You Jian Jinghua

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Wu Dawei four people bear the brunt, all feel a burst of nausea, each person holds the staircase handrail

Wu Dawei four people bear the brunt, all feel a burst of nausea, each person holds the staircase handrail, just ate the good food, all returned to the floor of the Yingbin Inn! Singing girl again put a dozen farts, so that the smell spread faster, even sitting in the back of the table is not easy, everyone is tears and snot! At that moment, someone suddenly shouted: "Poison Fox Niang, she is Poison Fox Niang!" Xi Ling Hu Zhen seduce soul fart, is really famous all over the world, upstairs all hear poisonous fox Niang three words, all still can move, all jumped out from the window! After landing, even Wei Zhaohun and Shen Yingxian are also a snot, a tear, very sad! On the second floor of the Yingbin Inn, only the shackled gangster brothers and Yang Yuner were left! They are also all over the face, very sad! Hu Zhen quickly took the antidote for them to eat! Only Yang Yuner still sat there, even if the tears flowed all over her face, she did not know to wipe! Hu Zhen was about to take the antidote to Yang Yuner to eat, Shen Yingxian standing outside the door took out a flute, will play up! As soon as Yang Yuner heard the sound of the flute, she immediately moved, only to see her shoot five throwing knives at Hu Zhen! Fortunately, Yang Yuner's kungfu was greatly reduced because of his mental restraint, and he inhaled the poisonous gas released by Hu Zhen. Although the throwing knife was shot,plastic cosmetic tubes, its power was not great, and the technique was not exquisite enough. Hu Zhen used the birth method to flash past! Rao is so, still frighten Hu Zhen a big jump! Yang Yuner shot out more than a dozen throwing knives! By this time, Nangong Shaoqiu had already come over and replaced Hu Zhen, only to see his hands flashing, grabbing and taking, and accepting all the throwing knives! When Hu Zhen fart, Xu Chengzu and others were already ready, and when Wei Evocation and others jumped off the building to escape,plastic laminted tube, Xu and Chang immediately went upstairs with the others, opened the shackles of the gang, and controlled the rest of the Royal Guards! At the same time, another singing girl, originally played by Ouyang Hong, she and Li Yaoxian, Liu Yefeng, each holding a weapon, together at the gate of Yingbin Inn! At this time, the flute in Shen Yingxian's hand was blowing tighter and tighter, Yang Yuner's body was dancing faster and faster with the sound of the flute, and the flying knife in his hand was like a spray, which made Nangong Shaoqiu tired of coping with it! Although Hu Zhen stood aside to help, but really can not get involved, had to turn over downstairs, holding a sword and Ouyang Hong and others standing side by side! Nangong Shaoqiu had hoped to be close to Yang Yuner, but because Yang Yuner's throwing knife was too much, and the matter was very urgent, he had to be ruthless, pump tube ,plastic packing tube, no matter whether Yang Yuner would be injured or not, he used Tianluo Golden Net to cover Yang Yuner tightly! Then Nangong Shaoqiu used the Tianluo mental method again, so that the Tianluo golden net was tied up one by one, just like wrapping zongzi, wrapping Yang Yuner! Although Yang Yuner was wrapped in the golden net, but because the sound of the flute did not stop, his body was still struggling with the sound of the flute, and the whole person finally rolled to the ground because he was struggling too much! Nangong Shaoqiu this just come forward, hurriedly control Yang Yuner's sleeping hole, Yang Yuner until this time, just calm down, but has let Nangong Shaoqiu out of the sweat! As soon as Wei Zhaohun and others arrived downstairs, everyone hurried to exorcise the poison. After a while, only a few less skilled people felt a little uncomfortable. Everyone felt that although Hu Zhen's poison was very powerful, it was not like the rumor that the person who heard it had died, and Wei Evocation and others were relieved! So Wei Zhaohun regrouped again, with all the people, want to enter the Yingbin Inn again to catch people, but was blocked by Hu Zhen four people at the door! Wei Zhaohun took out a bronze medal and said, "We are the generals of the Royal Guards in Shandong. Who among you dares to rob the imperial criminals in broad daylight?" But Hu Zhen laughed and said, "a serious offender?"? The cloud has stolen, robbed, killed and gambled with us, but it has never asked for food. How can the cloud be a beggar? Ouyang Hong laughed and said, "Sister Zhen is right." Four people like this, you a word, I a word, simply do not see Wei evocation in the eyes, a Royal Guards general, angry a whole body trembling! Shen Yingxian looked at the expressions of the four of them and was very angry. So she took the stick of inviting immortals and stepped forward and shouted, "Young people who don't know whether they are alive or dead, why don't you sign up to die quickly?" Hu Zhen four people look down upon Shen invited, said together: "With you?" Shen invites the immortal to be excited by this, to Wei evocation greeting, two people each use evocation banner and please immortal stick, United under the people, together to attack Hu Zhen and others! : 70\ 016 Chapter 16 seven wins and losses. Just then, around Wei Zhaohun and others, thirty or fifty people appeared, each holding a small barrel. Under the greeting of Xu and Chang, they sent out the things stored in the bucket with a small water hose and sprayed them at Wei Zhaohun and others! Xu Chengzu shouted, "Old Ghost Wei, look at the magic weapon your uncle has given you!" The liquid sprayed by the crowd looked red and black, sticky, and occupied a large encirclement. Even people like Wei Evocation and Shen Invitation Immortal were only a little less than others. The Evocation Banner and Invitation Immortal Stick in their hands were already wet and black! The liquid smelled really fishy, as if it was made of black dog blood and other filth, and I don't know where Nangong Shaoqiu got the formula? When Wei Zhaohun heard this, he immediately shouted, "You smelly boys, how can you break the immortal method of this immortal master so easily?" Say that finish, Wei evocation again to use his ghost method! Although the evocation banner was not very effective because it was wet, Wei still managed to wave it, murmuring in his mouth the authentic method of attracting ghosts handed down from the ancestors of the White Lotus Sect! Ouyang Hong looked at Wei's evocation and said with a smile, "Smelly boy?"? I think you are the real brats! Let this girl give you a few'fairy bullets' to eliminate your stench! So Ouyang Hong divided his hands and shot out seven or eight black pills! When the black pill flew to the head of Wei's evocation, it suddenly burst open together, and a stream of white smoke seemed to fall from the sky, enveloping a group of Wei's evocation! This white smoke, in addition to covering people's line of sight,aluminium laminated tube, but also with a pungent tear-inducing effect, and Hu Zhen just put the fart, quite similar!.