Bai Lian Cheng Yao + Peerless Evil

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Impure thoughts. In fact, it turns out that although I have a deep understanding of what kind

Impure thoughts. In fact, it turns out that although I have a deep understanding of what kind of scum I am surrounded by, I still underestimate the extent of their lasciviousness. So when I opened the door and Cai Xiaofu, who was eavesdropping outside the door, was nose to nose, I was really shocked. Quickly step back, who knows the foot guessed. And the floor material is different from the object, the mind has just come up with the death of that pair of shiny shoes that can be used as a mirror. A pair of strong arms hugged me from behind. I fell on my back in front of my subordinates. Standing firm and saying thank you to death, I turned my head and narrowed my eyes, looking at the panic but flashing curiosity. The eyes of Cai Xiaofu and Su Xiao and others behind him. Are you very free? I still smile, but they all know that the more pure I smile, I smile to the right. The worse off the elephant will be. Therefore, my pure smile not only did not ease the atmosphere, but let the opposite side send out a number of cold air sound, the fastest reaction of Ouyang fog flash. Raise three fingers of your right hand like electricity. He looked at me with a holy face. "I swear.". Yaoyao, I didn't mean to eavesdrop on your conversation with this cool guy, Ming. I have made the specific arrangements for the day. I came to report to you. When I was looking for you,wire nail making machine, I saw Cai Xiaofu lying here happily, so I stopped to ask him if he knew. Where are you. I just stood here and I didn't hear a word of your conversation! "Yes, yes, I'm the same as Xiao Ning!" So is the sky With a serious face, he continued to add insult to injury to Cai Xiaofu. "If you want to blame Cai Xiaofu, why are you squatting here? We all made mistakes with him!" ” Yes,Automatic Nail Making Machine, yes, it's all Cai Xiaofu's fault! Everyone nodded fiercely, poor Cai Xiaofu, do not know that dancing with wolves is to pay a heavy price. Uh. Suxiao, the only one who did not open her mouth, slowly raised her hand and glanced at the pitiful Cai Xiaofu. Just when I thought she was going to defend the innocent Cai Xiaofu, she Said a let everyone absolutely down, "although I am very sympathetic to Cai Xiaofu, but sympathy is sympathy, also can not constitute a reason for lying, in fact, I can not find a reason for lying." I'm here because of him, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Nail machine supplier, too! With a clang, Cai Xiaofu, still holding a glimmer of hope, collapsed with tears streaming down his face, thinking that this guy was not because Have sympathy instead of adding insult to injury, but naturally react too slowly, always half a step behind everyone. Yaoyao, do you believe that an honest man like me would eavesdrop Is this kind of dirty thing that has no morality, no quality and no knowledge? Cai Xiaofu tried to pretend that "I am an honest man, which attracted everyone's scorn." Will honest people order others to break into the school management system and tamper with the data? Ouyang fog congeals. Will an honest man tell a terrible lie in front of the teacher without changing his face or beating his heart? Cloudy sky. A moral person will frame his opponent. Was the opponent given a major demerit and permanently deprived of political rights? Lin Guan Xing. Will a qualified person add chili powder to other people's mung bean paste? Chen Tianyuan. "Will intellectuals use bricks to compete with others?" Bai Jingjing. In fact, honest and honest people have long been as rare as giant pandas, and Cai Xiaofu has obviously reached. Less than the standard of a national treasure, at best, is a hypocrite! Suxiao is always the last one to make a concluding speech. I see I nodded and glanced. A lap. You can do what you should do. You don't have to report everything to me. As for our loyal vice president, "I took a look at Cai Xiaofu." "Xiaofu, you act with me, do not leave my side 5 range, otherwise." I want to invite you to dinner ~ "said I gently on his shoulder." After two pats, it was estimated that even a mosquito could not be killed, but Cai Xiaofu's face was as if he had been hit by a genuine bone-melting cotton palm. Become pale green in an instant, even. The voice was also gloomy as if it came from hell, "Well, what if I urinate urgently." "Endure." I spit out this word lightly, Cai Xiaofu even fart. I dare not put one. Death looked at Cai Xiaofu with an expressionless face and then looked at me. "If I didn't know your identity.". You'll think you were groomed by some mob boss. Class, the word "ruthless" is not enough to describe you as one in ten thousand people. Then he put his hands in his pants pockets and walked coolly to the lounge. I shrug my shoulders, Sniffed at the comments of the God of death, secretly compared the middle finger to him, followed him to the lounge, and Cai Xiaofu also obediently followed me, afraid of one. I accidentally ran out of the range of 5. But I never expected the noisy Cai Xiaofu to remain silent for too long, just walking to the door of the lounge. He pulled it mysteriously. I pointed to the God of death who entered the door. "Yaoyao, do you know this guy?". What's his background? I'm not very old, but I'm dragging myself to death! "Know in the game," I didn't know him very well, and I didn't know that he was the representative of the stupid private aristocratic school. "It's Carbis." Cai Xiaofu corrected my mistake. Mistake. Ka must die? I shook my head. "Isn't that worse than being stupid?" “…… Demon, you changed the subject again. Ignoring Cai Xiaofu's resistance The moment I pushed the door and entered, I put a kind and incomparable smile on my face. "Leaders, today's lunch is in the fourth canteen. This canteen is our own." Governance will rule.. Eh. The nutritious meals inside are comparable to the luxurious afternoon tea of the Regent Hotel, and the price is reasonable. It's definitely the school's six meals. One of the most popular students in the class. "Are the other five all from the Federation of Students?" Professor Xu seems to be quite interested in the competition between the two sessions of our school. Not Professor Xu,nail manufacturing machine, "I looked at him with a smile. The fourth canteen is the first one run by our students. It is for the sake of everyone's health." Unexpectedly, you also came from college students, knowing that the school's big pot rice is really not much oil and water. Hehe ~ "Looking at Professor Xu's expression of agreement with my statement.".