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I know! Of course I knew, so I didn't say anything, and I didn't do anything. In fact, I'm not the only one she knows about this method.

I know! Of course I knew, so I didn't say anything, and I didn't do anything. In fact, I'm not the only one she knows about this method. Now, you can go to die! Prince Moses said, with a wave of his hand, a terrible light wheel came from ancient times, blocking the sun, and hit Yunqing Zhenren in one fell swoop. Yunqing Zhenren had to act to resist, and was suddenly hit by a series of mysteries in an instant. His holy body, his spirit and soul, that is, in this moment, completely collapsed and became all kinds of fragments. The scene also reflects an unimaginable state of vastness and tragedy. Li Xiao in the face of all this energy, without hesitation, the energy space swept over, all of a sudden extracted over. Now, Li Xiao can control the energy to swallow the space, no longer directly refine the energy into his own body, but can be temporarily stored. For the storage of energy, so that Li Xiao no longer need to worry about a one-time swallow too much energy and the kind of body burst. Once the energy can be stored, then it means that Li Xiao can start to devour all kinds of energy without any constraints, and there are no shackles to speak of. Under such circumstances, Li Xiao's energy space swept away at this time, immediately taking away the energy of countless spirits and souls, directly making the huge energy of the scene empty! "Hum ~" Heaven and earth suddenly showed a hazy state, such a situation, so that the previous disappearance of the butterfly real person, at this time suddenly revealed some of the awkward figure. The butterfly fairy was dressed in white and bathed in blood. The whole person was in a mess, but he was not badly hurt. However, he was obviously hit by the joint attack of all the people before. It seemed that it was not easy. Uh This unusual change made all the people at the scene feel it almost in an instant, but because of the appearance of the butterfly fairy, these people's eyes were suddenly attracted by the butterfly fairy. Unexpectedly, you actually hide here, really ridiculous, this time,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, see you use the butterfly's special ability, what ability! Prince Moses still sneered, as if he was very clear about the tricks of the butterfly fairy. In this way, today's butterfly fairy, that is really no way out! "Prince Moses, I admit that I have no way to go now, but once I spell out the real butterfly, you will always fall two people." Butterfly real person at this time also admitted bad luck, hidden well, I do not know who took away the energy here, let her foolproof means of hiding suddenly exposed, her heart for this person, is also monstrous hatred, but this is not the time to pursue this matter, she just want to deal with the current crisis. Is it? You think you still have a chance? Prince Moses sneered, and then his hands began to congeal into a very special gesture, which made all the strong people around Prince Moses change their faces and retreat to avoid it. Obviously, anyone is afraid of this kind of means. You-in that case, then I am self-explosion, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, will not let you feel better! Once I blow myself up, the bloodthirsty beast will surely get the greatest benefit! Butterfly fairy directly said another thing, this sentence, the scene is also in an instant quiet down, and this quiet, but also very strange and special! Even Prince Moses's face suddenly changed at this time. His face became a little ugly and ferocious, as if he was very dissatisfied that the result had been publicized. More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter 090 exploration. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: April 19, 2013 16:35:09 Number of words in this chapter: 5117 His eyes, like brass bells, looked mercilessly at the people around him, and the ferocious and vicious meaning made people feel cool in their hearts. But anyone who came into contact with such a look could not help but take two steps back, obviously very afraid of this person. "You are very good, this kind of thing, all let the butterfly real person know, very good, very good, the success is not enough to defeat the thing, really should kill!" Prince Moses said with a ferocious face, but suddenly turned around and directly attacked the butterfly fairy. Obviously, the gesture of giving up before suddenly broke out at this time. This means that the butterfly fairy was caught off guard and suddenly hit! "Prince Moses, how, how is it possible for you to do this?" The butterfly fairy was shocked, and other strong people, such as His Highness Wen Xiang and the Lord of Tianyue Palace, also changed their faces. They did not expect Prince Moses to become so sharp. Because of understanding, so for some people's powerful means, have the best assumptions and calculations, in the calculation, even they have been very high to see the means of Prince Moses, where to know, the means of Prince Moses, than their guess means, but also several times more powerful, so it directly broke the balance. The butterfly fairy was hit in an instant, and her body was directly pierced. The pair of colorful wings were directly broken into pieces, and her body almost exploded in an instant, which is generally called powder. At this time, the void suddenly broke, Li Xiao's figure directly appeared here, at the same time, he directly showed a huge figure, such as a hill of the general figure of the beast figure. With his playful eyes open, he looked at the strong people and said with a smile, "Well, everyone, we meet again." As soon as he appeared, the space was quiet again, and then countless waves of energy, like a tsunami, hit him in one fell swoop. Thank you, thank you! ' The energy swallows the space to display suddenly, like the sea of stars, directly showing a terrible black hole of heaven and earth. Such as the beginning of the monster suddenly opened a big mouth, a swallow of endless attacks! This kind of means, all of a sudden let everyone fall into the unimaginable dull, because dozens of strong instant impact,best green coffee bean extract, this is absolutely not the general strong can stop down, Li Xiao this small mole ant general character, how can there be such a means. prius-biotech.com