" "Carry the dead." "Further on." "See the dead. "" Go ahead. "" Go to Juleshan. " What are you doing in Juleshan? Is there anyone who reads books wandering around the world? What's wrong with wandering around? You wander around looking for the dead to carry, and you carry blood on your face? The eyeballs are still wandering around! As the secretary asked, he aroused his alertness: "What are you doing in Juleshan?" I glanced at Mr. Cheng and pondered. What for? When the secretary asked anxiously, I pointed to Xiaocheng teacher and said, "His woman ran away with others. The woman who was so beautiful that she could frighten the mountain to collapse ran away. I helped him find her." If a woman wants to run, she has a hundred legs, no, no, she doesn't need legs! Find? The branch secretary gloated and said, "Look for a pessimistic and disappointed woman. A woman is only affectionate but not reasonable. If you are a tortoise, you will be a tortoise. There are seven boys in my family. If you don't marry one of them, you will kowtow and burn incense if you want to be a turtle." …… Not to mention how Xiaocheng and I were delayed in the commune, on the way back to school the next afternoon, Xiaocheng asked me why I said he had lost his woman? What are your intentions? Close your eyes and fart blindly. My answer can only make Xiaocheng teacher more angry, "You let me lose face?!" Along the way, he emphasized at least five times that he also closed his eyes and farted blindly, and I did not waver in my heart. But when I looked into the distance at Fengnin Mountain, where the snow had not yet melted, I suddenly remembered that I met Zhuang and Shi at the school gate, holding two pieces of cloth, one soap and one vegetable, met the owl who behaved treacherously, and met the person who went to Baideng River to pray for rain and carried the flag. The flag was twenty feet high, white triangle, black lace rolling tassels, embroidered with red dragons. Then there were twenty-four pieces of gongs, drums, cymbals, honor guards, silence cards, golden melons,Automatic nail machine, axes, and stirrups, all of which were incredible. Small. Say 。 T! Xt-Paradise I'm in hospital.